Software. A Short History

From phones that weighed around 50kg and 150ft long computing machines to mobile phones below 150gr and smart-watches, the hardware side has developed a lot over time along with the software part that underpinned this development.

From the sheets of sheets printed by these machines to the storage of them in a database that can be accessed in a few seconds.

Of course, this would have never been possible without some brilliant minds who thought about gathering smart people under the same roof and created the software development companies. Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of companies that create software at a high level. Some of these companies are the IT outsourcing companies available to anyone who wants to access an enormous pool of knowledge and experience.

What is software?

It is a collection of data or computer instructions that tells him how to do his job. Nowadays the software has developed to a level where the user is very easy to send commands to the computer through a high-level language and then converts it into machine code at a low level.

The early days of software

The first software code that was successfully executed on June 21, 1948, by Tom Kilburn, an English mathematician and computer scientist who worked at Manchester University.

He, along with Freddie Williams, during the 30-year career of mathematician and computer scientist, Tom, created the first computer to store data and information, called the Manchester Baby.

This program that was uploaded into the Manchester Baby and took 52 minutes to calculate the largest divisor of 2 at the power of 18th (262,144).

The Personal Computing Era

In the 1970s and 1980s, the software part reached the peak of those times with the advent of personal computers, leading the revolutionary Apple personal computer called Apple II launched in 1977 in which VisiCalc was the first software so popular that it was known as Apple II’s killer app.

Shortly after, IBM was one of the companies that entered the personal computer market with IBM-PC, launched in 1981. The software dominated the personal computer market through productivity and business at that time.

In 1990 another innovation in the development of software, open-source software, came on the market, which was largely driven by the Internet. In 1991, Linux Kernel was launched, which became the open-source origin for the Linux operating system, then, in 1998, Netscape Navigator browser appeared written mostly in C and C ++.

The Mobile Device

With a lot of phones appearing from 1973 to 1999, from the first phone call made in New York to the famous Blackberry 850 that made RIM a leading company in the new era of phones, Apple completely changed the perception of mobile phones in 2007, the same time when phones and applications began to explode. Nowadays, these applications are mostly made with the help of programming languages such as Swift and Java.

Software Development today

Nowadays, these software applications are met everywhere, in places where we would not expect them to be, from knitting machines to rockets and nuclear bombs, although, some of these programming languages have passed the test of time and they are still being used today, such as C and Cobol, and some applications are new and very interesting, on the other hand, others have been used in countless development projects that are based on the programming language Java or Python.

Software development in the current pandemic

There is nothing worse for a company, any kind of company than to face a situation that cannot be controlled from the inside. Take the current pandemic for example. How can software development companies cope with the situation? Is there any way out?

Yes, there is. While many companies around the world are closing their gates because the effect of the pandemic on the economy is too difficult to deal with, some IT outsourcing companies, such as AROBS Transilvania Software, managed to thrive by taking measures fast. First, is very important to have something planned in case anything might happen and, second, is important to know when to act.

When the pandemic hit Romania, we chose safety first and we sent all our colleagues to work from home. The benefits in these cases are immense. Our employees can continue to work on all of our projects and our clients are very happy because we deliver great results.

AROBS Transilvania Software is a software development company born in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our 22 years of expertise made us into a top software services provider in Romania. We have more than 1000 employees who work in our 7 offices in Romania and 6 international offices.

Find out more about AROBS, here.

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