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Revealed – The Favorite Bonus Types Preferred by Online Casino Players in 2020

The internet is a hive of information but also a place to find tons of “free stuff”. In order to attract visitors to retail sites, many companies offer coupons and bonuses to pull in their sales.

Online casinos are no different and the natures of the gambling business means that there are loads of different types of bonuses, freebies and giveaways that casinos can offer.

But which type of bonus is the most popular? A recent survey by a respected casino affiliate site found the answer. Read about it here.

About the Survey

Online casino players are diverse demographics, spread across all parts of the world. The survey conducted by NoDepositExplorer.com is an unusual attempt to find the roots behind the popularity of casino bonuses.

It is often taken for granted that casino bonuses are popular. This survey digs deeper, asking its respondents to name their favorite bonus types available at online casinos in 2020. As the web’s premier go-to guide platform for info on all types of casino bonuses, NoDepositExplorer is uniquely positioned to conduct this kind of survey.

Hordes of online casino players frequent their pages for the best casino bonus codes, details, and casino reviews. So they got about a thousand folks to take this survey, which is a quite representative number by online casino standards.

Five of the most common casino bonus types were put forward to each respondent:

  • No deposit bonus free spins
  • No deposit bonus credits
  • Match bonus
  • Match bonus with free spins
  • Cashback bonus.

The results did not throw up any major shockers, but there were a few small surprises.  Here is what the survey revealed:

The Results and What they Mean

The five bonuses were ranked in the following order in terms of popularity by the survey respondents. The percentage is the number of folks who ranked that bonus as their top choice. 

  1. No Deposit Bonus with Free Spins – 32%
  2. No Deposit Bonus Credits – 25%
  3. Match bonus with free spins – 25%
  4. Match bonus – 11%
  5. Cashback bonus – 7%

No surprises about No Deposit Bonuses

The result confirms the common perception that no deposit bonuses are extremely popular among casino players. Both types of no deposit bonuses are at the top, with free spins getting the nod ahead of cash chips/credit.

For those not in the know, a no deposit bonus is a free bonus given by online casinos to new players. You have to be a fresh customer at the casino to claim this bonus. It is awarded to newly created player accounts as a once in a lifetime offer.

There are two basic types of no deposit bonuses. One is free spins which you can use on select slot games like real money bets. The other is free credit (usually $5 or $10, but sometimes more) that you can use on select slots and table games at the casino.

As the name suggests, the casino does not ask for a cash deposit as a pre-condition for awarding this bonus. It is basically free betting money with the aim of giving players a trial or taste of the casino’s betting action. 

Since they are free, these bonuses are very popular among players. The preference for free spins in the survey results is not surprising at all since the majority of online players like video slots more than any other category of games.

Free spins make their impact on match bonuses as well

The other major category of offers featured in this survey was the deposit bonus or match bonus. Awarded to both new players and regular clients, this type of bonus is tied to a cash deposit. It is awarded whenever a player adds funds to their casino account.

In its basic form, the casino will just match your deposit up to a certain percentage, say 50% for example. If you add $100, they will match it up to 50%, adding another $50 to your account. The more advanced form of this bonus sweetens the deal considerably by adding some free spins to the mix.

It is quite clear that casino players find the second category more attractive than a basic match bonus. The only minor surprise is that players rate the version with free spins so high – it is in fact, neck and neck with the no deposit bonus credit. That indicates that many players consider it as a valuable addition, even if it requires money deposits.

A big surprise about Cashback bonus

The low ranking of the basic match bonus is no surprise. The lack of free spins dramatically alters the perception about a cash deposit bonus. But the biggest surprise of the lot has to be the one about cashback.

This type of bonus is more of a consolation where you receive it only after you add money, play with it, and eventually lose it at the casino. At that point, the casino will return a percentage of your losses over a week or month as free cashback.

The percentage is generally 10% at the lowest end of the spectrum. Cashback is often tied to the VIP club at the casino. Players at higher levels can get better percentages as cashback, often going up to 30% or more.

Even if located at the bottom of the pile, a 7% popular vote for cashback is quite unexpected. Serious gamblers and high rollers who are used to winning big and losing big usually prefer these bonuses. This information could prove very useful to online casinos, as these players are crucial to the future of any casino.  

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