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You can’t compare anything to your college years – it’s an experience you will never forget! Many times, you hear people saying that college is annoying; however, there are many times when it turns out to be quite the opposite. College can be fun, full of positive energy, and quite amazing if you are in the right state of mind, connecting with the right people. And it can be quite upsetting when you are not feeling good about yourself. So, how’s student life 2019 in general? It depends. It can get

  • Busy

First of all, life as a student will be busier than you imagine. It’s packed with deadlines, assignments, and numerous duties. Some semesters can be rough while others are less intense. The best thing about being a busy student is that you get to meet amazing people while engaging in different activities. This will help you expand your awareness and become self-confident in everything that you do. 

So, when classes are tiring or professors annoying, make sure you find your way of having fun and stay away from all the drama. If you get busy, get happy about it! And if you feel like there’s too much going on and need some help, contact Edu birdy or other professional writing services to give you a helping hand. In the end, you are doing everything for your future self, a more mature and confident you, who needs breaks from time to time. 

  • Fun

Now leaving the “sad” part aside, let’s focus on the fun you will be having as a student. First, you will make lasting friends and memories! You’ll get to live alone for the first time (or most students do) and experience student life at its best. You’ll, therefore, learn how to cook, clean by yourself, and become more and more responsible. More than that, you’ll meet people with stories you wouldn’t have ever met in your high-school town!

  • Cheap

Oh yeees, one of the greatest parts about being a student is that you can be cheap!!! You can eat cheap, dress cheap, even party cheap! Here is some quick advice –

  • Buy used textbooks from Amazon instead of from your school’s bookshop
  • Pay bills on time to avoid late fees
  • Use bikes or longboards to travel around your campus not your car 
  • Check out the places that offer discounts 
  • Don’t buy unnecessary supplies for school
  • Buy a very good laptop and stick to it for the rest of four years!
  • Become an RA – it offers free room and board!
  • Golden

In college, you will reinvent yourself and perfect everything you want to know about yourself. The challenges that we all go through as students teach us how to ask questions not only about life but about our own minds. We become golden at the end of those four years because we learned so much! And remember, I did not say study, I said actively learn from all of our experiences, happenings, and life events. 


Now that you know how college life could be as a student, you can make your own choices to determine the outcome you want. If you want to be happy, make sure you get to know yourself first, and then meet as many people as possible! Make friends, enjoy life, party, but study hard and be honest when it comes to your schoolwork. Everything is possible if you believe it to be. Good luck!

About Content Writer
Bobbi Sanchez has been working for an NGO since his graduation, making the world a better place. His work has made him travel all over the world, including Africa, Jamaica, and France. His main goal is bringing quality student education in the impoverished areas of the world, which is why he is writing books encouraging students to pursue their passions


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