Ten Easy Steps To Keep Your Tiles In Good Condition

Ten Easy Steps To Keep Your Tiles In Good Condition
Ten Easy Steps To Keep Your Tiles In Good Condition

When you have tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen, you need to make sure that you have used the ten tips below. You can keep your tiles very clean, and you will prevent damage, discoloration, and wear. Plus, you should work with a company that can help you strip the floors when needed, and you can use these same tips to care for tiles that are on the walls. Continue reading to learn how to make your kitchen and bathrooms look as nice as possible.

  1. Clean the Tiles Regularly

You should wipe down the tiles regularly to ensure that they are as clean as possible. You will get rid of stains and gunk that would otherwise stick to the wall. You only want to get help from Absolute Floor Strippers once a year to keep the tiles in good condition.

  1. Use A Topcoat

You can use a topcoat to protect the tiles on the walls and the floor. You may apply this topcoat on your own, or you could ask the installer to help you.

  1. Clean The Grout Once A Month

The grout could become discolored very easily, and dirty grout work will make the room look dull and drab. Plus, you are taking away from the color of the tiles when the grout looks bad.

  1. Replace Broken Tiles

When you have a broken tile, you can actually cut it from the wall or floor and replace it. These tiles do not need to take away from he look of the rest of the room, and you can complete the replacement yourself. When you buy your tiles, you should keep extras in the house for easy replacement. Use a chisel to cut out the tile, use a bit of grout to replace the tile, and make sure that the grout is leveled off before it dries completely.

  1. Use Tiles On The Walls

When you are using tiles on the walls and floor, you will prevent water leakage around the edges of the wall. Tiles on the floor tend to lose their grip or adhesive because you have water damage. When you are using the same grout on the walls and floors, you will prevent water damage that could cause problems.

  1. Use Floor Mats

You should use floor mats in the bathroom to ensure that the tiles are not wearing down because people are walking on them all the time. Floor mats can add some more color to the room, and you can still see the majority of the tiles because you did not cover the whole floor.

  1. Get Textured Tiles

When you get textured tiles, it is hard to see the damage and wear. Plus, textured tiles are safer because they are much easier to walk on when the floor is wet.

  1. Clean Grease Stains Immediately

You may have a tile backsplash in the kitchen, but you will see grease and oil stains appear every time you cook. Because of this, you need to remove the grease or oil stains as soon as possible. Chefs are taught to clean their stations instantly, and you should apply this technique to the backsplash.

  1. Avoid Heavy Impacts

You should not bring any heavy items into the bathroom or kitchen and drop them. You want to avoid heavy impacts because the tiles could crack easily. It is very easy for you to keep heavy items out of the room, and you should make sure that you tell other members of the family to not jump on tile floors.

  1. Avoid Dragging Furniture

If you are dragging furniture across a tile, you will scratch the tile easily. These tiles are very hard to clean once you see the scratches, and you also need to make sure that you have not allowed furniture to sit on tile pieces for long periods of time. You can set the furniture legs on grout because grout can be renewed and repaired easily.


Use the ten tips listed above to make your kitchen or bathroom look perfect. No matter how much traffic is in the room, you can keep your tiles in great condition. If you are trying to prevent damage, you may avoid dragging furniture, or you might tell your children to stop jumping and bringing heavy islands into the room.


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