Slot Games with The Most Interesting Names

Slot Games with The Most Interesting Names
Slot Games with The Most Interesting Names

Online casino slots have some of the most creative, wacky, and funny names you’ll come across. Slots machine names usually take the cake when it comes to cheesy puns and corny double-entendre. Generally are on the lookout for slots that are high-paying and have the best features and themes. But sometimes, we just want to play a slot because it is fun, cool, and different.

Amongst the most popular there are those few which stand out not due to the game itself, but because of their name. Here are some such interestingly titled slots.

Let’s look at some of them here:

Forbidden Slot

Reels:  5

Pay lines: 15 (fixed)

Min/Max Bet: 0.15/150

Max Win: 15,000

Don’t think of a pink elephant. Notice how you couldn’t help but think of a pink elephant? Have you stopped thinking of pink elephant’s yet? This human psychological process where attempting to suppress a thought actually makes that thought prominent is known as the ironic process theory or ironic rebound. Since we are talking about interesting names, this phenomenon is also referred to as white bear theory sometimes.

We guess this is what Spinomenalwas trying to achieve when they named this 5-reel video slot online of theirs – Forbidden Slot. Like the forbidden fruit, it is hard not to take a bite.

If you think the name is interesting, wait till you actually load this slot up. (Spoiler alert – it could be classified as NSFW). This slot is steamy, erotic and weird in all sorts of ways. The basic theme is heaven and hell having a love affair and it seems like the designers have really let their imagination run wild.

Cleopatra’s Chest

Reels: 5

Paylines: 15

Mix/Max Bet: 0.2/150

Max Win: Jackpot

This slot was developed as a collaborative effort between Playtech and Virtue Fusion. And guessing by the way they have named this slot, we suppose neither of them have ever heard of subtlety. Cleopatra’s Chest,really?

The theme of this slot is very common – it is themed around ancient Egypt. Cleopatra’s Chest is a pretty well-rounded slot with a 5 x 3 grid and a clear user interface which makes it easy to play.

It is a nice slot to play, but the name is really what makes it stand out – there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? No matter what, there’s some serious money up for grabs in the progressive jackpot which has paid out an average of £1,126,038. That’s a pretty huge sum you can add to your chest!

Purse of the Mummy

Reels: 5

Paylines: 15

Mix/Max Bet: 0.01/37.50

Max Win: 2500

This name is obviously a play on ‘Curse of the Mummy’ and it made us giggle. Just imagine a Mummy carrying around a purse. Purse of the Mummy slot is developed by Suffice and it may have gotten the initial attention because of its name, but this is actually a high quality slot with a lot to offer.

Slot Games with The Most Interesting Names
Slot Games with The Most Interesting Names

Strange name, strange game

Even though it is a common ancient Egypt theme, it is quite a gory and thrilling slot to play. The game is premised around a newly opened Egyptian tomb and it dishes out scares and delights in equal quantities.

This is 5-reel slot with 15 paylines. What makes it unique and rewarding is the abundance of multipliers and special features which are not at all rare to come by during gameplay.

If the name got your attention, the user experience and special features can really convert you into a fan of this slot from Saucify.

Hairway to Heaven

Reels: 5

Paylines: 50

Mix/Max Bet: 0.01/50

Max Win: 5,000 jackpot

What a ridiculous and absurd name, but it is quite hilarious if you think about it. The term ‘hairway’ refers to the patch of hair on your body which points towards your privates below. Certainly, a very interesting name for a slot which is themed around fairytales!

This is yet another 5-reel video slot from Real Time Gaming (RTGs) stable that offers a good 50 paylines. Also, Hairway to Heaven is a progressive which can get your rich quick if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot. This slot with a dubious play on words could be right down your alley if you like fairytales, jackpots and plenty of bonus rounds.

Wonky Wabbits

Reels: 5

Paylines: 15

Mix/Max Bet: 0.1/10

Max Win: 7,500 jackpot

Wonky Wabbits is an interestingly named slot from none other than NetEnt. We would imagine that ‘wabbits’ is how a toddler would pronounce rabbits.

The slot is set in a vegetable garden and we must mention the graphics of the symbols and the background is really crisp and looks like it is from a world-class Disney movie. The Wild symbol popping up on the reels is always an exciting proposition because it triggers some of the best possible wins. The wild could pop up at any time and on any of the reels. Two stacked wilds can also appear, and more wilds essentially mean hungrier wabbits and bigger wins.

A fun themed slot with great graphics and fantastic stacked wilds, this slot can really make your day.

Dr. Watts Up

Reels: 5

Paylines: 243

Mix/Max Bet: 0.30/120

Max Win: 10,000 jackpot

Say what’s up to the crazy genius Dr. Watts Up. This creatively titled slot has a lot more creativity to unleash should you decide to give it a spin. The fact that this is a work of Microgaming, it is not hard to attest to the quality and entertainment factor that this slot provides. The theme is one of the most captivating we have across. The doctor and his unpredictable experiments will keep you excited and always guessing what’s next.

This is a 5 x 3-reel set with a massive 243 pay lines. The jackpot is a whopping 10,000 coins, so winning big is definitely a possibility.


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