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800+ Best Hilarious And Terrible Ghost Names

Have you been looking for a spooky nickname? Well, then you must give it a try to ghost-related nicknames.

If you want to showcase your spooky or horror side, ghost-inspired nicknames could work.

Here we are sharing the list of some attractive nickname ghosts to get this burden off your shoulders. Let’s get started!

Nicknames for Ghost

Writing a ghost story requires ghost nicknames, especially as Halloween approaches.

If you want a catchy nickname for your ghost character, first define its features and then prepare a list of adjectives related to ghosts and Halloween. 

Beast, The Heartfelt DoodlerGogo, The Crying Baby
Crow, The Playful ChildChupchip, The Adorable Ghost
Reaper, The Crying GhostAsh, The Heartfelt Girl
Belu, The Chubby DoodlerBones, The Crying Soul
Sooty, The Joyful ChildJolly, The Crying Ghost
Luna, The Chubby ChildFang, The Hungry Toddler
Gooey-Louie, The Babbling DoodlerBooBoo, The Joyful Ghost
Glowy, The Joyful DoodlerLuna, The Dribbling Child
Spike, The Frightened SpiritBlinky, The Playful Youngster
Spike, The Chubby ToddlerCream, The Crying Baby
Laugh-a-lot, The Heartfelt GirlCandy, The Chubby Child
Spirit, The Heartfelt SoulBones, The Adorable Youngster
Sooty, The Dribbling SoulBeast, The Playful Child
Reaper, The Frightened YoungsterCream, The Chubby Baby
Luna, The Babbling BoyBeast, The Happy Spirit
Jinx, The Babbling GirlOoooky, The Heartfelt Child
Greedy, The Crying GirlBooBoo, The Dribbling Toddler
Bones, The Playful BoyRaggy, The Chubby Spirit
Gooey-Louie, The Happy GirlCandy, The Heartfelt Toddler
Bram, The Hungry GhostJolly, The Heartfelt Soul
Raggy, The Babbling SpiritBlaze, The Dribbling Child
Crow, The Joyful YoungsterStorm, The Joyful Soul
Pumpkin, The Playful BabyThorn, The Messy Girl
Crow, The Happy SoulFang, The Joyful Soul
Cloud, The Dribbling SoulFang, The Dribbling Child
Chewy, The Chubby ScribblerSalem, The Joyful Doodler
Casper, The Heartfelt GhostBag-Bones, The Joyful Doodler
Blaze, The Heartfelt YoungsterGiggles, The Frightened Girl
Crow, The Frightened ScribblerBoo, The Crying Toddler
Stinky, The Crying ScribblerGreedy, The Playful Girl
Cream, The Adorable ChildLaugh-a-lot, The Hungry Scribbler
Candy, The Happy ChildBlaze, The Adorable Youngster
Greedy, The Babbling BoySpooks, The Happy Child
Bliss, The Adorable BoyLite, The Babbling Doodler
Laugh-a-lot, The Playful SoulBlaze, The Joyful Toddler
Folo, The Hungry BabyRaggy, The Happy Ghost

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Ghost pokemon nicknames

nickname ghost

Ghost Pokémon are popular. Find the creepiest Pokemon ghost name to boost your combat skills.

A pokemon enthusiast should prioritize modest, cute, frightening, but dangerous names. You can also draw inspiration from Gengar, mimikyu, or sableye. Other examples:

BeetlejuiceLumiere – for litwick and chandelure
PoltergeistKingTut – for cofagrigus
SpectreCyclops – for duskull, dusclops and dusknoir
WraithExcalibur – for aegislash
GhoulSultan – for cofagrigus
EtherealBoo-Loon – for the drifblim line
PhantomRobinHoot – for decidueye
ZombieLipton – for sinistea & polteageist
JackSkellington (like from A Nightmare Before Christmas)Twilight
MiseryHades (the Greek god of the fiery underworld)
DiabloStyx (the river that divides Earth from the underworld in Greek mythology)
DevilCerebrus (Hades’ guardian in Greek mythology)

Catchy Ghost Nicknames

A memorable ghost name is one that conveys an immediate sense of the dread that is included in the word.

Latin or Greek ghost names feature the ghost’s special power to make it sound scarier and more powerful than it is. 

