Remote Work Tips: Essential Apps


    With various fields experiencing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, different companies worldwide have shifted their attention into empowering their employees to work remotely from their homes. Undeniably, other than minimizing the spread of the coronavirus, working from home has enabled many companies to cut operation costs. Moreover, remote working boosts employee productivity enhancing the company to generate more revenue.

    Besides, working remotely promotes good mental health since employees work in the comfort of their homes. Consequently, armed with your C.V and application letters, you can search for remote jobs that suit your skills and abilities. You can also check out Search Remotely. Nonetheless, to effectively complete your work duties remotely, you need to have various effective communication, project management, and work management applications. This article analyzes some of the vital apps you need to have when working remotely.

    1. Slack

    Proper communication is the foundation of good remote work. Working remotely without good communication makes you feel disconnected and isolated. With over 12 million active users, Slack is an application that helps you to effectively communicate, build rapport and maintain contact with social and professional groups.

    One unique feature about Slack is that you can integrate it with other popular apps to manage and track documents. Moreover, it cuts down unnecessary emails, more so when communicating internally to your fellow colleagues.

    2. Asana

    It is a project management software that helps you manage assigned tasks in List-based boards and track their progress in the Kanban-based boards. Furthermore, the List-based board is designed as a to-do list. Asana is compatible with Android and iOS. With its unique features, it will help you complete all your work assignments in time.

    3. Zoom

    Zoom is a digital video and audio conferencing software that enables you to conduct virtual meetings and training. Unlike having to travel to physically attend different office meetings, Zoom provides the opportunity to make instant calls and discuss with your colleagues. Other than that, you can remotely set presence status and send images, audio, and texts to support your opinions during virtual meetings.

    Zoom’s fantastic feature is that it can conduct video webinars for approximately 100 active members and up to 500 view-only delegates. Besides, it is compatible with windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

    4. Google Drive

    It a multi-functional application made up of Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets that enable you to create, share and store files of up to 10 G.B. With the assistance of Google Sheets, you can collect and analyze statistical data for your business.

    Google Slide helps you to quickly develop business presentations. In contrast, Google Docs enables you to generate project proposals, write and edit blog posts and produce business documents. However, Google drive is only compatible with Web, iOS, and Androids.

    Different applications make remote working fun, more manageable, and convenient. As a result, you need to acquire these apps from legit application stores for optimal performance. Moreover, to be more productive when working remotely, ensure that you incorporate proper communication skills and manage your time wisely. Working remotely improves your health and wellness and makes you love your job.


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