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Naming your law firm. 6 ideas that will help you name your legal business

Whether you’ve recently graduated from law school, you’re looking to rebrand your current firm or after years working for another legal team you’ve decided to and branch out on your own, building your own law firm from scratch is an exciting time. 

You now have a golden opportunity to immerse yourself within your chosen field of law – click the link if you’re looking for a lawyer for assault victims – and build a reputation for you and your new business. The best place to start? With your business name of course. The right name can encourage interest in your business and have new clients heading your way. 

Here we’ll look at 6 ideas that will help you name your business.

Consider family names

If you’re considering going into partnership with your husband, wife or a family member then using your family name to help brand your business is a simple yet effective idea. Putting your names together such as Jones & Jones Law gives weight to your family name and makes you seem more relatable. 

Partner surnames

Again, using the surnames of the partners involved is simple yet effective. It’s not uncommon to have as many as four different surnames as the name of a legal business.

What about the order of the names?

If you choose to go with surnames for your business title, then there may be a little friction regarding the order of the names. However, at this point it’s worth considering that you want your business name to be catchy and memorable, so placing the more interesting sounding names first may be considered better marketing. Or, to make it fairer, you could just go with alphabetical ordering.

Think about your marketing materials

Pens, letterheads, business cards and signage – will all those chosen names fit on those marketing materials? Will it look cluttered and busy? If in doubt, consider name & associates. This will make everything much simpler. 

Don’t be misleading 

Choosing names that could infer that you’re part of legal associations, governments, or boards is misleading. E.g. Ohio Law Union. Not only is it misleading but you could end up wasting your valuable time turning away confused clients. 

Ensure the name can be officially registered

Before you choose all your branding and marketing materials, make sure that you can legally register the name you’ve selected. As in some states, you may not be able to share the same legal business name as someone else. 

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