100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas


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Before we deep-dive into the brain-storming process of giving birth to striking names of shampoo I was wondering why not we turn back to find the etymology of the word Shampoo.

Interestingly, it originates from the Hindi word cāṃpo, which is the child of a Sanskrit word chapati (चपति), which simply means to knead or press.

The shampoo is used to clean and nourish our hair. One must maintain regularity in applying shampoo to avoid dirty and soggy hair. (Read Also Argonion Names)

100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas

Presently, shampoos are in demand. Pollution, stress and hectic schedule of our lives rob our hair of its shine, volume, and natural texture. Everybody desires for a thick mane of long, luxurious and lustrous tresses. Hair fall and dandruff are major reasons for hair loss. It is important to take care of one’s hair because good hair not only gives confidence but also adds to our personality. Shampoo can be applied daily or weekly, whichever suits us. 

If someone is chalking out new business plans, it would be intelligent to start a business of products hair care and come up with creative Shampoo names’ ideas.

Shampoo Brand Names:

Here are the exciting brand names for shampoo:

YouthSuper SmoothShiney StarSuper Silk
HairoliciousHair ProBouncyFussion
HairexSuperstarHair PassionBeerolicious
TressentialReethro ShineAloe Vera MagicSilk-o-Shine
Hair DelightStyloVelvetyAll Natural
Ever YoungThe OneDandruff FinitoEver Fragnance
Confident YouThe LookFruity DeliteScalp Care
Hair n UHair TimeGlossySoft Touch
AyurvedixBlackle ShineMelisaVerling
Happy HairSilky ManeJackonBlack layer
100+ Catchy Shampoo Brand Name Ideas
WesleyZiniqHugo ArganEeronz
VerbeiaYOur hairBioFestCorton
Venus WishWellaWestDuo Brownpluton
PeriniChick curlErginaAlf De’
Better MysticODADABelenus shampooFAO Freeze
OrifaceViebkenbaylene ShampooJill Finger
FussionCoantumZolce ShampooSunskalp
DingleberryFerastinAloe clearZennotta
WashbeatYou YouMebbleCezmo

As the above-mentioned names signify specific elements related to hair, each of them come with an ingredient that fixes hair problems with remarkable result. Every brand will compete against the other to offer you the hair of the best quality along with the assurance of hair re-growth. It sounds tempting, isn’t it?!

Catchy Shampoo Brand Names:

The name of the shampoo should be unique and catchy so that it attracts customers. Few more examples of are given below:

BlossomBlossomOfflenyFlick Flirt
Bloom WishBloom WishDiva DustJoe kay
OddeseayOddeseayOrenccoOlive oss
First GreatFirst GreatFauna FiViolet Woo

Some are very famous as they are endorsed by Bollywood superstars. These are used by most people. Each of these specializes in a particular feature. Besides adding nutrients like Vitamin E, they also ensure properly cleaned scalp with smooth hair. Some also have conditioners in them, which helps in locking the nourishment and shine.

These shampoos also promise manageability, presentable appearance, control hair fall, enhance growth, repairing damaged hair, dandruff-free scalp and the list goes on.


To conclude, I would say that we must use the correct shampoo that is most suitable for our hair.  We should stick to one particular brand which gives the desired result and never experiment. Along with shampoo, one should maintain a balanced diet to allow the hair roots to get enriched from inside.

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