Student-Authored Study Notes and Essays: The New Normal in Education?

Gone are the days when the only sources of information that university and secondary school students can use were limited to the textbooks provided by their respective schools. Today’s digitally empowered educational sector gave rise to an assortment of creative resources for different subject matters.

India is home to millions of young learners but secondary schools and universities become exceptionally challenging for students due to its scarcity. According to statistics, around 20-25% of residential areas in India have access to a nearby secondary school. 

While its government is working towards improving the quality of education for everyone and refocusing a considerable chunk of the country’s budget on this sector, there is still so much to do to address all student needs.

Learning is supposed to be inclusive for it to be effective—the higher the foundation of ideas available, the more advantageous it will be for students.

Online libraries and archives of India essays, research papers, study notes, and reports are gradually addressing the need for students to have a broader selection of reference and learning materials at their disposal.

Textbooks and modules are still significant in guiding and enlightening learners. The only difference now is insights and ideas of other students based on different subjects are given more credit and recognised as a viable source of information. If a university student has gained essential data about a particular topic by conducting research, it would be wasteful not to share it with other students who could benefit from it.

As teaching materials and lessons are now implemented through e-learning, digital study notes expand the network of understanding and digesting new information among students.

For instance, Student A and Student B submitted separate reviews about a film or a book. The difference in their opinions and reactions encourage students to look deeper into the message that the literary piece aims to convey. At the same time, it enables them to discriminate equally between opposing viewpoints and weigh the relevance of each idea.

The same principle holds for research papers and essays. The truth is school books, and manuals follow a unified and limited body of information. It does not mean that it is not helpful, though. 

It only means there is room for improvement and expanding existing learning materials. 

If a group of students decides to test an old theory or experiment and end up generating new and additional results, then it is an accomplishment worth noting and sharing with their schoolmates. It shows that existing informational sources can still be expanded and that learning never falls short of discoveries.

Some students more easily understand student-authored essays because they can relate to it more or find the writing style more suitable to their learning pace. Study notes push students to become more resourceful and sensitive to the needs of their schoolmates. They share what they know and seek the help of other students in subject areas that they have trouble understanding.

It would not be surprising if India essays and study resources will soon make its way into the preparation of formal training materials. If there is anything that the internet has proven, it that anything is possible through connectivity and collaboration.

What educational innovation do you think should be considered as the “new normal” in today’s drastically adjusted learning system?

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