The Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners


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So, you’ve been wanting to get a dog for a very long time and now you are finally ready. As you might already know, owning a dog is a big responsibility. Not only should you make sure you have the sufficient funds to be able to purchase high-quality nutritional foods and doggy accessories, you should also have sufficient time to spend with it. 

Dogs can be complex creatures and if you don’t make an informed decision when choosing a breed, you might end up feeling overwhelmed. Some dogs are very high maintenance whilst others are prone to breed-specific medical conditions. 

Different pooches also have different personalities. With purebreds actually showcasing similar kinds of personality traits that appeal to potential owners. If you aren’t sure which bred to invest in or adopt, then you should consider its origin, personality type, maintenance and care, as well as its longevity. Read through a dogs webpage guide and other informative sources to learn as much as needed from specific breeds before you introduce them into your home. 

One thing is for sure, there are a few dog breeds that are perfect for first time owners who aren’t quite clued up on how dogs actually work. Here is our list of the best pooches for first time owners:


The Poodle is an excellent breed for beginners. Ranging from toy size to standard, the Poodle is a playful pooch with a lot of love to give. They aren’t temperamental and enjoy cuddling up to their owners. 

Poodles are perfect for singles, since they need a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation it will motivate a single person to go out and get moving. Training is a breeze with this breed, making house training and leash walking an easy task for newbies. 


Golden Retrievers are excellent options for first-time owners. This is because they are highly trainable and loveable. Because they are so easy to train, it makes it easy for beginners to implement potty training and other house rules. This will reduce frustration and allow you to form a bond much faster with your new four-legged friend. 

Especially if you are a family, or planning to have children in the near future, the Golden Retriever is a great option. They are very protective over children and adapts really well with other introductions into the family. This includes other pets. So, if you want to introduce another dog or cat into the home, then your Retriever won’t have any problem with sharing their space or their owners. 

Learn more about the Golden Retriever’s origin and history in this article

adult chocolate Labrador retriever


We can’t mention the Golden Retriever without pointing to its nephew, the Labrador. Labradors are used as service dogs because of their soft temperaments and highly trainable personalities. Even though they are highly intelligent, Labradors don’t mind being submissive to their owners and can follow the rules of the home quite easily. 

Any crossbreed that includes Labrador blood is a great choice for a first dog. They feature extremely unique personalities and usually adds a lot of fun and laughs into the home. 

When you do decide on a Labrador Retriever, it’s important to remember that they need loads of exercise. So, get your trainers and leashes ready to go for fun-filled walks or jogs.


Another great breed to keep in a small space or apartment, the Greyhound is a very popular breed to get as a first-timer. Even though they were originally bred to be competitive racers, the Greyhound is a very relaxed pooch. They sleep for most of the day and don’t mind chilling on the couch or running around outside. 

It’s important to note that the Greyhound does have strong natural hunting skills. So, they might end up chasing another pet cat or smaller animals around the home. 


We know mutts aren’t quite a purebred dog, but they sure create an interesting atmosphere in the home. Mutts are mixed breed dogs that can be adopted from animal shelters or even from other dog owners. When you adopt a mutt, you’ll never quite know what you are going to get. They might have strong retriever traits as a pup but then grow into a terrier when they are older. 

Nevertheless, this mixed breed doggy always bring the best of both worlds into the home. Their quirky and interesting personalities make them much sought after for new owners. As long as you house train them and make sure that they go for regular vet visits, they’ll remain loyal to their owners.  If you want to housetrain your dog, but have no idea where to start, watch this video for beginners:


The best cuddle buddies a dog owner will ever have, is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Their coats are soft as silk and their eyes have soul. The Charles Spaniel loves spending time with their owners either cuddling and chilling or running around in the flower fields. 

Before you adopt or purchase a dog breed, make sure that you consider all different factors. To make your first-time a bit easier consider getting any one of the above-mentioned breeds to help you make the transition from living without a pet to living with a pet. 

In the end, as long as you love your pet and give them a lot of attention plus all their doggy needs, you’ll do just fine. 

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