Mist, The Dribbling BoyMinnie, The Playful Ghost
Mist, The Crying YoungsterFolo, The Happy Spirit
Stinky, The Happy YoungsterChewy, The Heartfelt Boy
Boo, The Chubby GhostCream, The Frightened Soul
Salem, The Dribbling GirlBoo, The Babbling Child
Bones, The Chubby SoulBelu, The Babbling Soul
Ash, The Frightened SoulJinx, The Crying Child
Pumpkin, The Heartfelt ChildLite, The Playful Doodler
Glowy, The Joyful BoySooty, The Messy Boy
Chupchip, The Chubby GirlTricks, The Playful Spirit
Tricks, The Chubby ChildGlowy, The Adorable Doodler
Reaper, The Adorable ChildChupchip, The Playful Child
Blaze, The Joyful GhostNyx, The Happy Doodler
Raggy, The Dribbling BoyBelu, The Playful Scribbler
Stinky, The Heartfelt SoulCandy, The Joyful Boy
Boo, The Frightened GirlCream, The Messy Soul
Laugh-a-lot, The Crying ChildJolly, The Frightened Baby
Laugh-a-lot, The Babbling ScribblerJinx, The Heartfelt Soul
Minnie, The Crying ChildGiggles, The Messy Scribbler
Bram, The Chubby GirlCasper, The Adorable Baby
Candy, The Dribbling ChildBooBoo, The Playful Soul
Bag-Bones, The Hungry DoodlerTricks, The Babbling Girl
Bliss, The Crying GhostSpike, The Hungry Spirit
Thorn, The Dribbling BoyLaugh-a-lot, The Heartfelt Ghost
BooBoo, The Chubby ChildRaggy, The Babbling Child
Bag-Bones, The Frightened SoulCasper, The Heartfelt Girl
Bag-Bones, The Happy ChildJolly, The Heartfelt Ghost
Jolly, The Dribbling ScribblerNyx, The Playful Baby

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Creative Ghost Nicknames

nickname ghost

Creative names are always admired and attract a larger audience than common ones. Innovative ghost nicknames that radiate the right atmosphere are preferred.

Imagination involves linking a favorite cartoon to a scary adjective. Similar names: 

The Untamed FatherThe Creepy Stalker
The Silent ReaperThe Helpful Lady
The Feeble Grave DiggerThe Midnight Sentinel
The Moaning GuardThe Screaming Choir Boy
The Skinny ArtistThe Gruesome Doll
The Moaning SentinelThe Mute Baron
The Light AngelThe Skinny Mother
The Skinny SingerThe Tainted Screamer
The Mad ToddlerThe Escaped Loner
The Angry Grave DiggerThe Roaming Servant
The Red WidowThe Weeping Boy
The Saluting GentlemanThe Light Carpenter
The Mourning DemonThe Mourning Housewife
The Bloody HousewifeThe Hostile Sentinel
The Headless GuardianThe Blind Prisoner
The Shy LonerThe Grim Professor
The Helpful DemonThe Blind Mother
The Hostile ToddlerThe Weeping Carpenter
The Thirsty NurseThe Creepy Mother
The Screeching NurseThe Mourning Warden
The Untamed ShepherdThe Pleasant Gatekeeper
The Preaching SentinelThe Moaning Guardian
The Angry NurseThe Barefoot Cleaner
The Vengeful OrphanThe Screeching Prisoner
The Barefoot ToddlerThe Gooey Vision
The Headless WidowThe Thirsty Orphan
The Saluting DoctorThe Angry Housewife
The Burning NurseThe Moaning Choir Boy
The Bloody SingerThe Blind Stalker
The Skinny ProfessorThe Silent Priest

Cute ghost nicknames

Sometimes ghosts are presented as cute and funny. Most people like jumpscare ghosts, but sensitive folks prefer funny, adorable ghosts.

Therefore, your moniker should include a ghost. Choose something adorable and unsettling by highlighting the ghost’s best qualities.

