Professions that will disappear by 2030


    The Future. What is it preparing for us? Among other things, a change in our professions. In this article, we will tell you what professions will (probably, most likely) disappear in 10 years. For their owners, it is a serious reason to think about a change of specialty, and for future professionals – important information to consider when choosing a university and career.

    Professions that are disappearing: the opinion of futurologists

    A skeptical reader is bound to ask: who are you to decide which professions will disappear in the future? We answer: there are extensive scientific studies on this topic.

    Which professions will disappear and be obsolete by 2030

    We’ve selected the 10 most popular professions that will disappear:


    Back in the 90s, it seemed like a good accountant would never be out of work. But today’s information technology is so advanced that it can calculate debit and credit on its own. The accounting profession is unlikely to disappear completely, but it will significantly change. Therefore, representatives of this profession should seriously think about their career prospects.


    Since 2019, unmanned trucks have already been driving on public roads in Sweden. And in the near future, drones will increasingly displace humans on all modes of transportation. Another thing, the Swedish drone is unlikely to cope with the bad roads of poorly developed countries any time soon. Time will tell.

    Copywriter and proofreader

    Actually, we are already living in the future. For instance, Xiao Nan, a Chinese robot, published a 300-character article in a local newspaper in 2017. It took him just one second to do it.


    The demand for librarians in the labor market is now one of the lowest. Soon library visitors will be able to find the information they need on their own, using electronic catalogs and databases. Of course, someone will have to take care of printed copies of books. Perhaps a Xiao Nan robot could do that.


    Even now it is possible to translate quite a complex text using an electronic translator. Synchronized translators and those who translate works of fiction will last the longest. 


    Computer graphics can realistically create images of dragons, dinosaurs, white walkers, and basically anything else your heart desires. Obviously, putting people’s lives at risk on the set would simply become impractical. Another thing is that acrobats, stuntmen and desperate daredevils will still remain: what fun in life without adrenaline.


    It’s hard to imagine anything nerdier than going to a notary where you authenticate documents and signatures. Of course, you still have to do this, but it is likely that the notary’s work will be automated in the future.


    The work of a cashier is hard. Especially in small stores where the cashier has to sit in one place for hours and continuously smile at all customers. But you have probably already been in stores where there are no cashiers, and customers serve themselves. Besides, you don’t have to worry that you will be scolded and cheated at the cash register.


    The information space is changing rapidly today. People are not reading the news in newspapers, giving preference to short videos. The journalist profession will not disappear completely, but it will be fundamentally changed because of how it presents information.

    Travel agent

    The mediator between you and the sea. The information systems will be able to select the option of rest according to your needs.

    Professions of the Future

    Scientists predict that demand will grow for professions related to data analytics and software development. These fields are quite complicated, but it is always possible to buy argumentative essay or turn to tutors. There will also be a demand for professions that involve live communication and require human presence. Here is a list of a few professions of the future according to the researchers of this issue:

    • IT Medical Technician
    • Designer of smart home architecture
    • Specialist in overcoming systemic environmental disasters
    • Developer of smart travel systems
    • Space tourism manager


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