The Increasing Popularity Of Online Casinos In Canada


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Canada was once a nation where gambling was outlawed. Under the Criminal code, all forms of gambling were barred for many decades. In 1969, alterations to legislation allowed for gambling on lotteries, provided those lotteries were designed to raise funds for worthwhile causes. This set the wheels in motion for a gradual relaxation of gambling legislation until, in 1985, control for gambling was turned over to the individual provinces.

Gambling law in Canada still varies depending on location, but most gamblers today will find the regulations relatively permissive. Canadians in most regions can gamble at bookmakers, racetracks and casinos or online with freedom, provided the venue or website is licensed. The rules are even more relaxed for the use of offshore websites – Canadians have myriad choices when looking for an online casino, including those based at home and overseas.

Online Casino Popularity

There are over 100 land-based casinos in Canada, providing citizens and tourists with many options for indulging in real-money games of all descriptions. Since the advent of online casinos, the pastime has grown in popularity even further. With only mild restrictions in place, one forecast from Statistics Canada suggests that as much as 65% of the adult population in Canada will use online casinos to place a real-money bet at some point in a given year.

Canada is currently one of the highest-ranked nations in the world in terms of the popularity of online gambling. Demand for this type of entertainment has been growing throughout 2020, with more new players signing up and existing players making larger wagers or increasing the number of wagers placed. The lenient gambling laws combined with advances in technology enhancing security and playability, new types of games and ways to play being introduced and a widening range of betting options have resulted in a booming online Canadian casino industry. Predictions suggest that this surge in popularity will only increase over the coming few years.

Research shows that many adult Canadians will participate in online gambling games at least once a year.

Advances in Technology

All around the world, the online casino industry is benefitting from advances in technology that are helping to attract more players. These include the introduction of a range of safer payment options, removing any qualms players may have had about entering their personal account details. To operate casino games to Canadians, an online casino must be fully licensed and regulated, which provides players with further assurance that their personal details will be stored securely and their information kept safe.

New gaming technologies have also helped to introduce online casino gaming to a wider demographic. Options such as live dealer games have drawn in customers who may previously have preferred to visit brick and mortar casinos. Live dealer games help to recreate the thrill of the casino from home, removing many of the obstacles that may have previously made the transitions from live events to online events difficult.

Mobile Casinos

The move to mobile for many online casinos has driven a huge surge in increased player numbers. The convenience and accessibility of mobile casino games attracts millions of players, including both new players and existing customers who want to expand their options. Many casino games are ideal for mobile as they can be played in short bursts without taking away the excitement. Games such as blackjack, slots and roulette can all be enjoyed as a distraction from other things, such as when on the morning commute or when waiting in line for a coffee.

Promotions and Bonuses

A lot of people feel nervous the first time they sign up to play real money games. Online casinos help them to get over this initial nervousness by offering attractive signing bonuses and ongoing promotions. These allow people to enjoy limited free play and to achieve prizes for playing for longer, making their money go further. Sign up bonuses are one of the most important thigs people look at when deciding on an online casino. Different websites offer different packages – these often depend on the amount of the initial deposit, but some sites let people play a certain amount completely free of charge, with the option of still being able to win cash prizes.

Many gambling providers offer incentives to new players, such as sign-up bonuses.

Variety of Games

One of the main reasons cited by players for choosing online casinos is the variety of available games. Brick and mortar casinos typically offer a range of games, but with space at a premium, there is always a limit to how many variations they can provide. Online casinos do not have this issue, so most will offer hundreds of games to choose from, including multiple themed slots games and often several variations of each table game. The betting limits can also vary greatly, allowing new or more cautious players to enjoy games for as little as a few cents, while also providing for high rollers wishing to risk more money for the chance to win big.

The brick-and-mortar casino industry in Canada is still big business, as many people prefer experiencing the atmosphere almost as much as they enjoy playing the games. There are many land-based casinos across Canada that can be enjoyed by citizens and tourists alike, offering a wide variety of games. However, online casinos are a phenomenon that is here to stay, driving new audiences to the casino business every day. As new technologies come into play, the online casino business seems set to maintain its popularity long into the future.

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