The analysis of Singing’ in the rain

Singing’ in the rain (1952)

Directed by – Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen

Stars – Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen.

The story of the movie ”Singing’ in the rain” took a place around 1927. It was a significant date in Hollywood, because during that period silent cinema was transformed to the sound era. So it was a big step moving forward in the cinema industry. Also “Singing’ in the rain’’ wrapped famous and talented actor Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and singer, actress Katty Selde (Debbie Reynolds) love story.

The first idea that comes into my mind when I think about “Singing’ in the rain” is that I truly fully strongly love a playlist, which is used in the movie. There are many amazing songs as          “You were meant for me”, “Good morning’’, “You are my lucky star” and etc. All of them created joyful, warm and sweet atmosphere. Moreover, the appearance, and decorations were outstanding. All the details were well thought out. For example, I was surprised when I found out that the water was mixed with milk, which helped to see the rain in a movie. Also I absolutely loved performance during the main “Singing in the rain” song. It reminded me that life is wonderful and the only thing, which we have to do is to stop complaining and try to enjoy every single moment of our life. Another wonderful part of the film was scene with the song “Good morning”.  The actors’ performance was fascinating. The dance was synchronizing perfectly and expressions of actor’s faces were full of positiveness and happiness. It is obvious that this film required a lot of various skills.

You are able to feel that actors gave all themselves for their roles. According to imdb Gene Kelly’s finest solo performance was done, when he was “suffering from a 103 degree fever”. Also, Debbie Reynolds after some years admitted that “making this movie and surviving childbirth were the two hardest things she is ever had to do”. Moreover, she had mentioned that found out the name for her child was not an easy task as well. In this case, I am happy I was born this age and I can easily use Name Generator to find a random name for child or movie characters. These situations only confirms the commitment of the cast for this movie. The last thing which surprised me a lot was that in 1952 created film shows nowadays peoples life. Many years pass away, technologies have changed a lot, but relationships among people not so much.

This film does not have big disadvantages, but from my point of view some musical scenes were too long and sometimes I found myself a little bit bored. Moreover, the voice of Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) was really annoying. I understand that was the most important ingredient in this film, but it was really hard to keep a straight face by listening her shrilly voice.

All in all, “Singing’ in the rain” shows me, that like an old songs, old films can be great too. I guess also even greater than some of nowadays movies. As for now I wish to see this musical in the theatre and feel all those marvelous emotions again.

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