Online shopping for fragrances in Singapore


Singapore has tropical weather, and the temperatures outdoors are likely to remain high throughout the year. Hence people living in Singapore are likely to sweat more compared to other places. Hence they are interested in finding a reliable supplier of colognes, perfumes, diffusers, candles and other fragrance products. Since the top branded products are expensive, it is often difficult to find a reliable supplier selling original products. One of the most popular websites for fragrances in Singapore is iShop Changi and you can visit the site and some of the reasons for the popularity of the online store are discussed below.

Top brands

Many professionals and business owners in Singapore are interested in purchasing high quality colognes and perfumes from top brands, since they are better smelling and longer lasting. Hence they are interested in finding an online store, with a large range of fragrances. The Ishopchangi fragrance store has more than nine hundred fragrances from the top brands worldwide. Some of the more popular brands available are Davidoff, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Issey Miyake, Mont Blanc, Elizabeth Arden, Chloe and Versace, so perfume shoppers can find the perfumes they want easily.

Different categories

Another advantage of shopping online is that it is easy to search for a specific brand or type of perfume. Many of the online shoppers only want a cologne or eau de toilette for men or perfume for women, so it is easy to search the website since all the fragrances are classified accordingly. In some cases, families may wish to purchase combination packs for both men and women containing completely colognes or perfumes. Many people prefer to gift perfumes since they are always welcome, and used regularly, so gift sets are available. Additionally fragrance products for the home, like diffusers and candles can also be ordered online.


One of the main advantages of shopping online is that most of the fragrance products are available at prices which are substantially lower than the retail prices of the perfumes and other fragrances. Many of the most popular fragrance products are available online at prices which are 75% of the retail prices, so the shopper can save a substantial amount by purchasing the perfumes online. Additionally for all online purchases, the shopper will be getting reward points, which he can use for getting discounts on the purchases in future.

Other benefits

Many people prefer to purchase their perfumes online, since they can check the different types of perfumes available whenever they wish, they do not have to depend on the shop attendant to show them the perfumes they want. Every person has different personal preferences, some will like the rose smell, others like jasmine, lavender or other smells. They can check the description of the perfume before making a choice. People want to carry a small perfume bottle with them while travelling, and prefer large bottles for home use, since they are cheaper. For each perfume or cologne product, the perfume volume is clearly specified in ml, so that the online shopper can purchase the amount he requires.


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