Spirit, The Dribbling BoyBeast, The Hungry Baby
Chupchip, The Chubby ChildSalem, The Hungry Youngster
Jolly, The Chubby BoyBoo, The Crying Child
Blinky, The Hungry ChildSpike, The Dribbling Toddler
Folo, The Hungry GirlBones, The Messy Child
Spirit, The Adorable BoyBliss, The Joyful Boy
Luna, The Crying BabyLite, The Playful Toddler
Giggles, The Frightened GhostLumia, The Happy Child
Bones, The Babbling GhostLaugh-a-lot, The Hungry Soul
Lumia, The Joyful SpiritSpike, The Playful Girl
Luna, The Crying ScribblerLumia, The Heartfelt Child
Casper, The Heartfelt YoungsterOoooky, The Dribbling Child
Candy, The Hungry GhostBag-Bones, The Joyful Soul
Greedy, The Dribbling SoulSpooks, The Frightened Toddler
Tricks, The Happy ChildJolly, The Hungry Child
Nyx, The Joyful BoyCandy, The Babbling Scribbler
Cloud, The Dribbling DoodlerJolly, The Crying Toddler
Fang, The Crying SoulLuna, The Playful Girl
Raggy, The Happy GirlNyx, The Frigtened Child
Ooooky, The Heartfelt SoulMist, The Happy Scribbler
Boo, The Happy ChildCloud, The Joyful Girl
Crow, The Messy BoySooty, The Babbling Doodler
Oooh, The Messy ChildLite, The Frightened Ghost
Spooks, The Adorable ChildBram, The Chubby Scribbler
Bliss, The Heartfelt GhostPumpkin, The Adorable Scribbler
Belu, The Playful SpiritTricks, The Playful Child
Minnie, The Happy YoungsterBones, The Crying Scribbler
Lumia, The Hungry GhostSpooks, The Frightened Youngster
Casper, The Heartfelt ScribblerMist, The Happy Child
Sooty, The Frigtened ChildReaper, The Messy Soul
Bliss, The Crying ScribblerBliss, The Dribbling Youngster
Bones, The Messy GhostSooty, The Babbling Baby
Bones, The Hungry GhostBelu, The Messy Girl
Candy, The Messy ScribblerStinky, The Crying Youngster
Boo, The Chubby ScribblerSpirit, The Hungry Baby

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Animal ghost nickname

nickname ghost

There are many animals that have a spooky significance. Ghosts do not only appear in fiction films and horror stories.

They can take the form of animals and be real. Any ghost animal will do. Bats or spiders make good ghosts.

Lizards, moths, fish, and crabs all have ghost stories that might be utilized as nicknames.

Mist, The Dribbling BoyTricks, The Playful Child
The Drifting GuardianThe Sweet Necromancer
AngelCloud, The Joyful Girl
Emily, The Gooey NurseBella
The Friendly JesterSooty, The Joyful Child
LyteGlowy, The Adorable Doodler
ClydeThe Sleeping Cook
The Defending ChildBeetlejuice
The White CuratorThe Red Writer
The Pleasant MimeThe Sweet Servant
The Saluting ChildDesdemona
ZombieGreedy, The Playful Girl
The Helpful DemonThe Saluting Torturer

Cool ghost nicknames

Nothing will evolve until it’s changed. The audience will be attracted to names with popular, distinctive, and elevated terms since it makes them sound cooler. Ghost names include:

The Crying MotherThe Invited Cleaner
The Weeping ChefThe Chalky Shepherd
The Mad HunterThe Tainted Judge
The Saluting ArtistThe Hostile Father
The Saluting LonerThe Mourning Doctor
The Blind HunterThe Preaching Doctor
The Midnight DevilThe Shrieking Screamer
The Shivering GroomThe Invited Screamer
The Shivering GentlemanThe Weeping Screamer
The Fat CarpenterThe Blind Professor
The Skinny SpiritThe Shy Writer
The Thirsty ShadowThe Mad Bride
The Fat MotherThe Blind Gatekeeper
The Preaching GatekeeperThe Red Screamer
The Red WriterThe Untamed Boy
The Friendly DollThe Mad Angel
The Red BrideThe Screeching Chef
The Grim DogThe Grey Prisoner
The Shivering ReaperThe Headless Child
The Helpful Choir BoyThe Screaming Lady
The Escaped FatherThe Preaching Nurse
The Mourning FatherThe Roaming Girl
The Screaming NurseThe Sleeping Nurse
The Escaped HunterThe Screeching Writer
The Shrieking PhantomThe Red Hunter
The Creepy PhantomThe Weeping Demon
The Moaning ChildThe Creepy Gatekeeper
The Chalky MonkThe Whimsical Boy
The Unlucky SingerThe Preaching Farmer
The Pleasant Grave DiggerThe Hostile Judge

Ghost nicknames Agario

nickname ghost

As you all might know, agario requires your character to be either eaten or eaten while dominating the world of colorful cells. Hence,

if you want to give your character a ghost nickname, connect the eating of the player to horror, like a monster. 

