Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android


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In this technological era, there has been a rise in fraudulent activities that include cybercrimes and cyberbullying which has brought devastating effects to the kids. Parents have traumatizing experiences after learning that the children have been engaging in inappropriate activities without their knowledge.

Therefore if you’re worried about the safety of your kids or the competency of your employee then you need to get a reliable Android keylogger. If you’re reading this article then count yourself lucky because I will help you understand more about the Snoopza android spy apps. So let’s get into it.

Why is mobile spy app popular

The popularity of mobile spy apps is attributed to the fact that there has been a lot of online fraudulent activities. Parents and employers have opted to use the mobile spy app so that they can track the activities of their kids and employees. This has elevated the levels of safety and accountability at work since you can access the activities remotely from the target device.

All you need to do is to download it to your target devices. It is very affordable which has also made it very convenient for many parents and other stakeholders.

Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android (h1)
Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android

Is it legal to use hidden keylogger for Android

Using hidden keylogger for Android comes with accountability. You are required to use it for the right purpose like spying on the activities of kids online or tracking their location. This promotes their safety. However, if you use the keylogger for Android for malicious purposes such as Conning or manipulative purposes then you will face the full action of the law.

There are terms and conditions that are associated with the use of the keylogger for Android hence you need to comply with them. The main reason for using hidden keylogger for android is for preventing your kids from engaging in dangerous activities or relationships with strangers. This might harm them in one way or another.

Snoopza  Top hidden Keylogger for Android

Snoopza keylogger for Android is one of the best-rated spy apps. It comes with lots of features that allow you to effectively monitor the activities of your kids or employees. It can help you care for someone that you love because even with the basic features it will still allow you to monitor the activities effectively. You are not required to have some special technical skills so that you can use this spy app. All you need is to sign up using your email and password.

Afterward, you can download and install it from the account that you had created online. This allows you to start monitoring the activities of the target device. Snoopza will help you in tracking calls, recording pictures from cameras, spying on text messages, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook. It can also enable you to track calendars, contacts, locations, and passwords that have been used in target devices without the knowledge of the user.

The functionality of Snoopza  Keylogger for Android

Understanding the functionality of the Snoopza keylogger for Android is very essential because it will enable you to fully utilize the available features.


Installing Snoopza is simple. All you need to do is to sign up in an online account from their official websites. You’ll be required to provide your email address and password and your account will be set up. Afterward, you can now download and install it on the target devices.

Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android (h1)
Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android

When it is set up you can use it remotely by logging into your online account so that you can track screenshots, web history, location of the phone, both incoming and outgoing messages.


Stealth mode is one of the best and unique features of the Snoopza app. It makes the application invisible so that the target user might not know that you are spying on them. This mode allows the application to be hidden hence it will not appear in the app list.

Free functionality

The basic version of Snoop offers the following features.

Manage SMS-this allows you to keep track of send and receive messages so that you can get in touch to know the people who are having a conversation with your kid. Track call-you can track both incoming and outgoing calls from the Android phone of the target device.

Track internet history-this functionality allows you to track internet history by allowing you to assess website and internet usage from the target device. Geo-location feature-this feature allows you to not the geographic location of the kids which also enhances safety.

Paid features

The following are paid Features in Snoopza Record calls-this feature automatically records calls that are received in the target devices.

Facebook spy-This feature can be used to monitor Facebook activities.

Viber spy-This feature allows you to keep Tracy of the Fiber account.

WhatsApp spy-this feature helps in tracking both audio and video message sent through WhatsApp.

Screenshots-it allows you to check screenshots shared through the Android device.

Stealth mode-This feature makes the app invisible and you can use it to track secret messages stored in the Android device.

Track camera-it allows you to access images captured through the camera.

Detect Simcard replacement-this feature will send you notifications anytime the Simcard is replaced.

Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android (h1)
Review the Top hidden keylogger for Android

Pros and cons of Snoopza  free hidden Key logger


It is one of the best spy apps because of its reliability

It is affordable

It allows you to provide the best care to your kids

It can be used for free


It is compatible with Android devices only

How legal is the use of tracking your child

Tracking the activities of a child is legal so long as it is done the right way for that purpose. Most parents use spy apps to enhance the safety of their kids. This is acceptable by the law because children are more susceptible to online predators and inappropriate sites.

Pricing policy

PlanBasic PlanStandard
1 monthFree$9,95
1 yearFree$99,95

The basic plan is free but if you subscribe to the standard premium plan you will pay $9.95 monthly and $99.95 annually.


Snoopza is one of the best Android spy apps that is useful for parents who want to control the usage of mobile phones by their kids. The invisible Snoopza keylogger for Android is very effective because the children will not know that you are spying on them. You can keep track of the activities to ensure they use such devices appropriately.

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