The Different Adobe Programs Explained: A Guide on What They Do


There are many different Adobe programs that are worth knowing. If you would like to learn more, you should click right here.

If you spend any time on a computer, you know about Adobe programs. There is a whole list of different Adobe programs to help you do many creative tasks. 

Adobe offers the Creative Cloud with up to 16 different programs available. A user can pay for a subscription to the Creative Cloud and get all the programs or select from a menu and get the specific programs they might need. 

While you are likely familiar with the free Adobe Reader program to read and create PDF files, there are a whole host of other Adobe programs you should know about and try.

Read on to learn about some of the many Adobe programs available to computer users. 

Adobe Animate

Want to have some fun creating cartoons for web or television, web/mobile games, or animated advertisements? Animate is your program choice. 

Previously known as Adobe Flash Pro, Animate allows users to create vector illustrations. It works with other Adobe programs like Illustrator and Photoshop to create the images. 

Adobe Audition

Going beyond just visual images, Audition works with sound. It is a program that is a professional audio workstation. 

It allows users to:

  • Record and mix sound projects
  • Produce podcasts
  • Compile video sound-tracks

The program also allows users to change pitch, speed, clean up audio, and add special effects.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is Adobe’s program for creating vector art and graphics. What does vector art mean? It is the ability to scale up or scale down the image without losing quality. 

Illustrator helps users create images that can then be used in other applications like Photoshop or Animate.

Adobe Lightroom

This is another photo editing program from Adobe like Photoshop. This one does some of the same things as Photoshop. 

But it also allows users to manage their photos in a way that Photoshop falls short. It does have more limited editing capabilities from Photoshop though. It allows users to touch-up features such as brightness, contrast or white balance in a photo. 

Adobe Photoshop

This is one program from Adobe you can use to edit photos. It is not the program for photos with text. 

Photoshopcan be used for:

  • Editing photos to post and print
  • Creating banner ads
  • Creating icons and images for the web

For photo editing, a user can change everything in the photo from exposure to removing something from the image to doing photo touch-ups. 

Adobe Spark

Think of Adobe Spark as your personal artist and color creator. This program is a color palette generator.

Spark allows users to select colors and to create personalized color palettes for their projects. If you are doing any custom design work, you want Spark to help you create a custom color palette too. 

Adobe Story

Interested in creating the next greatest television scripts or screenplay? You need Story.

This browser-based application allows you to write in the program your scripts, screenplay or production schedule. It formats for you automatically. 

Learn and Use Adobe Programs

Adobe programs allow a creative endless suite of options. You can subscribe to the whole Adobe Creative Cloud or the programs you need. 

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