Pure Win Changed Theוr Name From Pure Casino – This Is What We Think


Pure Win is an Indian casino and sports betting site that has been specifically developed for the increasing Indian casino enthusiast. With a wide array of casino games at its disposal, one will never be bored as one will get the chance to indulge in something new from time to time. To know thoroughly about what the site is offering, It is highly recommended that you read this review.

In This Article, We Will Share With You An Overview About The Site And What Awaits You After The Login Procedure….

Pure Win is one of the most trusted sites where people of India have indulged in gaming from time to time. As it offers the chance to place bets on cricket as well, it has become a fan favorite easily.

Moreover, the convenient mode of deposit and withdrawal method provides the players the lucidity they seek in casino games. Enough about what you will get and what you won’t, the rich history of Pure Win is also worth knowing.

Pure Win was first known as Pure Casino. It was a casino brand that was highly appreciated by Indian bettors across the country. However, the organization had to change its name as it continued to offer a sportsbook along with updated designs.

Moreover, they tried to play by the rules posited by a Recent Indian report. Their promise and focus on updating design have given it a fresh breath of air that makes the gambling experience more enjoyable.

The rebranding of the casino has resulted in a one-stop gambling platform where one can bet on endless casino games and sports bettings.

What Are Some Of The Bonuses You Can Avail By Playing In Pure Win?

Indian players can take advantage of the bonus made accessed by the Pure Win. All one has to do is just sign up for the application and make it. their initial payment to access such a benefitting offer. Upon signing up, you will be given Rs.10,000 in free bets.

Moreover, if you end up depositing more than Rs. 1,000, you can easily receive an additional live casino free bet. Upon making the first three casino deposits, you can receive up to Rs. 90,000 casino bonus. However, to be able to benefit from the bonus, you will have to follow certain terms and conditions.

  • Only new players will be eligible to avail of the welcome bonus.
  • The maximum range of the casino bonus is set at Rs. 90,000 which will be distributed within the first three deposits over 90 days. Moreover, you have to place bets a total of 35 times.
  • You have to invest at least the minimum deposit of Rs.250 to acquire the free bets.
  • However, to avail of the live casino free bets, you must deposit Rs. 1,000.

Upon satisfying the range of eligibility criteria, you will be able to acquire the benefits.

How To Sign Up To The Pure Win?

The registration process on Pure Win includes a straightforward and simplistic approach.

  • Head to the official website of Pure Win.
  • There you have to click on the “Register” icon.
  • You will see a pop-up appear on the screen asking for your email id, password, and mobile number.
  • Put all the information about you.
  • Next, you will have to read the terms and conditions and tick all the boxes to become an eligible player.
  • When done, tap on the “Continue” button.

That’s all. Upon doing it, you will have become a registered player in Pure Win.

Bottom line:

To activate the gaming mode, start with depositing the minimum mode. Moreover, you may need to verify your identity through the KYC Verification Process. It will authenticate your identity and your partaking in the casino.


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