Preventing Gas Explosions in the Home

Preventing Gas Explosions in the Home
Preventing Gas Explosions in the Home

Gas explosions are very destructive and they can lead to the loss of property and life. When they happen, it can be easy to try to find out what happened after the fact.

That said, if we remain vigilant, it is easy to prevent gas fires and explosions before they happen. So, what steps can you take to prevent the loss of property and life in a gas explosion?

Fix Your Gas Lines

One of the most common causes of gas leaks that lead to the loss of life is old and frayed gas lines. This is especially common for homes that use PVC pipes as part of their gas systems.

Check these lines regularly with a gas detector to find out if there are any leaks on the line. Do not ignore smaller leaks because these leaks might become serious and this is where the danger stems from.

Install Natural Gas Detectors

Natural gas detectors are used to detect the presence of a gas leak. If they detect one, they sound an alarm with some systems going as far as alerting the authorities to the danger.

These natural gas detectors should be installed in areas where gas can accumulate such as closed spaces, the basement, and the kitchen. Ensure that these gas detection systems are checked regularly to ensure they are always working properly.

One easy thing you can do is check if the batteries are working and change them if they are not. Also, get a professional to check the equipment periodically.

Check the Surroundings

When gas explodes, it does so with a large force but it does not usually cause a fire unless there is combustible material around the gas supply system and your heating systems. Check the area around gas cylinders, gas appliances, furnaces and water heaters to ensure there are no combustible materials around them.

Detecting a Gas Leak Yourself

Because natural gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless, gas companies add a scent to let you know if there are any leaks.

If you smell a small amount of gas, you can use your nose to find the source and shut it off. You can also listen for a hissing sound along your gas supply system to detect the source of the leak.

If You Detect a Leak

If you detect a leak, you should leave the building immediately. If there are any flames, try to extinguish them before you leave. If you cannot, leave them. Do not waste time collecting any of your belongings because that time wasted can make things worse.

To prevent an explosion, do not turn any lights on or off, use the phone or plug or unplug any appliances. The main thing here is to ensure that you do not cause any sparks.

Once outside, you should call for help and do not reenter the building until it has been inspected and cleared by the fire department.

Preventing the destruction caused by a gas explosion is possible if you take measures early. Ensure that your gas system is checked regularly and you take the necessary steps when you detect a gas leak.


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