QuilSafety: 7 Important Reasons to Post Safety Signage


There are safety signs everywhere you look. The primary purpose of these signs is to keep people informed and prevent situations from becoming disastrous. Whether in the workplace or on the street, having the right signage can literally prevent injuries and save lives. However, it’s not enough to just use any sign, you must ensure the signage is in alignment with industry standards so that it’s actually visible.

It’s easy to miss a sign if it’s the wrong color or typography. This is why Quill Safety is relied upon for signage by so many professionals. Let’s review seven important reasons why you should post safety signage.

  1. Facilitate Quick Exits

There’s always a possibility of an emergency occurring, which is why it’s important to know where the emergency exits are located when you enter a building. In order to quickly identify the exits in a large building, there must be signage that is not obstructed. When this is not the case, serious problems can occur during an emergency.

  1. Prevent Entry From Unauthorized Personnel

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes in business. Employees of a company receive safety training so that they are aware of dangers that exist. To prevent non-employees from entering areas that should only be accessed by authorized personnel, signage should be clearly visible. In fact, this type of signage should be posted at every entry point when a facility can be accessed by the general public. Failure to do so can create a liability.

  1. Inform the Public of Dangerous Materials

If you have substances that have the potential to cause a fire, there must be a sign communicating this fact. There are many different types of businesses that have flammable materials, which might include gasoline, oil, and chemicals of all kinds. Essentially, any type of gas or liquid that has the potential to be a threat should be labeled accordingly. It’s best to lock up these materials in an area that has the proper signage.

There are strict laws regarding biohazards, especially when it comes to facilities that provide healthcare. Any materials that could cause sickness or disease require a biohazard sign with information about how it should be properly disposed of. If an employee disposes of materials that are hazardous in a way that’s improper, they put themselves and others at risk.

  1. Ensure the Proper Use of Machinery

Whenever there is heavy-duty machines in a building, signage is required to communicate how those machines should be operated. It’s important for the safety of employees. The signage must also communicate whether there are any dangers involved, such as the possibility of amputation or laceration. It’s not uncommon for injuries to occur in the workplace because machinery was used improperly.

  1. Communicate the Requirement for Protective Gear

If there are hazards in a facility that can harm anyone that enters the area, that information should be communicated. This includes the type of protective gear that’s required. Some of the most common types of environments that require the use of protective gear are manufacturing facilities and construction sites. The proper signage must be visible at all times.

  1. Prevent Slips and Falls

Slips and falls in the workplace cost companies millions of dollars in workers’ compensation every year. To mitigate this problem, it’s imperative that every business have the proper signage. Whether it’s a sign reminding employees about keeping chords out of the walkway or not placing heavy boxes on the top shelf, signage can significantly reduce the cost of workplace injuries from slips and falls.

  1. Avoid Citations for Electrical Violations

One of the most common citations in some industries is related to electrical violations. When there are dangerous electrical components, clear signage should be visible, especially when it’s related to high voltage. Anyone in the area should be immediately made aware of electrical hazards.

While signage is important for the workplace, it can also be used in a home to communicate any dangers that exist. However, there are many laws governing signage in the workplace because the goal is to optimize the safety of employees and the general public.


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