Cool Baby Names That Mean Snow (For Boys And Girls)

People choose names which means snow for the babies who are born in winter. As winter also brings a sought of mystical and mysterious vibes, it makes the name with meaning snow more attractive and unique. It also brings more power as snow, ice and snowstorms symbolizes of great power of nature and winters. 

In winters we tend to stay indoors to keep us warm and thus it brings warmth to the people. “Cold from outside and warm from inside”, this is the perfect example of someone name based on the winter season or snow. 

As magical as the snow looks the names based on the snow are also the same and they have their own attractiveness and warmth to it. 

So, let’s keep mystery in our mind and start with the amazing options of name we have over here.

Girl Name That Means Snow

Names that mean snow

A lot of parents name their girl with a strong meaning which contains power and purity. If you are looking for the same then the names meaning snow for your girl child is one of the best options because it symbolizes strength and purity.

The beauty of snow and snowflakes is tender and magical which seems to be a perfect name for a girl child born in winters or in cold weather. 

Keeping that in mind here are some names for a girl child meaning snow. 

Names And Meanings             

  • Alaska: name of a beautiful state which has mountains covered with snow.
  • Alba: Thmeans “bright and white” and the color white is directly a symbol of snow.
  • Blanche: origin from France meaning white and gives vibes of winter season.
  • Carol: means “a beautiful person” and reminds of Christmas carols used during the winter festive season.
  • Eira: name is from Welsh language  means ‘snow’.  
  • Ember:means a beautiful warm fire that is related to cold winter nights. 
  • Iclyn: derived from the word ‘ice’ also means ‘compassionate’                                                

Boy Names That Mean Snow

Names that mean snow

A baby boy named with the meaning snow is pure and powerful. The winter season has festive vibes associated with them and it also spreads happiness and joy everywhere and naming a baby boy with such a meaningful name will bring happiness and strength every time you call for the name. 

The names with the meaning winter or snow are very famous across the world and here are some amazing names for a baby boy.

Names And Meanings

  • Aspen: name of a beautiful tree with heart shaped leaves which only blooms in winters.
  • Blaze: has two totally opposite meanings, one ‘fire’ and other is ‘snowstorm’.
  • Eirwen: Welsh name means “white as snow”.
  • Kari: Turkish word meaning ‘covered with snow’.  
  • Lixue: very different in meaning and its pronunciation which means ‘pretty snow’ in Chinese.
  • Noel: means ‘birth at Christmas’ for the baby born on Christmas in winters.
  • Yuki: means ‘snow flower’ in Japanese.
  • Zane: means ‘white like snow’  

Names That Means Snow

Naming a child brings a lot of responsibility because if a name is common or usual it brings boringness to the atmosphere which is not a good thing. A should always contains a meaning of cheerfulness to it so that it can bring warmth and joy in surroundings and also when a child grows they should not feel any kind of embarrassment with their names which can make you regret your decision in future. 

With this thought in mind here are some modern names meaning snow and are related to the winter season.

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Names And Meanings

  • Nevada: T roots in the Spanish language which means ‘snow-clad’.
  • Nieva: Origin from Spanish language which means ‘snowing’.
  • Lumi: meaning ‘snow’. 
  • Nicholas: originated from Saint Nicholas who was Santa Claus.
  • Janara: derived from the God Janus who was the God of snow.
  • Olwen:  Welsh origin which means ‘white footprint’.
  • Snowy:  derived from the word snow.

Unusual Winter-inspired Baby Names

Naming a baby with uncommon or unusual names is very trendy these days so that the baby have its own unique identity and will not look common. 

And the names inspired by winter and snow are very unusual, rare and which symbolizes purity, warmth, strength and some mystical and magical powers to it’

So, here are some unusual and rare name inspired from winter and winter season which also known as festive season.

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 Names And Meanings

  • Boris: means ‘snow leopard’.
  • Quilo: derived from Roman Mythology which refers to ‘north wind’.
  • Rumo: This means ‘red-cheeked’ after a cold winter walk.
  • Colden: means ‘cold valley’.
  • Aubin: This means ‘white’ which symbolizes snow.
  • Nevio or Nevis: These names also mean snow.



Names that mean snow

Names should be unique and cool which brings different vibrations with different meaning in it. The names should not be common or boring, they should be cool and unique.

Here are some cool names which remind me of the winter season.

Names And Meanings

  • Aster: wintery name that means a star.
  • Bodhi: means ‘enlightenment’ and ‘awakening’ , a very spiritual name.
  • Crispin:name is a variant of Christopher and also associated with winters and snow.
  • Cypress: name of the tree which grows during winters.
  • Douglas: name of the Christmas tree.
  • Gabriel: Gabriel was an angel who delivered the news of the birth of Jesus.
  • Gwenyth: Welsh name which means ‘white or fair’.
  • Vale: This name is derived from ‘vail’ which is a skiing destination and is associated with snow.
  • Wren: name of a winter Bird. 


In this era of equality and different genders naming your baby with a unisex name is an amazing choice. As winter season brings snow and cold with it but it also brings warmth in the chilly weather. 

So here are some unisex wintery names for your baby born in cold months.

 Names And Meanings

  • Aska: means Snowstorm or Thunderstorm.
  • Edur: This simply means snow.
  • Everest: means peak of a snowy mountain or a person from Evreux
  • Kenyon: This is a person with white or blonde hair.
  • Neva: means ‘white snow’ in Spanish and a person with clean or pure aura.   
  • Eirlys: origin from Welsh language means ‘snowdrop’  

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Is A Cute Winter Name?

There are a lot of names for the winter season and here’s some cute winter names Crystal, Diamond, Elsa, Eira, Lumi, Yukina.

2. What Is The Snow Princess’s Name?

There are few names of snow princess Elsa, Alias, Sambala, Ingrid, Freya, Lumi.

3. What Name Goes Good With Winter?

Colden which means cold or dark valley, Estelle, Ivy, Oakley and Aspen.

4. What Name Means Ice Queen?

Some names which mean ice queen are Frostine, Kirsi, Elsa, Lumi, Alias, Janara, Iclyn 

5. What Are Some Cool Ice Names?

Blanche, Isolde, Isey, Fionn, Boann, Andri, Aquilo, Haunani

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