Hugo, The Angry ReaperMenos, The Skinny Grave Digger
Benedict, The Pleasant DancerProfessor Warhog, The Chalky Loner
Professor Kahn, The Mute WardenAlexander, The Pleasant Vision
Lloyd, The Feeble TorturerLord Falken, The Burning Shepherd
Ethern, The Gooey WardenGomez, The Shy Hitchhiker
Lord Milton, The Screeching WardenProfessor Torne, The Grim Judge
Sir Arthur III, The Feeble MonkGuarian, The Silent Soldier
Drago, The Gruesome ServantChase, The Pleasant Shepherd
Sir Benjamin II, The Hostile ArtistProfessor Torne, The Screaming Butler
Sir Benjamin II, The Roaming CleanerCrimson, The Thirsty Torturer
Lord Phillip, The Sleeping Baron, The Untamed Priest
Sir James II, The Midnight FarmerRoman, The Speechless Demon
Sir James II, The Roaming WriterBenedict, The Weeping Vision
Crimson, The Grey PriestSir James II, The Mad Farmer
Waythe, The Pleasant HitchhikerFrancis, The Mute Writer
Sir James II, The Creepy Grave DiggerBenedict, The Friendly Farmer
Mogwai, The Invited PhantomAzur, The Untamed Warrior
Sir Arthur III, The Pleasant SoldierSir Benjamin II, The Crying Warden
Guarian, The Saluting ShadowImmor, The Grey Warrior
Delic, The Thirsty TorturerSir James II, The Eerie Demon
Immor, The Shivering RevenantAzur, The Gruesome Warrior
Alexander, The Burning Choir BoyLord Edwards, The Shivering Doctor
Cybil, The Midnight ShadowAiden, The Crying Monk
Cybil, The Hostile ShepherdHubert, The Shrieking Loner
Benedict, The Ancient DoctorProfessor Warhog, The Creepy Vision
Henry, The Fat SpiritPawer, The Silent Prisoner
Lord Falken, The Angry ButlerRoman, The Damned Servant
Blair, The Eerie AngelSir James II, The Angry Farmer
Damien, The Mute VisionPawer, The Pleasant Groom
Mogwai, The Fat ChefSir James II, The Eerie Soldier

Ghost nicknames for gaming

There are many new games now that require you to keep usernames inspired by a ghost.

You can always name your gaming character after a famous ghost character from a movie or even cartoon to make it more hilarious as it would give you more fun while gaming! 

Bat BrigadeDavid S. Pumpkins (Any Questions?)
Black Cat CrewDevilish Divas
Blood ShoesDowntown Spookies
Boo CrewDrunken Pumpkins
Boo(ze) CrewFearless Four
BooBoo Bunnies!Finders Keepers
Boo-tiful MindsFive Ghouls
Broom Sticks and WitchesThe Frank-Einsteins
Inebriated ImbecilesHobblin’ Gobblins
Captain Spooky PantsG-g-g-g-ghosts!
Lecter’s ChiantiGhastly Bakers
Cereal KillersHalloweenies
Chad’s Ghouliest GooglersGhostly Adventurers
Children of the Candy CornGhosts Eating Toast
Cookies n’ ScreamGhostwhackers
Cool GhoulsGhoul Gang
Count ChoculaInebriati
InspectersGolden Gate Ghouls
Halloweentown HowlersGourd-geous
HalloweentowniesGroovy Ghoulies
Hamster CannonHalloween Candy Crushers
Haunted HeroesHalloween Hooligans
Here for the BoosHalloween Howlers

Ghost nicknames for Social media

nickname ghost

Looking for cool ghost Instagram usernames? When choosing ghost names for social media, make sure your audience likes them. Strong, precise horror terms like the devil, demon, and phantom grab readers.

