Superhero arcade games

Format films, books, comic books, cartoons about superheroes create a vast niche for creating games on this topic. And if the creators of computer and console games have long and fruitfully used the superhero story in their development, large-scale manifestation of the genre in the pokie is not yet observed. Nevertheless, slot machines about superheroes from the Marvel and DC franchises exist, covering both comic books and films. Below, we look at how the superhero slot genre took shape and the local gaming giant. Here is a list of Australian online casino sites where you can play in superhero pokies.

Formation of the genre

Stories about the lives and adventures of people with certain superpowers emerged in the late first half of the 20th century. First on the pages of comic books and then on the big screens, heroes regularly saved the planet from disasters, villains, and alien invaders. Superhero stories can rightly be considered one of the crucial milestones in the development of popular culture. The two giants in superhero creation are Marvel Comics and DC Comics, who have moved their characters from the pages of paper to the movies as technology has developed.

Over time, the expansion of computer technology allowed the creation of games that show the new adventures of famous superheroes. The gambling industry was not left out. The first pokie in the genre was created by the company Cryptologic shows players the Marvel universe’s main characters. Finding resonance in the online casino audience, other online slot developers have joined in creating superhero slots to varying degrees.

Recognisable images that users regularly see in cinemas and TV series have reduced the ‘story’ part of the pokies. All the developers had to do was choose which characters to use and how to combine the rules of the game with the character’s story for a large-scale immersion in the game’s atmosphere.

Popular slot machines

Developments from Cryptologic and Playtech mainly represent the superhero online slots sector. Cryptologic uses Marvel and DC comic universe characters in their games, while Playtech refers to recognisable heroes from the Marvel movie universe. This division allows them to reach as many characters as possible and bring them to the players.

The introduction to the superheroes in Cryptologic slot machines can start with:

  • Superman online;
  • Daredevil Slot;
  • Batman Slot;
  • Spider-Man.

Playtech also offers a wide range of superhero slot machines for every taste, colour and size:

  • Spider-Man: Attack Of The Green Goblin;
  • Iron Man;
  • The Incredible Hulk;
  • Wolverine video slot.

In addition to Cryptologic and Playtech, the slot machine The Dark Knight Progressive slot, developed by Microgaming, is also on the list.

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