Simple Tips to Enhance Streaming Quality and Internet Speed


    The popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Crackle, and Hulu have increased in recent years. Due to the massive adoption of streaming services over conventional cable and satellite TV, internet service providers are offering more in less to their subscribers so that they could get the best of what streaming services have to offer.

    We all know there is nothing more annoying than watching a buffering icon appear on your screen after every minute. One cannot bear the frustrations it creates in the middle of a movie or a TV show right when the excitement begins to flow in. If you constantly face this problem too, just know that you are not alone in this as many people come across similar issues.

    To overcome this issue, here are a few tips on how you can improve the quality of streaming for a glitch-less and lag-free experience. So let’s begin:

    1. Switch Your Internet Service Provider and Opt for Higher Speed Tier 

    When was the last time you looked into your speed plan? Probably several years ago, when you were making comparisons between different ISPs. You might have opted for the best plan, catering to your needs at that time. Now the time has changed and with more connected devices and internet usage, you cannot stick to a low-tier plan. 

    If you like to watch immersive shows like Sherlock Holmes every day while other household members want to play online games, watch movies, or venture into vlogging, you need at least a 100 Mbps download speed. And for that we recommend you check AT&T Fiber internet plans. They offer equally good upload and download speeds that let you enjoy a top-notch internet experience throughout the house.

    However, make sure to check the availability in your area by contacting their customer service, before deciding upon switching your ISP. Moreover, you should also confirm that the speed and price advertised are the same or vary in your location. As soon as you opt for a higher speed plan, you will see a huge difference in the streaming quality. 

    1. Check for Data Caps  

    Most internet service providers offer limited data caps. If the data limits exceed the number, you will face slow-speed internet, resulting in annoying buffers, abrupt stops, and consistent lags. The reason is that your ISP will throttle your connection, slackening everything down. Make sure to opt for higher or unlimited data caps to enjoy quality streaming and gaming all year long.

    1. Clean up your browser settings

    It might not be your internet connection’s fault completely. Have you tried clearing up your cache in a long time? If not, then try doing it. The browsers keep the local cache stored for the sites you’ve previously and once it gets overloaded with the ached data, the browser slows down. This can result in buffering. 

    Cleaning up browser settings back to default is a quick fix for buffering issues. You can also clear up browsers history along with cookies for better results.

    1. Invest in a New and Upgraded Router 

    There are plenty of reasons that you are not experiencing high-quality streaming. Even if you have upgraded the speed, and the problem persists, you might need to purchase a new router. The majority of internet users settle for the router offered by their service provider. However, after 3 to 4 years, with the evolving technology and increased internet usage, you need to upgrade your router. 

    Moreover, the routers available on the market are now specifically designed to offer greater coverage to all parts of the house. If you are still seeing a buffering icon even after the connection upgrade, you should order a new router. You will surely see the difference. 

    1. Change the Position of Your Equipment 

    It is not easy to change the placement of your television. You have probably set up everything up to enjoy the utmost comfort while watching television. We are talking about placing your Wi-Fi router somewhere else, preferably in the center position of your house for instance. 

    The problem with Wi-Fi is that it is susceptible to interferences in signals due to physical obstructions such as walls and other equipment. Just place the Wi-Fi router somewhere in the middle of the house so that it could transmit signals without any disruptions or hindrance.

    Moreover, if your router has antennas, adjusting their position will also help in better signals, more speed, and quality streaming. If the problem persists, make sure to invest in a Wi-Fi booster to improve the delivery of signals to every part of the house. In addition, it is advisable to place your router at an elevated spot for minimum interference.

    1. Disconnect Extra Connected Devices 

    We all have multiple devices at home that are connected to the internet, whether in use or idle state. If you have several devices at home, make sure to disconnect the devices that are not being used as they are only consuming your data.

    With several devices connected simultaneously, even seemingly passive programs running in the background might soak up the bandwidth. Disconnecting devices will surely boost the speed and help you stream without any lags, glitches, or excessive buffering. 

    Wrapping up 

    If you want to experience high-quality streaming, make sure to follow the above tips. Moreover, also check your internet speed from time to time. In case, you are facing slow-speed internet, just contact customer support. 


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