100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas

100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas

Before we deep-dive into the brain-storming process of giving birth to striking names of shampoo I was wondering why not we turn back to find the etymology of the word Shampoo.

Interestingly, it originates from the Hindi word cāṃpo, which is the child of a Sanskrit word chapati (चपति), which simply means to knead or press.

The shampoo is used to clean and nourish our hair. One must maintain regularity in applying shampoo to avoid dirty and soggy hair.

100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas

Presently, shampoos are in demand. Pollution, stress and hectic schedule of our lives rob our hair of its shine, volume, and natural texture. Everybody desires for a thick mane of long, luxurious and lustrous tresses. Hair fall and dandruff are major reasons for hair loss. It is important to take care of one’s hair because good hair not only gives confidence but also adds to our personality. Shampoo can be applied daily or weekly, whichever suits us. 

If someone is chalking out new business plans, it would be intelligent to start a business of products hair care and come up with creative Shampoo names’ ideas.

Shampoo Brand Names:

Here are the exciting brand names for shampoo:

Youth Super Smooth Shiney Star Super Silk
Hairolicious Hair Pro Bouncy Fussion
Hairex Superstar Hair Passion Beerolicious
Tressential Reethro Shine Aloe Vera Magic Silk-o-Shine
Hair Delight Stylo Velvety All Natural
Ever Young The One Dandruff Finito Ever Fragnance
Confident You The Look Fruity Delite Scalp Care
Hair n U Hair Time Glossy Soft Touch
Ayurvedix Blackle Shine Melisa Verling
Happy Hair Silky Mane Jackon Black layer
Combine Brand Brandsy Estate Brand Know Brand
Trend Shampoo Clear Name Elements Brand Amore Brand
Namesy Powerhouse Name Attractive Name Shampootastic
Honey Shampoo Brandtastic Nurture Name Brandify
Phoenix Brand Daytona Name Namepad Direction Shampoo
Paramount Shampoo Leverage Shampoo Venust Shampoo Progress Name
Click Name Shampooium Multiply Brand Model Shampoo
Nameorzo Impact Name Gorgeous Shampoo Lasting Brand
Lead Name Boldness Shampoo Lustrous Brand Boudoir Name
Marvel Shampoo Visibly Name Origin Name Taking Brand
Acquire Shampoo Executive Name Method Name Rhea Brand
Exalted Brand Formula Brand Namezoid Phoenix Shampoo
Safeguard Brand Consulting Shampoo Ameli Name Direction Brand
Society Brand Bright Shampoo Madonna Name Flattering Brand
Check Name Gracious Shampoo Post Brand Nameistic
Namewind Ally Shampoo Namecog Nameadil
Funnel Name Native Shampoo Bot Name Pacific Brand
Impression Brand Shampoosio Invest Brand Combine Shampoo
Engineered Brand Brandegy Shampooworks Shampooish
Relevant Brand Compelling Name Reinvent Name Arrowhead Name
Nameoryx Purity Name Pivot Brand Persona Name
Lifted Name Daisy Brand Namelaza Hush Shampoo
Solutions Name Luminescent Shampoo Plan Brand Nameocity
Monroe Shampoo Seek Name Tease Shampoo Identity Name
Phoenix Name Fountain Name Hypnotizing Name Tested Brand
Agitator Brand Storm Brand Brand Shampoo Click Brand
Anchor Shampoo Daisy Shampoo Admire Name Purr Brand
Consult Brand Prospect Name Liquid Name Monroe Shampoo
Trust Shampoo Daring Name Method Name Hera Shampoo
August Name Enrich Shampoo Association Brand Pamper Name
Glam Brand Major Name Lust Brand Onyx Brand
Prospect Shampoo Become Name Shining Brand Aquarius Shampoo
Boldness Name Strive Shampoo Comely Brand Enticing Brand
Advance Shampoo Measured Brand Magnet Name Lovesome Brand
Youthful Shampoo Bare Name Bomb Shampoo Lead Shampoo
Freya Shampoo Prismatic Brand Sheeny Name Deluxe Brand
Aspasia Name Qualified Brand Consulting Shampoo Evergreen Shampoo
Buxom Name Crystal Shampoo Artful Name Bewitch Brand
Errorless Name Steep Brand Lifted Name Dusk Brand
Structure Name Matrix Shampoo Enlivening Shampoo Pursue Name

