Onboarding Software For New Hires: How Does It Really Help?


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The process off hiring new employees sometimes can be a tedious task, with numerous candidates, paperwork and from going through the paperwork to organizing it. It is a lot of work and is mentally exhausting. This is where the new hire onboarding software comes into play, this software basically takes a lot off of your plate when it comes to hiring new employees.

What Is Onboarding Software?

Employee Onboarding Software is a technology that helps the organization in the process of hiring new employees. It is a software that enables HR to communicate with each other to track the progress of the new employees as they go up the ladder in the interview process, also includes the Employee Eligibility Verification or the I-9 verification form, tools and compliance. 

By using the new hire onboarding software one also reduces the amount of paperwork.

With this in play, management can address the concerns of the employees without having the need to burden the HR with more tasks.

Onboarding software also standardizes the process of hiring and makes sure that documents are not misplaced lost.

Why Do You Need Onboarding Software?

As mentioned before hiring new employees without the help of an onboarding software can tiring not only for the employers even for the candidates as well. The following are a few reasons for implementing the new hire onboarding software.

  • Eliminates the need for new employment paperwork
  • Candidates don’t need to wait for long hours for verification and approvals
  • Timely following up with the new hires
  • Eliminates miscommunication
  • It helps in standardizing the process of hiring 
  • It enhances transparency
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Is able to integrate with other HR software and tools 

Features of an Onboarding Software

There are a lot of features in an onboarding software depending on which one you buy but here are some basic features that you should look for when purchasing an onboarding software.

User-Friendly Interface

It is easy to access and navigate through the software. This makes it easier for the candidates, to go through the process without wasting time and have a good onboarding experience, and good onboarding experience is important as many candidates will not wish to continue if the hiring process is longer than necessary.

Automated Work Process

The interview process involves a few different departments and a good onboarding software will make sure all the communicational gaps between the concerned people are filled. It also reduces the new employment paperwork by a lot. Automation of the work process removes the possibility of human error and helps in making sure that every step is carried out consistently.

Tools For Assessment

An essential tool for onboarding software as it helps you assess the knowledge and the skills of the new candidate and helps you in tackling those issues accordingly. 


Gamification is done mainly to improve the engagement of the employees. Using aspects of gaming can make the software much more engaging to the user. Like adding levels, points and etc can help in boosting the performance of the employees.

Cloud-Based Technology

It is much more efficient if the software is cloud-compatible, which means the data is accessible from anywhere. With all the documents stored and secured in one place, it makes onboarding a relatively easy process.

Analytics and Reports

After employee engagement, employee retainment is one of the most important things. Onboarding software can help in identifying the vital areas in which improvement is required in order to have a smooth transition from training to work.

Onboarding software generally has in-built analytical tools that help in managing and measuring the onboarding process. Reports of the analyzed data will help the managers to strategize accordingly.

Benefits of Onboarding Software

It is not only the organization that benefits from the onboarding software, but new candidates are also benefitted from it

For The Organization

  • The use of onboarding software will help in cutting down costs and saving the organization some money. When the need for paperwork is eliminated, the need for paper too is eliminated as everything is digitalized.
  • It helps the concerned authorities to collect relevant data efficiently and allows them to store the gathered data in one place efficiently.
  • Onboarding software also helps in reducing the amount of time spent on each candidate during the hiring process.
  • The organization will be able to reduce the possibility of human errors by bringing precision on to the table.

For The Employees

  • It reduces the amount of time spent during the hiring process which allows the new hire to concentrate on tasks related to his/her work.
  • Onboarding software helps the new employee get familiar with his work in a short period of time.
  • With the right kind of information provided at the right time by the software helps the employee in understanding the job and does not overwhelm him/her.
  • Automated onboarding process help in making sure that the onboarding process is the same for every candidate who walks in.


When the new hire onboarding software is implemented by an organization or a company they are bound to experience increased efficiency in the onboarding process of their organization. They will also experience the ease with which the process goes through and they also end up saving a lot of money as the need for the new hire paperwork is eliminated and so is the need for paper.

When all the factors such as these come into play with much more, implementing the onboarding software might be one of the best decisions one can make.

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