Captain JonThe Fallen Manse
Dragon’s CastleSpine Chilling
NumerockPreaching Jester
The Muted SlasherLehmen
Dark WarriorManor Of Madness
Aquatic Venomspiritserpent
The Blind LumpSumoDemon
Screaming MansionDevil’s Castle
Head KillerWicked Prisoner
The Greedy PreyFreckles on my Skin
The Ghost TrainThe Creepy Beast
Black MonkThe Phantom Castle
RottinglingIntellectually Elite
The Defending WidowThe Filthy Plant
The Flame LizardGasp House
Loch Ness MonsterCavescream
Dead ShotThe Clockwork Serpent
Vengeful BlobHaunting Hall
Horror DogLust Craft
Real ChillEscaped Shadow
Unstoppable_PoisonThe Ivory Keeper
Whimper HouseKill Switch
Revenant StrikerThe Skinny Mother
The Killer WizardHorror Behemoth
Lights-In-LoveThe Nightmare Serpent
The MummyThe Thin Child
Organic PunksThe Angry Orphan
The Acidic VerminThe Shy Writer
Championof7seasDevil Knoll

Female Ghost Names

In some cultures, ghosts and spirits are held in high regard. They pique one’s interest since they are mysterious.

Each of these female ghost names is really strong and beautiful, making them ideal for a female child. Check out the following  names and see for yourself: 

Lady Elizabeth, The Screeching ArtistRuby, The Silent Housewife
Ondine, The Weeping DevilAnne, The Light Artist
Ebony, The Gooey NurseMadam Doris, The Roaming Teacher
Lady Gyver, The Burning ArtistAriel, The Screeching Torturer
Lady Gyver, The Roaming TorturerAgnes, The Weeping Warrior
Shekinah, The Burning NurseLady Elizabeth, The Silent Nurse
Dusana, The Roaming DevilLady Elizabeth, The Screaming Girl
Anne, The Roaming WidowSabrina, The Helpful Housewife
Evilyn, The Silent ArtistMoira, The Damned Angel
Samara, The Burning DoctorEvilyn, The Pleasant Warrior
Lady Coral, The Light TeacherLady Aurora, The Gooey Nurse
Agnes, The Burning WidowDusana, The Pleasant Teacher
Queen Serena, The Damned ArtistMoira, The Shivering Widow
Ebony, The Silent ScreamerOndine, The Weeping Housewife
Carrie, The Silent NurseKoi Koi, The Pleasant Housewife
Emily, The Weeping ArtistGladys, The Helpful Screamer
Fantasia, The Helpful HousewifeAgnes, The Gooey Artist
Lady Aurora, The Helpful GirlLady Elizabeth, The Screeching Nurse
Mary, The Helpful DevilDesdemona, The Gooey Widow
Koi Koi, The Roaming DoctorRuby, The Helpful Screamer
Samara, The Light DoctorKarisma, The Shivering Nurse
Pischacha, The Helpful ArtistSamara, The Roaming Angel
Lady Aurora, The Screaming ArtistVissi, The Light Widow
Freya, The Screaming DoctorIvy, The Burning Torturer
Madam Queenie, The Silent NurseLady Coral, The Roaming Artist
Pischacha, The Weeping AngelNirvana, The Weeping Nurse
Gladys, The Burning NurseQueen Serena, The Burning Nurse
Madam Queenie, The Burning AngelLady Coral, The Screaming Artist
Madam Octavia, The Pleasant GirlEmily, The Gooey Nurse
Auriana, The Screeching TorturerProfessor Veda, The Burning Teacher

Ghost nicknames for Boys

nickname ghost

Terrifying male names are perfect for a Halloween baby or eerie character. Ghosts are spooky.

A ghost name might be elegant. Baby names with eerie meanings don’t have to be scary.

Your boy could have several ghostly names with great connotations, such as spirit names.

