Leather shoes are always popular as footwear among many Australian citizens as either workwear or with a dress. However, most people don’t know how to take care of these leather products and maintain them properly. This article highlights what one needs to do to properly take care of their leather shoes, from proper caring tips to using quality products from reliable stores like bootblack

The sales of leather footwear in Australia had reached about 2086 million dollars at the start of 2021. Moreover, the leather shoe market is expected to grow annually by about 1.27% through the years 2021 to 2025. This proves the fact that leather shoes have had a growth in demand throughout the country.  

Taking Care Of The Leather Shoes:

  1. Always Replace Soles When The Time Comes: Soles of shoes will wear down eventually; it’s inevitable. The duration, however, will depend on the use and amount of stress acting on it. An indication of a heavily worn outsole is when the heel appears rounded or when the wearer can feel things through the sole. Don’t try to wear out the sole, as this can damage the shoe’s boot structure. It can lead to tilting, which may cause heel or back pain. Replaced soles usually have a rubber cushion to add more extra protection and comfort to the wearer. 
  2. Storage: Leather shoes must always be stored in dust repelling shoe bags to prevent the shoes from catching dust. Shoe trees can help maintain the shape of the shoe and help soak any water or sweat. Always place shoes in an area where there is a natural flow of air to facilitate faster drying. Don’t store the shoes in direct sunlight, although some are best kept out in open air.
  3. Use Quality Products: Always use quality products, like those from Bootblack, for leather shoes, whether it’s for conditioning or polishing. When applying conditioners, a monthly application is necessary to keep the does in pristine condition. Firstly, remove the dirt, dust and other particles with a brush and cream. After cleaning, the shoes should be left out to dry completely, followed by the application of a leather conditioning cream using a soft rag. Make sure to reapply the conditioners if the shoes look dry. After conditioning is done, take care to polish the shoes with cream properly and apply it using fingers to spread it. After a length of time:
  • Use a brush to remove any excess cream that may be spread over the shoes.
  • For shining purposes, use a clean wax and a cleaner brush to keep the colours of different creams from mixing up.
  • Always use a different brush for each application of cream and products. 

4. Moisture and Water Protection: Use a waterproofing spray after conditioning to add a thin coat of water protection for the leather shoes. Although not recommended every time, once every three or six months should be adequate. Many leather shoes aren’t made for wet conditions, so if they get wet, dry them out in the open, where there is proper airflow. Don’t use a hairdryer to speed up the process, as this may change the texture of the shoes and their colour either temporarily or permanently. 


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