The List of Great Social Media Marketing Scholarships

Scholarships are a dream for all students who are going to enter colleges and universities. The scholarship in social media marketing is a scholarship that matches social media skills! You will likely get a scholarship if you are socially viable on different networking websites. And, despite the change in the curriculum during the pandemic, there are many scholarships available now. If you have lost dates this time, try again next year. The closest reachable ones are here for you.

We have created a list of top scholarships in social media marketing. The easiest way to find out about them is to check their details and requirements. Remember that they can range from writing essays to creating interesting videos and photos and posting them on your social profile. By the way, if you need to write an essay to get a scholarship but don’t know how to do it right, writers from EssayShark can help you with that. They will write an essay sample that will show you how you can interest a committee and receive a scholarship.

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Digital Responsibility announced a scholarship that you may be interested in. High school students, as well as current university students, can apply. The main purpose of this scholarship is to help youth understand the negative effects of being in front of a screen for too long. It aims to contain and combat dependence on technology.

Teen Drive 365 Video Challenge Contest

Learning to drive is a great experience for a teenager, but facts have shown that it can be dangerous – that’s why some companies offer a Teen Drive 365 Video Challenge. In 2022, this challenge is being offered by Discovery Education and Toyota for candidates aged 13 who are enrolled in a private, public, parochial, or home school.

HireInfluence Digital Marketing Scholarship

HireInfluence implements marketing strategies to assist brands in reaching their target markets through credible social media support. Exploring new ways to communicate and advertise has led the company to serve the world’s biggest brands, such as Warner Bros, Microsoft, Gatorade, eBay, and more. The company thrives in the digital space’s constant evolution and understands that tomorrow’s leaders and young businessmen will shape future trends.

HireInfluence supports and strives to develop the skills necessary to realize the aspirations and career paths of emerging business leaders and tech innovators. One way to show this support is to receive a $500 Entrepreneur Scholarship.

10x Digital’s Digital Marketing Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students whose major is digital marketing. Students can apply for the $2,000 grant. Along with earning at least ten credit hours, students must also present an essay that answers the specific prompt and explain why they deserve a scholarship.

Scholarship from OuterBox for Digital Marketing Excellence

If you have a talent for digital marketing and for study this year, you are interested in finding a scholarship, the OuterBox scholarship is the right choice. The $1,000 scholarship chooses only promising students who have finished a full year of high school or college education in the USA.

PrestigeLinks Digital Marketing Scholarship

The PrestigeLinks scholarship is offered for students enrolled in approved US institutions. Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving, increasingly technical sphere that is changing rapidly. Understanding how this works is essential to understanding modern US business and maximizing the impact of a nonprofit career.

This is also an area where diversity and inclusion are of unique importance, and understanding the intersection of inclusion with marketing online is critical to driving effective and successful initiatives in the future.

Inflow Digital Marketing Scholarship

Inflow is a marketing agency that helps e-commerce businesses nationwide with online advertising and marketing services. The team believes in the power of marketing to help companies reach their highest goals. As such, the Inflow scholarship was founded to support prospective students who are interested in a career in digital marketing, with a focus on helping underprivileged students.

The scholarship was established to help communities – the agency’s core values – as well as support the next generation of leaders in digital marketing. BIPOC undergraduates are eligible to apply if they major in digital marketing or advertising. To apply, you need to write about why you made a choice of your career path as well as what your ideal job looks like.

George W. Woolery Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to students who show financial need as well as academic excellence in the field of digital marketing. George Woolery is a digital marketing pioneer and industry leader. They award scholarships annually. Students can use them to pay for books, tuition, or other expenses related to education.

UQ International Excellence Scholarship

The scholarship is given to new foreign students enrolled in any university program with high academic performance. To receive a scholarship, a student’s GPA must meet 6.75 points on a 7-point scale adopted by the University of Queensland, Australia.

International Diversity Scholarship

At Maryville University, you can get a full scholarship to study in the USA. The scholarship is available to international students with high academic achievement and leadership qualities. The university is looking for students for whom the topic of national and cultural diversity in society is important and who are ready to support diversity on campus by participating in the public life of the university. To receive a scholarship, a student has to submit a separate application and write a 300-500 word essay about why they are worthy of becoming the owner of this scholarship. Each International Diversity Scholarship holder undertakes to live on the campus of the university during the entire period of study.

NTU Excellence Scholarships

Nottingham Trent University provides scholarships to foreigners enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs with high academic performance, developed leadership skills, and active citizenship. Fellows are expected not only to study at the university but also to take an active part in its life. The amount of the scholarship depends on the chosen program, the level of academic achievement, and other merits of the students.

Choose the scholarship that suits you, and try your luck!

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