Sir Benjamin II, The Burning ButlerGuarian, The Gooey Chef
Sir Leonard II, The Preaching DevilBenedict, The Gooey Monk
Sir James II, The Untamed BaronDelic, The Shrieking Gentleman
Pawer, The Eerie ProfessorAzur, The Ancient Gentleman
Lord Miles, The Midnight OrphanProfessor Kahn, The Helpful Gentleman
Damien, The Fat MonkLord Phillip, The Shrieking Butler
Sir Guarian, The Speechless HitchhikerBenedict, The Invited Professor
Edward, The Screaming SentinelLord Milton, The Bloody Revenant
Lord Miles, The Burning HitchhikerEdward, The Burning Shadow
Roman, The Shrieking ButlerLord Miles, The Invited Gentleman
Professor Torne, The Speechless DollEdward, The Pleasant Prisoner
Sir Arthur III, The Damned GuardianAiden, The Damned Sentinel
Charles, The Gruesome SoldierSir Benjamin II, The Red Choir Boy
Lord Kane, The Mad HunterSir Arthur III, The Burning Servant
Hugo, The Grim ScreamerDelic, The Chalky Reaper
Hugo, The Grim AngelWaythe, The Ancient Monk
Professor Kahn, The Deaf FatherHugo, The Headless Gatekeeper
Professor Kahn, The Grey VisionLord Falken, The Mad Guard
Lord Edwards, The Whimsical StudentGuarian, The Midnight Warden
Lord Kane, The Chalky WardenCasper, The Skinny Prisoner
Nicholas, The Vengeful ChefBlair, The Blind Choir Boy
Hubert, The Blind WriterGuarian, The Shy Monk
Crimson, The Hostile SingerJason, The Thirsty Revenant
Blair, The Creepy GentlemanLloyd, The Screaming Guard
Cybil, The Screeching SoldierHenry, The Eerie Doll
Professor Torne, The Helpful MonkSir William III, The Mad Warden
Sir Leonard II, The Unlucky GentlemanGuarian, The Angry Vision
Alastor, The Deaf ScreamerSir Leonard II, The Shy Baron
Lord Falken, The Bloody SentinelLord Miles, The Thirsty Baron
Edward, The Skinny GroomWren, The Shrieking Screamer

Random Ghost Title

There are eerie ghost titles. Some are illogical, but they’re all cool. If you want to be original, try one of these cute and amusing ghost nicknames. Your friends and relatives will be confused when you use these as your ghost titles. 

Evilyn, The Screeching HousewifeFelicity, The Helpful Housewife
Muriel, The Damned TeacherCarrie, The Silent Angel
Odell, The Light WarriorAriel, The Burning Teacher
Agnes, The Helpful NurseFreya, The Screeching Devil
Bella, The Damned NurseLysandra, The Weeping Teacher
Dusana, The Shivering NurseAriel, The Weeping Torturer
Felicity, The Helpful DoctorEdwina, The Screaming Screamer
Martia, The Shivering GirlMuriel, The Damned Devil
Odell, The Light TeacherMartia, The Roaming Girl
Sabrina, The Pleasant NurseMadam Queenie, The Gooey Warrior
Queen Serena, The Screeching AngelMadam Octavia, The Light Doctor
Agnes, The Silent DevilKoi Koi, The Light Housewife
Lysandra, The Roaming HousewifeFelicity, The Burning Artist
Mary, The Shivering DevilFelicity, The Light Nurse
Gwen, The Pleasant NurseLysandra, The Burning Artist
Madam Octavia, The Burning ScreamerEndora, The Silent Widow
Sabrina, The Damned NurseEvilyn, The Screeching Doctor
Anne, The Silent DevilEbony, The Helpful Screamer
Sabrina, The Gooey DevilIvy, The Pleasant Artist
Lady Coral, The Roaming GirlMadam Doris, The Pleasant Artist
Bella, The Roaming ScreamerSamara, The Weeping Widow
Gwen, The Shivering NurseLady Aurora, The Screaming Devil
Evilyn, The Weeping DoctorRuby, The Damned Devil
Professor Vixon, The Roaming GirlEmily, The Light Nurse
Gladys, The Damned ArtistMary, The Screeching Girl
Vissi, The Helpful DoctorMadam Doris, The Screaming Warrior
Queen Esther, The Helpful AngelMartia, The Pleasant Angel
Ariel, The Screeching GirlKoi Koi, The Pleasant Girl
Madam Catherine, The Silent DoctorShekinah, The Helpful Doctor
Moira, The Screeching GirlFelicity, The Gooey Girl
Lady Aurora, The Pleasant NurseRuby, The Shivering Widow
Freya, The Weeping DoctorMona, The Pleasant Doctor
Sabrina, The Screeching WidowIvy, The Shivering Devil
Gwen, The Screeching ArtistGwen, The Helpful Housewife
Martia, The Gooey AngelProfessor Vixon, The Weeping Warrior

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the name Ghost stand for?

The word ghost stands for a deceased person’s or animal’s soul or spirit that can communicate with the living. 

Q2. What are good names for a ghost?

Some good names for a ghost include:

  • The Shrieking Phantom
  • La Belle Ecce
  • Black Monk
  • Rottingling
  • The Defending Widow
  • The Flame Lizard
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Dead Shot

Q3. What are nicknames for shadow

Some nicknames of shadow are: 

  • Dusk
  • Penumbra
  • Shade
  • Shadiness
  • Umbra