Students and Domestic Violence


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Domestic violence remains a concern in our society and is hard to eliminate. It’s a sickening part of daily life for too many people. Youngsters that should be busy with their education, which is so important for the rest of their life, are amongst the victims.

How can we fight domestic violence? Or help out the students who are in the middle of it? To avoid or prevent it, it’s better for everyone to get known about the issue beforehand, for example, reading about it in a persuasive essay on domestic violence found on the Internet. Finding an informative example of an essay on this abuse is a good starting point in the fight against this inhuman condition. 

Of course, if we can, doing something about it should be next. We will look into cases of domestic violence in the life of students, how to deal with it, and live a normal life after. Domestic violence help is a must.

Domestic violence cases in the US

Life at home is supposed to be a safe harbor. Not for students that suffer physical, financial, sexual, verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse. Not only the physical side of it is alarming. Also, mental health is severely damaged by their trials. 

One’s mental health can’t be compromised to make the most out of college or university. This failure will lead to more harm to the psyche. It becomes a vicious circle, from which it’s hard to escape. 

Getting aware of the problem isn’t too hard. Just read about it. Essays and papers about this subject are widely in store on the internet. A qualitative domestic violence essay example will cover one or all of the expressions of violence at home. 

We are talking about more than outright physical attacks:

  • Treats. Threatening to hurt or kill you is already abuse
  • Social terror. Keeping you away from interaction with family and friends
  • Personal freedom. E.g., restrictions on what you are allowed to wear
  • Control. Can be controlling your money, ignoring it’s now your budget
  • Spying. Checking on your phone. Scanning text messages and calls…
  • Ignoring. Giving you the silent treatment.

Sadly, we can’t rely on institutions like a college to make amends. Or they have other priorities, or their hands are tight. 

What can be done then?

Any act of violence should be condemned, but the action is needed. Students might not seek help for reasons that are understandable. There is a shame, financial dependence, fear, and hoping things will change for the better. 

These factors make it tougher, fighting this injustice. But domestic violence is a crime and cannot be tolerated. Victims must look for help, friends must keep their eyes open, and society must be ready to interfere.

Possible measures

    1. Recognize abusive patterns. Probably there are specific situations in which your parents feel triggered to get abusive. Pay attention to changes in their mood or before they get violent. The warning signs can help you to avoid situations of potential abuse.
    2. Try to stay calm. Easier said than done, it’s better not to react back aggressively. If possible, separate yourself physically from the attacker. 
    3. Talk about it with your parents. Talk calmly, so you don’t put oil to the fire. Hopefully, your parents will see their behavior is not acceptable. Only do this if you think it’s safe standing up for yourself.
    4. Try to change your reaction. And remember that you will move out in time.
    5. Spend less of your time at home. Avoid the abuser. find a safe space inside your home or outside your home.


  • Look for help. Talk about it with whoever you think can help.
  • Call a Domestic Violence Hotline.
  • A protection plan. Figure out where to go if you must escape from the home.
  • Accommodation. Living on campus keeps you safer. Hopefully, your college provides this facility, which is not always the case.
  • College programs. If your college has a program, don’t hesitate to address them.
  • Prevention. This is the best but most complicated measure. And it won’t help students who are victims now. It can be a long process. It starts with the education of future parents, siblings, family members of the future. It’s about teaching safe and healthy relationship skills.


Life after domestic violence

Find a counselor. A therapist may aid you to rebuild self-esteem, your trust in any relationship. Set your goals and don’t stop even when you reached them. 

Realize you are not the one to blame, it’s not your fault. It’s about the abuser and not about you, something is seriously wrong with them. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

Write your experiences and thoughts down. The insights you will get may make you capable of helping other victims even.

There are many books written on how to rebuild your confidence, trust and building a life in which you feel safe again. 

When negative thoughts come, build your self-esteem with positive self-talk.  Do things you enjoy and do these things as much as you can. Build your own community with people that share your interests.

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Shashank Jain
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