Popular Symbolism in Necklaces: Revealing Its Secrets


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What does make a perfect necklace? Sophisticated design, painstaking execution, or extravagant metals they feature? Yes, all theses aspects are important but my answer would be – the meaning. What associations it causes, what feelings it evokes, what thoughts it makes churn in your head, what people it makes you recall, etc. One of the ways to give jewelry meaning is to incorporate it with certain symbols.

Symbols are more than beautiful images. They emphasize your individuality, personal traits, beliefs, etc. For instance, if you prefer skull necklaces (by the way, you can check out some cool options at https://www.bikerringshop.com/collections/skull-necklaces) you let others know that you are an unconventional person. Skulls mean so many things (immortality and death, wisdom and bravery, power and patronage, etc.) that you can pick any significance that represents your individuality.

Along with off-beat symbolism, there are some universal symbols that we see in jewelry most often. They look grand but not many people have a clue about what they really mean. Bellow, we gathered ten the most popular symbols in necklaces as well as jewelry on the whole to try and explain what they represent.


The cross signifies spiritual power, sunshine, and life. Four bars of the cross symbolize the seasons as well as the cardinal points. People have created multiple variations of crosses – Celtic, Greek, Tau, Catholic, Jerusalem crosses and many others. Today, it is more than a religious symbol, so, although the church doesn’t appreciate it, a cross has been turning into a bold fashion statement.

The Infinity Symbol

The sign of infinity embodies harmony and time, which never begins and never ends. For two loving people, it means affection, love, and unity. Jewelry featuring the infinity symbol is perfect for engagement and wedding anniversary gifts.

The sign of infinity expresses the flamboyant individuality of a person who wears it. It denotes his or her persistence in achieving goals, knowledge, and wisdom. Pendants and necklaces carrying the symbol of infinity will suit people with a rich inner world and philosophical attitude to life.


The symbolism of a triangle can be interpreted differently depending on its type:

• top-down triangle denoted heaven favoritism, masculinity, cold, and water;

• top-up triangle symbolizes fire, warmth, femininity, and the spiritual world. It represents the unity of knowledge, truth, and love as well as aspiration and power;

• a triangle with equal sides is a sign of the Trinity, soul, and body;

• The eye in the triangle denotes the All-Seeing Eye and Absolute Wisdom.


The heart is a popular symbol in jewelry, which personifies the tenderest and the purest feeling on Earth, love. The sign of the heart has long been used to denote the spiritual, emotional, and moral foundations of a person who aspires for romance and harmony in relationships.


A palm-shaped amulet is popular in the East. It is known by various names: “God’s palm”, “Hand of Fatima” or “Hand of Miriam”. This amulet is used to boost fertility, strengthen health, as well as protect from the evil eye. A person who wears khamsa jewelry has kindness, positive attitude, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Spiral or Sea Shell

The spiral is a beautiful and romantic symbol boasting sophistication and lacy patterns. It denotes constancy and immutability in life, an ascending path forward to a new world. It is also a personification of the femininity, sexuality, and carnal love.

Wings (or Feather)

Wings are a symbol of good luck, spirituality, wisdom, freedom, and speed. Wings also signify protection and patronage.

A feather is the embodiment of airiness and lightness. Smooth, refined, perfectly matching, they create a harmonious union of lightness and beauty. Jewelry featuring feathers will imbue any image with meaning and elegance, making it more attractive than before.


A flower is a symbol of beauty, youth, and the sun. Its particular meaning depends on its color:

• white stands for purity and innocence;

• red represents love and life;

• blue speaks of mystery, devotion, and liking;

• yellow is a sign of the sun and warmth.

The most sought-after flowers in jewelry are rose, lily, lotus, violet, chrysanthemum, freesia, orchid, forget-me-not, white water lily, cornflower, clover, poppy, peony, and tulip.


The circle is a symbol of perfection, unity, harmony, and eternity. It denotes the fullness, dynamism, and completeness, as well as the constancy of life. The circle indicates fertility and feminine in nature, as well as motherhood, wealth, and cornucopia.


A square is an ancient symbol found in almost every culture. It stands for stability, resilience, constancy, harmony, and fertility. A square represents the Earth and the material world, as well as vital balance.

The square denotes the mystical union of the four elements, absolute perfection, honesty, sincerity, and morality. The sign also symbolizes constancy, immutability, tranquility, and pleasure.

Necklaces can bear other popular symbols such as astrological signs, Biblical symbols, anchors, animals.. the list can go on and on. The most important thing when choosing jewelry is that its symbolism must align with your inner self and your worldviews.

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