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100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas
Wesley Ziniq Hugo Argan Eeronz
Verbeia YOur hair BioFest Corton
Venus Wish WellaWest Duo Brown pluton
Skyella Wrell Fressie Mooty
Perini Chick curl Ergina Alf De’
Better Mystic ODADA Belenus shampoo FAO Freeze
Oriface Viebken baylene Shampoo Jill Finger
Fussion Coantum Zolce Shampoo Sunskalp
Dingleberry Ferastin Aloe clear Zennotta
Washbeat You You Mebble Cezmo

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Progression Shampoo Princess Brand Beguile Shampoo Suite Name
Dame Shampoo Smashing Name Enterprise Brand Obelisk Shampoo
Bright Shampoo Dove Name Margin Name Eagle Shampoo
Complete Shampoo Post Name Autumn Shampoo Pinnacle Brand
Gaia Shampoo Society Shampoo Free Brand Tempean Brand
Phoenix Shampoo Partners Brand Click Shampoo Glam Name
Brand Brand Winter Shampoo Forum Brand Attitude Shampoo
Brilliance Name Vice Shampoo Pulse Name Blended Shampoo
Gracious Brand Share Name Impeccable Shampoo Omega Shampoo
Intellect Name Free Brand Network Shampoo Principal Brand
Tested Brand Force Brand Brilliant Shampoo Revive Brand
Growth Shampoo Being Brand Captivating Shampoo Enhancer Name
Attractor Name Awaken Shampoo Bop Shampoo Winsome Name
Buzz Brand Attractor Brand Wire Shampoo Ego Shampoo
Seek Name Sugar Name Brightness Brand Lax Shampoo
Panda Brand Aesthetics Shampoo Rhea Name Avenge Brand
Dona Name Seed Brand Virtuoso Shampoo Powerhouse Shampoo
Prismatic Shampoo Divine Brand Luxuriate Name Developed Brand
Lux Name Modern Shampoo Detect Brand Capri Shampoo
Ray Shampoo Agent Name International Brand Growth Brand
Cosmo Shampoo Found Brand Dreamboat Brand Banish Brand
Advocate Shampoo Warrior Name Admire Name Virtue Brand
Coco Brand Progression Brand Cornerstone Name Visage Name
Boudoir Name Reinvent Shampoo Cohort Shampoo Color Shampoo
Daring Brand Mash Brand Strange Brand Elevated Brand
Winter Shampoo Brilliant Name Desire Name Forge Name
Absolute Brand Enchanting Brand Headway Name Ritual Shampoo
Impulse Shampoo Diamond Shampoo Growth Name Loop Brand
Rate Shampoo Raven Shampoo Develop Shampoo Lust Shampoo
Value Brand Clear Shampoo Strive Shampoo Morale Shampoo
Performance Brand Endeavor Brand Blossom Shampoo Indicator Brand
Vanity Shampoo Partners Shampoo Wonders Brand Pacific Shampoo
Lift Brand Watchtower Shampoo Smash Name Structure Shampoo
Hera Name Looker Shampoo Council Shampoo Think Brand
Genesis Shampoo Key Shampoo Paramount Shampoo Launch Brand
Brightness Brand City Shampoo Boudoir Name Insta Name
Dove Brand Gonzo Name Matrix Name Inform Shampoo
Venom Name Dash Name Virtuoso Brand Acuity Name
Hush Shampoo Fox Shampoo Impression Brand Reverence Name
Adele Name Foundation Brand Anchor Brand Evergreen Brand

As the above-mentioned names signify specific elements related to hair, each of them come with an ingredient that fixes hair problems with remarkable result. Every brand will compete against the other to offer you the hair of the best quality along with the assurance of hair re-growth. It sounds tempting, isn’t it?!

