The 3 Worst Nicknames Among All Professional Sports Teams

Sometimes, a good idea is not a good idea. There have been some very intelligent nicknames thrown on the brainstorming web. For sports, the Brewers, Kraken, and Diamondbacks are some of the best. However, there are teams that have not had much success. 

The following list features three of the absolute worst nicknames in sports. These teams were unimaginative, nonsensical, and ignorant in their quest towards donning a name for their franchise. For that, we should warn you. It’s not good. 

No. 3: New Orleans Pelicans

Formally, the Pelicans were the New Orleans Hornets, but the Charlotte Bobcats wanted to revert back to their original title, so Nola was the victim. The franchise, which has never won an NBA title, had a chance to give their city a powerful name.

New Orleans already shares the spotlight with the Saints, another great nickname, but really botched this one. Not even the experts on unibet saw this one coming. 

The franchise decided to name their team after the Louisiana state bird. The brown pelican wasn’t, and still is not, the answer. The plain bird symbolizes the plain basketball franchise that is the Pelicans.

The team wasted Chris Paul and Anthony Davis’s prime years and couldn’t make a run for a championship. Maybe, the Zion Williamson era will reap more dividends, but the team name certainly won’t. 

No. 2: Utah Jazz

When you go to a game, nothing gets you more hyped than a jazz flute or a saxophone, right? Jazz makes way more sense to be the name of New Orleans, given the origins of jazz music. If New Orleans had done that, the city would move up one in the rankings, but that’s not the point. The nickname “Jazz” does not distill fear in the opponent. 

It doesn’t help that Utah takes a lot of flack for being one of the more boring NBA destinations. In the end, the franchise has rolled with the Jazz since the beginning, so there’s no reason to turn back now. It doesn’t mean it’s a good nickname though. 

No. 1: Washington Football Team AND Washington Redskins

The Washington Football Team began their inaugural season as the team’s nickname in 2020 after much pushback for the racially insensitive nickname Redskins. The Redskins name has been a target of being dismantled for years, and owner Dan Synder finally made the move after a country-led protest.

Instead of giving the team a real football name, like the Washington Warriors (a really good nickname and kept the spirit of Native American culture alive), Synder muffed yet another simple task. 

The Washington Football Team is literally nothing. It sparks no fear, no hype, and it’s almost laughable at this point. Not only are the Washington Football Team one of the worst football teams in the league (2-7 after Week 10), but the team owns the worst nickname in all of the professional sports.

We would like to think that Washington could fix this, but then again, they kept Redskins all those years and didn’t seem to mind. There’s no reason to believe that this football team will ever leave this spot in the rankings.

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