The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Video Editor & Online Video

Many modern Internet users often upload various media files, photos, and videos to web resources. Some people need it for entertainment purposes, and many people also make money from it. However, not every user can professionally master a video editor, and the finished product, most often, is too far from perfect. In this regard, the company described below is ready to offer each user a revolutionary solution in the field of video editing.

How to use an online video editor?

When opening the official website with an online video editor, each user will be able to quickly master the algorithm for working with this service, since to obtain the desired result, one should follow a few simple steps into it, such as:

  • First of all, you need to open the website of the online platform through a browser or a search bar.
  • On the main screen of the service, you will need to upload the media file of interest to the user for its subsequent editing. To do this, you need to press the “open file” button, or simply transfer this document from the desktop, folder, or removable disk to the working window of the platform.
  • The editor allows you to immediately change the time scale according to which the file selected by the user is played. Here you can cut the file into several fragments, remove unnecessary parts of the video, glue cut segments, and perform many other transformations that are available in the toolbar. It is also allowed here to reduce the length of the file track, which is especially important if it is uploaded to Tik Tok or other interactive platforms.
  • ·When the duration of the media file is selected and adjusted, the user proceeds with the main editing. Tools available in the platform options include rotating the image by 90 degrees, forming and cropping a frame, mirroring about the horizontal or vertical axis of symmetry, as well as changing the resolution and format to fill the entire screen. Here the customer will be able to display colors, make the image more saturated, bright, or dark, and achieve the effect of a monochrome retro file.
  • When the picture is fully adjusted, you need to click on the gear icon and save the file in the memory of your PC or mobile device.
  • If necessary, each user also has access to the “share” button, which allows you to quickly send a video to any addressee on the network, via email, social network, or instant messenger.

Content correction does not require any additional qualification from the user and work experience. All toolbars are so easy to use, each icon is equipped with a graphic symbol and, if necessary, hides a detailed tooltip behind it. Thus, this service is available to absolutely every Internet user who can become almost a professional graphic designer only in a couple of days.

Why users should choose the video editing online platform?

When accessing the service described above, most potential video editor users often ask the administration and technical consultants what the main advantages of this online software are and why they should choose this particular company. In such cases, developers and operators give the following strong reasons why this platform is so different from the intelligent services of other competitors, such as:

  • Completely free service – using this platform, you can edit, convert or trim any video file, without the need to purchase an installation utility or purchase a paid subscription.
  • All work is done only online, the customer does not need to upload large files to the memory of his PC or mobile device, and each function will open via the Internet, which significantly reduces both labor costs and saves hard disk space.
  • The user, if he is a professional graphic designer, can always get premium access, and specific editors will be opened to him, which will allow him to bring the video file to perfection and publish it on any mass resources.
  • The platform has existed for more than a year, and the development team has been working for a long time to make it as simple and accessible as possible for users of any category, regardless of gender, age and specialty received. Today, the UX for editing video files is so simple that even a person with no experience can master it in just a few hours, but at the same time, the efficiency and variety of options for this service are in no way inferior to semi-professional, more complex programs.
  • Users simply go to the platform website and start working immediately. Unlike most competitors, they do not have to fill out complex registration forms, send contact information to the system for processing, or go through the lengthy and tedious authorization or verification. Thus, the operation of the video editing platform does not imply the creation or adjustment of an account. This is because the simple processing of amateur video never requires a user agreement or contract, and the company uses this without violating the law.
  • The file to be edited can be created on any digital device, regardless of format and extensions. The platform allows you to quickly convert almost any document to various formats, both editable and non-editable, and the customer can be sure that this will not affect the quality and resolution of the video file.
  • The system is so convenient that files of almost any size can be edited. They will not hang, and the platform will not require them to be split or compressed. the performance and speed of the platform depend only on the quality of the Internet connection of the user.

Thus, the video editor in question is a universal tool for processing video files. Even in the free version, each user can easily and quickly achieve exactly the result he expects. The program easily performs any type of editing, from standard cropping to adding complex special effects, and these functions are available through the usual graphical toolbar. Market experts put this video editor in the highest leading positions, compared with dozens of competitors offering similar functionality to consumers.

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