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Catchy Shampoo Brand Names:

The name of the shampoo should be unique and catchy so that it attracts customers. Few more examples of are given below:

Blossom Blossom Offleny Flick Flirt
Bloom Wish Bloom Wish Diva Dust Joe kay
Foosta Foosta Ebric Lyssa
Dwella Dwella Verelli Miskey
Muntoni Muntoni eztbrie Melinoe
Cresty Cresty oggon Merlin
Oddeseay Oddeseay Orencco Olive oss
Fontana Fontana Levize Sushi
Burberry Burberry Epona Triton
First Great First Great Fauna Fi Violet Woo
Rate Brand Nude Name Syndicate Shampoo Femme Brand
Adapt Name Youthful Name Boudoir Brand Seductress Name
Paramount Name Trend Name Angelic Name Target Brand
Elegant Shampoo Electrify Shampoo Indicator Shampoo Crest Brand
Professional Brand Headway Brand Complete Brand Enrich Shampoo
Phoenix Name Sheeny Shampoo Intuition Name Goo Name
Clinical Name Adore Name Encore Brand Daisy Brand
Strive Name Ardent Name Elan Brand Enlivening Name
Raven Shampoo Bare Shampoo Plumping Brand Bewitch Name
Hush Name Pillar Name Flawless Brand Dame Shampoo
Influence Shampoo Check Shampoo Anchor Shampoo Determined Name
Honey Name Signal Name Artistry Brand Cycle Brand
Mash Brand Lily Shampoo Immense Brand Trust Name
Vernal Brand Engine Shampoo Image Name Phoenix Brand
Victoria Name Aesthetics Name Admire Shampoo Aesthetics Brand
Lust Brand Pigment Brand Imagine Brand Outright Brand
Pigment Brand Paramount Shampoo Dusk Name Orchid Name
Regenerate Name Cheetah Brand Loop Name Growth Name
System Shampoo Amaze Brand Matrix Shampoo Impulse Brand
Winter Brand Salve Shampoo Orchid Name Prospect Brand
Society Shampoo Strive Brand Mojo Name Clio Shampoo
Decide Name Onyx Brand Pixel Shampoo Complete Shampoo
Refinement Name Authority Name Enthralling Brand TInted Brand
Powerhouse Brand Blend Name Native Name Consulting Brand
Scintillant Brand Ineffable Name Kindle Shampoo Purr Brand
Chase Brand Serenity Brand Winter Name Horizon Shampoo
Qualified Shampoo Blue Ocean Shampoo Reinvent Brand Pursue Shampoo
Hot Brand Boudoir Name Absolute Name Bay Brand
Allied Shampoo Boosts Name Lily Name Glam Brand
Interactive Name Pivot Shampoo Lilac Shampoo Asset Shampoo
Rocket Brand Trend Shampoo Interactive Brand Visage Name
Pinnacle Shampoo Aesthetics Name Warrior Name Refine Shampoo
Post Name Aphrodite Brand Deluxe Brand Connect Name
Athena Shampoo Invest Shampoo Foundation Shampoo Masses Shampoo
Bewitch Shampoo Glamour Name Monroe Brand Sprout Brand
Comman Name Engineered Brand Bite Name Wonders Shampoo
Key Shampoo Margin Brand Venom Name Force Name
Buzz Name Support Shampoo Enviable Shampoo Cosmic Name
Autumn Brand Define Shampoo Ego Shampoo Infatuate Brand
Become Shampoo Forge Brand Color Brand Fox Name

Some are very famous as they are endorsed by Bollywood superstars. These are used by most people. Each of these specializes in a particular feature. Besides adding nutrients like Vitamin E, they also ensure properly cleaned scalp with smooth hair. Some also have conditioners in them, which helps in locking the nourishment and shine.

These shampoos also promise manageability, presentable appearance, control hair fall, enhance growth, repairing damaged hair, dandruff-free scalp and the list goes on.

100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas
100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas


To conclude, I would say that we must use the correct shampoo that is most suitable for our hair.  We should stick to one particular brand which gives the desired result and never experiment. Along with shampoo, one should maintain a balanced diet to allow the hair roots to get enriched from inside.

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