Reasons Why Most People Prefer Reusable Coffee Cups


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Coffee, like social media, has taken over every person’s life. When walking down the street or studying at the library, almost all individuals sip their favourite latte in a cardboard or plastic cup. However, this can be very harmful to nature. Just drinking a cup a day can lead to billions of plastic and hazardous elements in the environment at the end of the year. Every person’s coffee-drinking attitude can significantly hurt the planet Earth. Hence, businesses and consumers are becoming smart by proactively switching to reusable coffee cups.

Conserve resources

Aside from the fact that cardboard cups are not recyclable, they are also not produced by recycled materials. The design consists of a thin layer of cardboard that is in contact with the coffee inside the container, which means it has to be from new cardboard to abide by the health and safety rules.  Several studies have shown that hundreds and thousands of trees are needed just to supply the cups for individuals’ caffeine habits in a year for a particular country. y. The carbon footprint coming from these disposable cups can leave considerable damage to nature.

Limit the waste

Keeping a safe and healthy environment means choosing reusable coffee cups instead of their disposable counterparts. Some environmentalists have figured out that thousands of cups are thrown every two minutes, which can eventually lead to more than two billion every year. Many drinkers thought that cardboard-based cups are environmentally-friendly. However, only a very minimal portion of it is recycled. It has to be fused with a plastic-based lining to make it waterproof. This can’t be removed from the cardboard when placed in a regular recycling facility. Thus, it is not an easy recycling method like other individuals think. There may have been plants that can do it, but there are only very few of them in every country.

More economical

Aside from the benefit of saving a tree every time consumers use a reusable cup, it also saves them a few bucks. Most coffee shops charge their customers less when they bring their containers. If one is a heavy coffee drinker and can consume more than five cups in a day, imagine how much they can earn in a month. These pennies can go a long way when set aside for a month or a year.

Enjoy a warm coffee all-day

Cardboard-based cups can’t keep the coffee warm the entire day. They can only last for a couple of hours, which can be a bit annoying for someone who may want to enjoy a hot latte during the day. These are equipped with proper insulation features to keep the liquid at a warm temperature for more extended periods with reusable cups. Consumers don’t have to make a fresh cup or reheat it in a microwave. They leave it in the morning, and when they come back from the meeting in the afternoon, their coffee is still warm, just like how they left it.

There are countless advantages when one chooses to carry a reusable cup. It may cost a bit more to get one, but drinkers will only have to buy one time. It is a one-time worthwhile investment. Not only are they keeping their coffee habit cheap, but most importantly, they are saving the environment. Climate change is aggravating, and change starts with small activities such as this. When done collectively, imagine the billion cups can be cut down into half, or perhaps it can be totally gone in a few years.

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