The 5 P’s of Marketing


    Marketing is basically a method that involves research, development, analysis, and the determination as to how best to align the concept of a new product or service with the potential target audience. Marketing additionally helps to more accurately define the item in terms of its unique selling proposition (USP). This helps in the betterment of sales as well as in attracting targeted customers to the brand. Marketing assists to increase awareness of the brand, which leads to increased sales.

    The Evolution Of Marketing

    Modern marketing concepts have evolved in a global context. Today, marketing is used not only for advertising of products and services but also for the promotion of political candidates, charitable organizations, and even for various other purposes. This is because marketing has become an essential facet of all types of businesses and organizations. Nowadays, many people are finding different ways to buy YouTube likes because marketing has become integrated with even social media and methods of communication. The objective of marketing is to make existing and potential clients or customers aware of an organization and its offerings, so that they may decide whether to avail of its offerings or not.

    Blending Strategies

    However, marketing is actually a blend of various strategies. For instance, one strategy could be to produce quality, original and timely information or material, while another strategy could be to provide an attractive interface, attractive design, compelling images and other similar services. A combination of all these strategies would help to create an effective marketing mix. The marketing mix is essentially a measurement of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. It is an objective and quantifiable way of assessing the performance of marketing efforts.

    Modern marketing involves a wide range of elements such as advertising, packaging, promotions, public relations, sales and customer service. The advertising component of marketing involves the production of marketing materials such as brochures, direct mailers, magazine ads, website banners, posters and billboards. These marketing tools are typically used for promoting a product, generating awareness and establishing customer loyalty. The promotions component of marketing involves distributing newsletters, press releases, postcards and flyers. Public relations and sales are essential components of this activity, as they allow retailers to build a positive reputation in the community and acquire new customers.

    The Role Of Social Media In Marketing

    Social media marketing helps in marketing by gaining a reputation for being relevant and of quality nature. This helps in the generation of targeted traffic. Research shows that people tend to visit websites that have a good reputation. Also, marketing helps in creating an identity for the business and helps in creating brand loyalty. Marketing research shows that the best results are obtained when marketing is combined with advertising and promotions. This makes it important for marketers to find out the different ways in which these two complementary activities can be conducted in order to maximize their profits.

    The Internet has been an integral part of the marketing mix for several years now. Online marketing helps in providing instant exposure to a product. The Internet also helps in creating an online identity for the business. Direct marketing involves an advertisement of products and services using the electronic mail and telephone. There are several types of direct marketing activities like catalogues, television commercials, radio advertisements, booklets and pamphlets.

    Other Forms of Marketing Over The Internet

    Email marketing is one of the most effective ways in which businesses can promote their products and services and also make sure that they remain in the customer’s mind. A variety of email marketing techniques are available, such as e-newsletter, e-marketing, email promotions, email-based advertising, and interactive advertising. Apart from this, the Internet has brought about many other forms of advertising including pay per click, search engine optimization, display advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising and social media advertising.


    Monopoly is a form of marketing mix where one business exploits the consumer’s need for a particular item and monopolizes the supply. The consumers are deprived of purchasing that item and so have no choice but to rely on the producer. There are many advantages of this form of promotion, such as controlling the prices, having a brand name and prestige and creating a sense of scarcity. Marketing monopolies are usually limited-time offers or promotional gimmicks to boost sales. It is crucial to realize that a business can violate the principles of marketing by abusing its position of power; however, for optimum results, it should be done only with due concern and under a proper system.


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