Quarantine And The Gaming Craze: Here’s All The Records That Were Broken In Online Gaming This Lockdown Year!


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The COVID-19 pandemic was something that took the entire world by surprise, and the rapid spread of the virus meant nations worldwide had to enforce strict lockdowns to stop the virus from spreading. The lockdowns lasted several weeks and even months in a few areas, with the uncertainty looming around whether life will ever go back to the way things were. But while people spent a large amount of time indoors, this time need not always be with looming uncertainties and getting bored. 

Online games were a lifesaver, for people could pass their time and rejoice in some fun moments with family and friends and get rid of their boredom. These games are perfect not just for family bonding, but also as stress busters in rising uncertainties. But did you know how this time has been a boon for the gaming industry?

Find out how people have taken to online gaming and know the many records that were broken in online gaming this lockdown year:

The Surge in Revenue for Mobile Gaming

The COVID-19 has impacted the sports and entertainment industry, as with global lockdowns, several sporting events had to be postponed or cancelled. With no other entertainment options available, online gaming all over the world has seen a huge surge, and the scope only increases as more users experience the fun first hand. According to research, the gaming industry in India alone will reach around Rs. 25,000 crores by 2024, up from Rs. 6200 crores in 2019. 

And the numbers globally will be around the same, as online games have the ability to traverse geographies and platform dependencies. The annual growth is expected to reach a CAGR (Compounding Annual Growth Rate) of 22.1%, and with the pandemic not abetting anytime soon, the impact is only going to be stronger.

For iOS, China, and the United States were the leading markets, while the Android platform saw a significant boost from markets in India and Brazil. The global smartphone users’ spends in app stores have been $23.4 million in Q1 of 2020 alone and are still on the rise. 

The Gaming Industry Added More Players Than Ever Before

The revenue increase is primarily due to people spending more time online than ever before, thus downloading more games and exploring new ones. According to estimates, a total of 31 billion individual apps were downloaded in 2020, and a whopping 40% of these were mobile games. Not just this, individual gaming platforms have seen huge downloads and activity too, which is why many online games were launched in 2020.

Like Steam, Rockstar, and others, some decided to promote their top-selling games by offering them for free. Rockstar’s GTA V was available for free to users, and its popularity meant Rockstar servers could not handle the load and crashed. This was similar for most other popular games made available for free download, while paid apps and games have also benefitted.

Other games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite saw an equal surge in activity due to the impact of the lockdowns, and WarZone is said to have hit 30 million downloads in just ten days since it was launched. In India, the most popular games were board games and multiplayer games that families could play. Ludo games download alone were around 330 million, with over 50 million active daily users in 2020. 

Participation of Women in Online Gaming Has Increased in 2020

Not surprisingly, the online gaming population, which has predominantly been Gen-Z and millennials, saw a dramatic shift. With other demographics discovering online and mobile gaming, many women have also started to play online games; in fact, more than ever before. 

According to research, 41% of females who were part of the survey said they have downloaded or bought a subscription-based game during the lockdown. Beyond merely downloading these games, the time spent online by female gamers has increased significantly, with females more likely to purchase full versions of a game than their male counterparts. 

The preference of males and females differed too, as males were more likely to opt for the first-person shooter or action games, with racing and sports being a close second. This behavioural pattern can be seen with the success of games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and others. Meanwhile, women preferred both action and puzzle games, with fantasy enjoying equal support from both sections. 

Interestingly, card games and board games saw the most popularity, largely thanks to their ability to connect with a wider audience range. From the older generation, Gen-Z and millennials playing together, games like the Ludo game online, Snakes and Ladders, UNO, Rummy, Teen Patti are equally a rage. Ludo stands out in this category as it is a fantastic way to bring the family together. At the same time, players of all ages enjoy it equally, largely thanks to its simplicity and competitive element.

Get Into the Gaming Craze With Ludo Supreme.

Ready to try out an online game that is fun and can connect your entire family in a remote world? Ludo is the perfect option for you as it brings out childhood memories and is an easy board game for people of all age groups to try out.

Ludo is a fun game based on luck and makes it all the more fun as players can play against each other and make it more interesting. Each player has to roll the dice and, as per the dice’s number, make a move. The first player to pass through and get all the pieces in the board’s centre wins the game. But it is not all that simple, for everyone is on their own, but can form alliances to keep the other from winning. If the player is found with their piece on an unprotected square, the other player can send them back to the initial square.

Ludo Supreme is available on both online and mobile platforms, which can be played on a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile with iOS or Android. So download now and relive your childhood memories while experiencing remote family bonding in the new digital age! 

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