Snapchat beginners Guide and Tips How to download Snapchat on PC?

Snapchat on PC


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app launched on July 8, 2020. It is developed and published by Snapchat Inc.  It is used for multimedia messaging and other purposes. It is available in multiple languages and used worldwide. Snapchat has multiple user-friendly features which make it popular among people. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can also download Snapchat on a PC by using an android emulator.

Beginners Guide 

Snapchat, the multimedia messages app, is getting popular nowadays. The popularity of this app is due to its number of features absent in other social media apps. Due to the popularity of the app, people from all over the world are using this app. The people know about its basic, but they are unaware of the secret about Snapchat.  Also, some users do not know perfectly to use this app.  So they need to learn about this app. In this article, we will discuss that how to use Snapchat and also share some tips with Snapchat users. We also discuss how you can download Snapchat on your laptop or PC.

How to use Snapchat?

Like other social media apps, Snapchat is a multimedia app, and you can download it at any app store. First of all, you need to sign up and build a profile on Snapchat. After sign up, you need to log in to your account and use this app.  This app has multiple features. It is very simple and easy to use Snapchat. 

Make friends

In Snapchat, after sign up, you have to add friends to your friend list. You can add your contacts and other Snapchat users to your friend list.  You can chat with your friends by using this app, and you can also send them video and photos.  

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Creates snaps 

Snapchat users can create short video clips called snaps. The users can share snaps with their friends. The snaps can be edited to make them more attractive.

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Create your story 

In other social media apps, users can share their stories. The Snap chat users can also create their stories and share them on the app.  Your friends can see your story, and you can add multiple filters to your story.  Your friends can comment on your story and can like them.


Add filters and stickers to your Snaps

You can see the filters and stickers on the right side of your snaps. You can use these filters and stickers to make your snaps more attractive and popular. These filters and stickers are free and available only in this app.  

Codes and Maps

Every Snapchat users have a specific code called snap code, and it is used to add friends directly by sharing it.  It makes it easy for users to make friends. Also, Snapchat users can avail the map and location feature in which they share and see the location of their friends.  

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Tips for Snapchat users 

Use lenses in Snapchat 

The filters and lenses are two different things in Snapchat. These tools are used for separate functions. Lenses are used to add transformations, 3D effects characters and objectives.  The users can use lenses to make their videos attractive. 

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Create stickers by yourself 

As we know that in Snapchat, there are multiple stickers to apply in snaps. But the Snapchat users can also create their stickers. In the Snapchat app, there is a scissors tool used to create stickers. You can create multiple stickers by using this tool. 

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Send and receive money

Snapchat is not only used for videos sharing and chatting purposes. But it is also used for many useful purposes like sending and receive money.  The Snapchat users can send and receive money from each other. By using the Snapcash feature of Snapchat by tapping on the gear icon and scrolling down, you can find the Snapcash option. So it is the very best feature of this app.  

How to download Snapchat on PC?

Snapchat is a popular multimedia app today, and it is used all over the world. Due to its useful features now it is the top social media app today. People worldwide are using this app on different devices because it is available on all platforms. Some people like to use Snapchat on PC because they can not buy expensive smartphones, and also this app is not smartphone friendly. Also, some people who work in offices on PC love to install apps on PC to use them easily. It is more beneficial to use the apps on a PC than a smartphone. Therefore, people want to know how they can download Snapchat on a PC. Snapchat can be downloaded on PC easily by using Android emulators. Android emulators are used to downloading and also use this app on PC. The fastest Android emulator to download and use Android apps or games on PC is LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

People who want to download the Android app or games on PC need an Android emulator. One of the best Android emulators is LDPlayer. LDPlayer has the same function as other emulators, but it has some unique features that make LDPlayer popular among PC games or app lovers. It supports all the available Android versions, so you can easily download and use any apps on your PC by using this emulator. For PC gaming, it is best because the players can attach gamepads to it so that they can easily control the game. It also 3D advanced graphics.


How to download LDPlayer?

LDPlayer Android emulator is free to download and use. It does not need any subscription or signs up to use. LDPlayer can be downloaded easily by anyone because it has a simple process for download. Read the given steps for easy download

1. Go to the website of LDPlayer and tap on the given emulator.

2. After this, the users have to click on the download button.

3. When your system Downloads it, then install it on your PC.

4. After installation, open the emulator and visit its store named LDstore to download games or apps.

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