Ramadan shopping’s this year is different

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner, a few weeks separating us from it. At the same time each year, people start preparing for this holy month, as purchases of food products are active. Especially grocery products.

However, Ramadan online shopping habits this year is completely different from previous years. The pattern of people’s behavior may change by increasing purchasing awareness of the Internet and realizing its benefits, especially with individuals preoccupied with their work and limited time, in addition to the desire of consumers to buy healthy and clean products whose source is known.

Above all, the exposure of the entire world to the Coronavirus, including Muslim countries, has imposed on people a kind of social currency, which requires avoiding crowding and being present in closed places. An appeal to governments for the masses to stay at home is one of the precautions to avoid getting infected with the virus.

All of these factors have changed the form of consumer preparedness for the month of Ramadan, and have taken the form of increased demand for online shopping services, and home delivery. This has been proven by many analyzes and reports interested in monitoring online purchases.

Recently, online shopping platforms have diversified to include many luxury products such as clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, electrical appliances, decorative items, even medical preparations of natural and herbal origins, which can be purchased from the internet.

But the evolution of global events has created the urgent need to be able to purchase food and groceries from the Internet.

The usual scene in those days, just before the advent of Ramadan, people crowded the shops to buy the food they needed, but that picture changed due to the circumstances.

But the shift of consumers to the pattern of buying from the Internet has achieved many benefits. There is an abundance of food commodities, and the depletion of goods has disappeared due to increased demand for purchases.

Also, the goods sold on the Internet are usually clean, and healthy, from us that they can be sold at prices much lower than in traditional stores.

As consumers seek to control their buying instinct, they now have a unique opportunity to avoid hasty buying situations, and to purchase unwanted or unplanned products. Online shopping, allows consumers to set purchase orders to the maximum.

In those days when there are many purchases, shopping platforms announce offers and discounts as an effective way to attract a large segment of consumers in order to increase purchases and maximize profits. It remains for consumers to search for the best deal they can take advantage of to maximize savings.

Consumers should follow up on web sites, prices, and successive offers online, which is a big challenge, but Al-Mowafir has found the magic solution to that dilemma.

The Almowafir website collects a large number of local, Arab and international online shopping stores so that visitors can visit any of these sites with just a click. Al-Mowafir collects news of offers and discounts and displays them on the main page of the website, in the form of discount coupons, which the customer will benefit from obtaining discounts on his total purchases upon completing the purchase.

But the effectiveness of the Al-Mowafir website is only growing if visitors install the Al-Mowafir app on their mobile phones.

The Almowafir app gives customers the opportunity to know the latest discounts and offers on various shopping platforms, wherever they are, without the hassle of entering the Al-Mowafir website from personal computers.

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