The Best Way to Use Hemp for Inflammation


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Hemp has recently stormed the market because of its numerous health benefits. For example, it can improve sleep, pain, and even inflammation. Of course, there are numerous ways that you can use hemp. Select the best method to see maximum results for your needs.

Using Hemp to Treat Inflammation

Several animal studies have shown or suggested that hemp can help relieve pain and inflammation. Though these studies have not been conducted on humans, much anecdotal evidence shows hemp as relieving inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

To date, hemp is seen as a natural and safe way to treat your inflammation. Very few side effects have been reported, and most of them are related to overdosing. Nausea and drowsiness have been considered the most frequent side effects.

Top Method: Oral  

If you want to usehemp for inflammation using hemp orally will be your best bet. The oral method is better than topical treatments because it works quicker and treats the issue internally, not externally. As a result, you will see more benefits in a shorter period of time.   

You will have two choices to pick from: supplements or oil. Both options are fast-acting and beneficial, but you may want to opt for one over the other based on your preferences and ability to take pills.


Hemp supplements are very straightforward. They come in a tablet or capsule form, allowing you to take them like any other pill or vitamin. You can find gummie versions, too. This is a super safe and easy way to take your hemp because the dosage is pre-measured for convenience.

Depending on the product you select, you may need to take one or two supplements daily. Simply follow the directions on the bottle.


Another way to ingest hemp orally is through oil. With this option, you can either infuse it into your food or place it directly under your tongue. This option is great for getting fast results, but you will need to measure the hemp oil carefully.

If you place the oil directly under your tongue, it is best to add a few drops. Let it sit under there for about 30 seconds and then swallow. The exact number of drops will depend on your dosage. Read the bottle’s instructions to find how many drops are right for you.

Close Second: Topicals

If you have pain and inflammation targeted in one area of your body, you might want to use a topical option instead. Topicals won’t be as powerful or fast-acting, but they do provide more targeted benefits. For example, you might want to use a topical hemp product if you only have inflammation in your ankle.

You can use oil or a hemp-infused product as a topical. Place the product over the affected area. Though you can use hemp products morning or night, many people prefer applying the topical at night because of the strong earthy smell. This is especially true when using oil.

If you are taking hemp orally, be cautious when using it topically as well. Everything you put on top of your skin will seep into your body. In other words, taking hemp both orally and externally may put you at risk for taking too much, which will increase side effect risks.


The best way to use hemp for any inflammation or pain is by taking it orally. Oral ingestion will help you to see maximum results quickly. For a more targeted approach, you can use hemp-infused topicals instead. Both options are highly effective and will help treat other issues in addition to the inflammation.

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