The 8 most unusual but meaningful kids’ names

Are you pregnant and want your child to have a name that will distinguish them from the crowd? On one hand, you can use of the names your ancestors had, but that name will arguably be any unique. On the other hand, you can go through numerous ideas on the Internet and look what other families decided to choose. Since anyone nowadays can pick up and use a blog maker for kids to describe pregnancy and parenting from all the sides, you will surely find plenty of information regardless which country you live in.

Here, we also decided to offer you some sweet and unusual ideas for baby names.


Many parents give their children pet names like Sweetheart or Sweetiepie but there are very few who have the courage to call their children Sugar. While this name may sound unusual, over almost 5,000 parents reported in a survey that this is the name they gave to their children in 2018. However, once you have given this name to your child, you better find another name for sugar; you don’t want confusion in the house.


Maybe all you wish for is some calm and peace and that is what you would like your bundle of joy to be an incarnation of. Then you can go with the name Serenity. It’s quite understandable when someone selects this name for their child as children represent perfect peace and calm when they are young.


When someone calls you the apple of my eye, they mean that you are the most special thing that has ever happened to them. Ask any parent what the most special thing in their life is and they will tell you that it’s their children. This is why Apple would make perfect sense as a child’s name. It’s just surprising that this is one of the most unusual kid’s names around.


When last did you hear a person who has the name hunter? Many people haven’t but there was a time when this was a popular name. This time was during the Middle Ages when bird watchers and hunters were all the rage in town. Even though this is a popular name for boys, it will also suit a girl just as well. It’s powerful enough to make the child go for whatever they desire when they grow up.


You have probably heard the name Michael but maybe not its Russian variant Misha. In the Russian language, the name is used as a nickname but people adopting it in other cultures are cherishing it as a great name for their children. Since it comes from the name Michael, it may as well mean, “a gift from God”.


The name Zaire is common in English countries but has its origins in the name Zahir. The original word has its roots in Arabia, Turkey, Swahili, and Hebrew. In Africa, it means a river. While some people have bestowed this name on their children, it used to be the name of an African country which is now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. This country was considered a river that swallows other rivers.


If you want to know what the name Fletcher means, check the urban dictionary and you will know that it means a boy who is a charmer. This boy is not only funny, but he is also liked by every girl that crosses his path. As if this was not enough, he does well in class and when he is at a party, that party can never be boring. It’s a wonder why so few boys are called Fletcher nowadays.


Blue is a color that represents two mighty things: water and sea. When this name is given to a child, the idea is that such an individual will grow up to be stable and deep. The main characteristics of such a person include being loyal, honest, intelligent, wise, truthful, and confident.