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Many terms came into our language from ancient Greek logic and rhetoric. Lots of them are in active use even today, but their meaning is not always immediately apparent, such as the word “thesis.” At first, we come across it at school when it comes to writing a literature essay.

But this is not its only application. For example, at the university, students draw up thesis plans for their future works. So what is a thesis? How and why do people formulate them? Is a good thesis already half the success in essay writing? The following article answers these and related questions and provides weak and strong thesis examples. We hope you find this information helpful. Should you need more thesis examples for various essay types, you can find them on

What Is a Thesis?

The word “thesis” comes from Greek and has the meaning “assertion.” Its use is universal for linguistics, philosophy, medicine, music, and literature. In the generally accepted scientific terminology, the definition is as follows: a thesis summarizes the research’s main ideas. In a narrow sense, a thesis is a shortened version of a scientific paper that conveys the essence of a more voluminous work in a concise form.

The central thesis is the basis of your writing work. In an argumentative essay, the central thesis is usually the leading argument for a student writing the essay. It appears at the end of the first paragraph.

We need a thesis:

– to test one’s ideas, highlighting one or two essential in the end;

– to better organize the structure of the essay and to clarify the arguments;

– to familiarize the reader with the main idea before parsing the arguments.

How to Write a Strong Thesis

Though it was preparing a small essay or an entire doctoral dissertation, the hardest part of the job will probably be composing your thesis. It should be specific. The thesis should reflect just what you will touch upon in the essay itself. It would be best if you also accompanied it with particular facts.

A strong thesis:

– always refers to a particular position;

– reflects the main idea of the essay;

– serves as a basis for discussion;

– has a clear and specific rationale.

When writing your thesis, avoid vague general words such as “interesting,” “negative,” “exciting,” “unusual,” and “difficult.” Also, avoid abstract words like “society,” “values,” or “culture.”

A formula for a compelling thesis is: Topic + Your viewpoint + Reason.

Weak and Strong Thesis Examples

At first, let’s have a look at the poor thesis examples and analyze them:

1. Studying literature is a good idea. (too blurry, no room for discussion)

2. At college, students should not have to take English courses, and we grade many disciplines too strictly. (two different topics).

3. In the business world, computers have become indispensable for everyday tasks. (does not require proof)

Now let’s look at the strong thesis examples:

1. Some of the required courses should not be obligatory for college students.

2. Visiting and researching a higher educational establishment before making a final decision is essential because one will meet the teachers, experience the campus, well and genuinely perceive the college atmosphere.

3. High school graduates need to take a year off to pursue community service projects before entering a higher educational establishment to increase their global awareness and maturity.

Remember: as you write the essay, your main idea may change slightly. That is why when you finish writing, do not forget to re-read everything again and evaluate whether the thesis still reflects the content of the resulting work.

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