Eight Careers in Professional Writing Services

Eight Careers in Professional Writing Services
Eight Careers in Professional Writing Services

Unlike before, most people have realized the existence of various careers in writing. Altogether, they are classified under the pool of professional writing services, owing to the required knowledge and skillset that enable an individual to deliver a quality job.

Today, the previously anticipated pressure in the job market has reduced a slight but essential margin, thanks to the expansion of available opportunities in the online platforms. Thus, there are various occupations that people can explore under this category.

Social Media Specialist

The work of a social media specialist revolves around producing or writing social content purposefully to provoke interaction. Consequently, readers or viewers initiate conversations through their comments on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

It calls for a skilled person in this area to write appropriate content that resonates with the respective users of a particular social site to achieve their primary goal. These specialists are experienced in triggering reactions and public opinion, which, for example, some companies use to note customer tastes and preferences. Therefore, this profession emerges as one of the most lucrative writing careers.

Academic Writing Professionals

Although this career has attracted criticism from certain groups, it continues to enjoy a significant global endorsement from most stakeholders. However, it remains one of the fastest-growing creators of jobs for writers. When in need of help in academic writing from a given subject, it is advisable to ensure that you approach an experienced writer because they tend to have a vast understanding of different fields.

Indeed, it may prove challenging to rely on someone to deliver quality work, primarily if you have not worked together before. However, the reliability can be based on their portfolios and profiles, which are characteristically documented to include their level of education and years of experience. Their work contents may be in various forms including:

  • Dissertation
  • Article
  • Thesis
  • Research paper
Eight Careers in Professional Writing Services
Eight Careers in Professional Writing Services


The availability of the internet has made it all possible for blogging to gain remarkable inroads in people’s daily lives. These blogs may take the form of updated webpages and websites or mere online journals done on behalf of companies or particular personalities. Businesses have realized that they can better engage customers through blogs as a tool to achieve corporate success.

This trending online tactic makes it easy to boost sales and grow companies by increasing and directing online traffic towards organizations’ websites, transforming them into potential customers. Such leads typically enhance long-term results through the authority they establish, creating a sense of reliability in prospective customers’ minds.

To write those outstanding blogs that can create and maintain loyalty among readers, experts are critical because of their particular understanding of the engaging writing style that connects well with readers. Many job seekers who wish to explore careers with writing services are doing so by venturing into blogging.


A written work may have inevitable errors despite a professional having authored them. These inaccuracies include mistakes unrelated to the content to the assignment at hand. For instance, there may be grammatical mistakes that do not (really) change the meaning of the draft but impact a student’s score in case it is academic.

Inevitably, proofreading comes in handy since there is no extreme scenario as missing to score the full marks when the idea is well articulated. Thus, a writing service provider like PerfecEssay is keen on ensuring its personnel base consists of qualified proofreaders. They proofread and edit essays appropriately for the best quality. Some of the mistakes that a skilled and experienced proofreader can sot and correct are:

Human Resource Professionals

Professionals in human resources are individuals that help people or customers in writing their resume. They are also known as a professional CV (curriculum vitae) or resume writers. It is critical to note that a CV has a significant influence on the probability of a job seeker, making it to the shortlisting stage and (hopefully) excelling in the interview stage.

Experts advise that applicants be sure to amend their resumes to employers’ expectations to increase their chances of success. Often, people are unaware of how to their CVs to suit what an employer is looking for. For instance, you may have a lot of experience, including in areas that are irrelevant to an advertised job. People who have ventured their careers in this area tend to write quality resumes that contain only relevant information.

Advertisement Specialists

The field of advertisement is another area that most people overlook, assuming that just any person can stage an advert of a specific product or service. However, the success remains to be seen through the increase in the customer base or sales turnover. The word’s renowned companies take the advertising function as an essential function.

They go to the extent of consulting experts before they run their advertisements in either broadcasting or print media. These specialists can highlight a product’s description in the light of its specifications and features. Notably, some media groups invite applicants to explore careers in writing service to help them advertise customers’ products.

Transcription and Translation Services

Whereas transcription work involves putting an audio recording into a written or printed form, a translator has to express the content in a different language. With the increasing challenge of time limitation when undertaking an interview or research, people are forced to consider to record voice or video, or sometimes collecting them in other languages.

Getting quality service calls for one to find a writer with previous experience in transcription. With translation, the global trend is gradually making them on demand, and more people are aspiring to pursue this line, among other jobs in writing service.

SEO Content Writers

SEO (search engine optimization) entails utilizing websites and blogs to ease people’s access to it through the use of search engines such as Google and Bing, among others. Companies use the strategy to outperform their competitors by directing more visitors who are potential customers to their sites. Ideally, SEO-friendly content may help you to improve your overall site ranking.

To achieve the desired goal, you will need to strictly go for a writer whose specialization is purely in SEO content. Alternatively, you may buy prewritten articles, as most of them met the threshold of strategically inserted keywords with excellent writing skills.

Therefore, there are vast careers in the writing industry that people can choose to pursue. People need to explore the various options instead of limiting themselves to only a few. A person may consider taking on two at a go and still excelling in both to widen their scope. However, people should be cautious and avoid venturing, where they have no innate interest.


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