Omega Speedmaster Watches Review

Omega Speedmaster Watches Review
Omega Speedmaster Watches Review

Omega is the top-leading watches brand around the globe. Recently we have witnessed that the brand has released the first omega Wrist Chronograph limited edition. If you have been following the Chronograph, you would know the importance and value of them.

Omega watches are everywhere, in the skies, underwater everywhere. Yes, I really mean it what I just said. Omega was the first official watch worn on the moon. The Astronauts who hit the moon were wearing the Omega Speedmaster watches.

There are a total of five watches collections on the name, Omega Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville, and Specialties.

The most popular watches of the brands have been the Omega Seamaster and Omega Speedmaster. The other watches are equally valuable but they could not hit the market like the way the Speedmaster and semester did.

Today, we are going to explore the Omega’s Speedmaster wrist watches series and see the most adored watches of the series.

If you are the one who knows and values the importance of wearing wristwatches, must read the top five watches of Omega Speedmaster series.

Top Five Omega Speedmaster Watches:

1)  Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

The watch took the world by storm when an Astronaut wore this Chronograph on the first lunar landing. The watch was worn by every astronaut who was on the missions. The Omega Speedmaster is famous due to its characteristics, precision, design and above all the journey to the moon.

The watch was nicknamed as the Moonwatch; recently Omega added a splendid feature of moon phase at 6’o clock to honor the history of the journey.

The watch is a beautiful timepiece and durable as well due to its stainless steel manufacturing, by far the most famous watch of the series and of the brand.

2) Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA GMT Solar Impulse

Do you like Omega Speedmaster moon watch? Yes, every expensive wristwatches enthusiast does. I often looked at the Moonwatch much time and thought, It’s cool. But, I think with the passage of time, I have lured towards Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA the modern version watch.

Though the dial of the watch is made of carbon what I do not like, I am impressed with the modern version look of it. To my knowledge, this is the only watch on the name of Omega made of titanium. Omega did use the titanium at some ration in Seamaster series, but not of this level.

The watch is a bit large compared to the teammate; the solar impulse is 44.22 mm, with water resistant to 100 meters.

3) Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer Watch Review

It was in 2011 when Omega Launched co-axial chronograph a modern Speedmaster watch equipped with automatic chronograph movement.

The case of the watch is 1.1 mm thinner compare to the original professional Speedmaster moon watch. The case is made of stainless steel material and is 44.22 mm wide itself. Omega has changed the overall design of it to shave off the little bit of the thickness.

You see another update in the watch, the 9300 calibers have been upgraded to the 9900 version, you get the latest omega in house movement owing to this update from the front and the back.

4) Omega Speedmaster Reduced

Do you want to have an identical watch to Professional moon watch with same features and almost the same design? Omega Speedmaster reduce fills the bills in the case. The Omega Speedmaster reduced referenced with 3510.50.00, is another Omega’s masterpiece in Speedmaster series. Though there has been some love-hate relationship of the watch just because understanding it as the original Professional moon watch. This is not a professional month, this got the resemblance.

This showpiece owns 38mm wide case, a pretty wearable timepiece for a variety of medium and small wrist sizes people.

The shape is identical to the Moonwatch at first glance but some subtle changes create the difference. The shorter lug or the curves add real beauty to the timepiece.

The dial of the moon watch is almost identical to Reduced. When you take a short glance, you find no difference. You catch the difference between the subdials, which is quite different.

The reduced has the case thickness 12mm, similar to the moon watch.

5) Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph

Omega Speedmaster Co-axial chronograph is one of the most iconic watches. The watch comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet. The stainless steel bezel with black aluminum top ring displays tech meter marketing. Grey dial with silver-tone indicates the hour’s maker with minute maker around the outer rim.

This comes with three subdials 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours and you expect at least 52 hours power reserve from the timepiece.

The Omega Speedmaster Co-axial features 38mm case size and case thickness lies at 13.2 mm, quite easily adjust under the cuffs.

The Omega’s front-runner is waterproof at 100 meters; you can have it underwater but not in deep water dives. The Swiss watch really adds a great style to your personality, and you can have it on the casual or official dressing.


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