Sword Names

Sword Names: How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Blade

As an avid collector of swords, I was always fascinated by the names given to these legendary weapons. So, when my friends decided to start their own collection, I was more than happy to help. As we examined each sword, I suggested different names based on their unique features and history.

For a sword with a sharp, curved blade, I suggested the name “Scimitar,” while for a double-edged sword, I proposed the name “Spatha,” after the ancient Roman weapon.

As we went through the collection, we came up with names such as “Rapier,” “Katana,” and “Longsword,” each with its own backstory and characteristics.

It was a fun and exciting experience, and we were all thrilled to add these masterpieces to our collection.

Mythological Swords

Sword Names

Being a mythology enthusiast, I suggested names for swords based on mythological tales. I suggested “Excalibur” for a sword with a regal look, “Zulfiqar” for a double-edged sword, and “Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi” for a Japanese sword.

The names not only suited the swords perfectly but also added a touch of mystery and intrigue to our collection.

RagnarokForsaken WarbladeQuestionRigormortis
AgathaHopeless ProtectorChandrahasLeg-Biter
The StakeDancing ClaymoreClamorerDevilish Dicer
CometfellCaptain’s SculptorDyrnwynHollow Gold Guardian

Historical Swords

As a history enthusiast, I find the stories behind historical swords fascinating. The Roman gladius, used by soldiers in ancient times, was both deadly and effective. The Viking Ulfberht, with its intricate designs, was a weapon of great craftsmanship. And the French Épée, a graceful and elegant weapon, was used in the sport of fencing.

Each sword tells a unique story of the era in which it was used, making them all the more captivating to learn about.

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DawnbreakerNightfallSloth’s BaneBai Gu Yin Yang Jian
Soul BladeGladiator ClaymoreWado Ichimonjishikai
Divine LightToothpickWidow MakerShadow Strike, Jaws of the Wretched

Fictional Swords

I’ve always been fascinated by swords, especially the mythical ones. The Sword of Light that could cut through anything, the Sword of Flames that could ignite anything it touched, and the Sword of Shadows that could make its wielder invisible. I often imagine myself wielding these swords, fighting off enemies and saving the day.

But alas, they are but mere fantasies, trapped in the pages of ancient texts.

Obsidian stormZulfiqarThe Christ-BladeMech-Kladenets
A NanLongclawJunkyard Dog MK IIIForsaken Warblade
Kusanagi-no-TsurugiBetrayer, Might of the FlamePainMiroku
CleaverNightfall,CaliburnBlinding Truth

Pop Culture Swords

Sword Names

I love collecting swords inspired by pop culture! My favorite is the Hattori Hanzo sword from Kill Bill, it makes me feel like a badass samurai. I also have a replica of Jon Snow’s Longclaw from Game of Thrones, and a lightsaber from Star Wars. They’re not just decorative pieces, I actually practice sword fighting with them.

It’s a fun way to express my love for pop culture and learn some swordsmanship at the same time.

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Better HalfDivine LightKeybladeLambent Light
SacrificeDawnVigilant edgeEcho, Reach of Mystery
BalisardaGan JiangThe Sword of FreedomArcanium Annihilator
Wrathful QuickbladeNandakaThe Lady VivamusSword of Gryffindor

Cool Sword Names

I like swords and I’m always on the lookout for the coolest names to give them. Some of my favorites are Shadow Fang, Frostbite, and Stormcaller. But I’m on the hunt for new inspiration. Maybe something like Deathbringer or Soulstealer?

The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see what other names I can come up with for my trusty blades.

Vicious SwiftbladeEckesachsThe Sword of LeahAlucard’s Sword
Blade of StormwindVoid’s kissTalonDrynwyn
Riptide,Zaiyun JianGrinning NightCurved Protector
Narsil,Terminus EstBuster SwordAme-no-Ohabari

Famous Swords From History

As a history buff, I’m fascinated by famous swords from the past. The Excalibur, wielded by King Arthur, is one of the most legendary swords in history. The Masamune, crafted by a renowned Japanese swordsmith, is also a masterpiece. And who can forget the elegant and deadly katana, used by samurais in feudal Japan?

Each sword has its own unique story and legacy, making them all the more captivating to learn about.

Myoho MuramasaMary Norton“Song ofAwakening
Black ScarletQuel’SerrarHadōkenBleeding Heart
SeveranceSoul EdgeThe EndingClaiomh Solais
The FuryLoberaThe Euphoria DeliriumJustice Sword

Fantasy Sword Names From Fictional World

Sword Names

I love creating fantasy worlds, and nothing is more important than the perfect sword name. From the fiery “Dragonslayer” to the elegant “Moonlight Blade,” each name evokes a unique image and adds depth to the story. I draw inspiration from my favorite fictional worlds like “Eragon” and “Lord of the Rings,” but also create my own names like “Stormbringer” and “Shadowstrike.”

The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see what my next creation will be.

“Song ofAwakeningStonesplitterDragonsbane
HadōkenBleeding HeartMasqueradeLunar-Eclipse
The EndingClaiomh SolaisWerewindleRavenous Destiny
The Euphoria DeliriumJustice SwordCaladbolgRhindon

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