Amazing Baby Names That Mean Shadow (For Boys And Girls)

Just as the arrival of a little one brings joy to the whole family, so does the responsibility of a beautiful, accurate and meaningful naming.

Every parent should be cautious about choosing a name because the baby is going to carry it for the rest of his/her life and it will also have an impact on the person’s personality.

Every parent wants to be with their children like a shadow throughout their life, or they want to reflect the shadow of their own personality in their child. So, it is a good idea to name a baby with names that mean shadow.

Usually parents don’t want to use those names that mean shadow, as the shadow is synonymous with evil, dark, impurity. But if we see the biblical meaning of shadow, it is mentioned frequently in the Bible, usually as “God’s protective presence”.

So now if you want to give your baby a good and meaningful name but lack ideas then here are some amazing name suggestions to help you out. Let’s check it out.

Girl Names That Mean Shadow

Names that mean shadow

If you want your little princess to grow with a strong personality, to have the courage to fight life’s battles, to make herself independent and sturdy in life, then naming her with a good name that means shadow can have a good impact on her.

Here is a compiled list of names meaning shadow to help you choose a precious name for your precious little one.

  •  Adrenna       Italian origin meaning of ‘shadow’
  •  Brangwen     Welsh  origin means ‘dark and pure’
  •  Corvina         American origin means ‘dark-haired raven’
  •  Darci             Irish origin means ‘a stubborn, dark person’
  •  Fascienne    Latin name means ‘a woman of dark beauty’
  •  Hamutal       Hebrew Origin means ‘the shadow of his heat’ &‘of the morning dew’
  •  Jemisha       Sanskrit origin means ‘queen of darkness’
  •  Melanie        Greek name means ‘someone who is covered by Shadows’
  •  Ombretta      Italian name means ‘a dusky resemblance’
  •  Scathach       Irish Origin means ‘One who is in the shadow’

Boy Names That Mean Shadow

Names that mean shadow

A unique virtuous name can inspire your baby boy to be a wise and successful warrior, motivate him to face every challenge of life and shine like glory. Therefore naming him with a name that means shadow can capture a powerful spirit within the little one.

So, for your precise selection, here is a list of names we’ve prepared for you. 

  •  Betzazel    Hebrew origin means ‘in the shadow of God’
  •  Draven       modern name means ‘one who comes out of the  shadows’
  •  Erebus       Greek origin,  meaning is ‘deep darkness’
  •  Itzal           Basque origin, means ‘shadow’
  •  Mrak        Bosnian origin means ‘shadow’
  •  Mohanjot  Indian origin means ‘the person always covers by shadow’
  •  Niratap     indian  origin name means ‘the one who is filled  with shadows’
  •  Ozul        Gothic origin, meaning is ‘shadow’
  •  Perran    Cornish name means ‘little dark one’
  •  Tirich     Pashto origin,meaning is ‘shadow’

Names That Mean Shadow or Darkness

Parents often hesitate to name their child with a name that means shadow or darkness, as they think of it as evil, impure, and negativity.

But, if you see from another perspective, shadow is a mysterious thing. Whenever there is light, there is also shadow. They exist as an entity.

Here is a list with some names that mean shadow or darkness for your precise selection. 

  •  Achlys     A Greek originated name means ‘darkness’
  •  Cethin     Welsh origin means ‘dark skinned’
  •  Delancy   Irish name means ‘dark challenger’
  •  Kakarauri Maori originated name means ‘garment of darkness’
  •  Leighla     An Arabian name means ‘dark-haired’
  •  Mei           A Chinese name means ‘dark’
  •  Orpheus   A Greek name means ‘darkness of night’
  •  Verjo        Originated from Finnish culture means ‘shadow’
  •  Zillah       A Hebrew name means ‘shadow’

Other Names That Mean Shadow

Do not think that the list of names is over. Here is a list of several other names that means shadow or close to it.

  •  Blagdan     American origin,  means ‘from the dark valley’
  •  Chhaya       An Indian name,   means ‘shadow’
  •  Devroop     An Indian name, means ‘god of shadow’
  •  Ena             An Irish name,  means ‘shadow’
  •  Gethwine  A Welsh name, means ‘dusky one’
  •  Keket         An Egyptian name, means ‘goddess of darkness’
  •  Morissa    American in origin means ‘dark-skinned’
  •  Nizhalgal   Indian ,means ‘a shadow, similar to the  person’
  •  Strega       Italian originated name, means ‘witch’
  •  Tamala      African in origin,means ‘dark tree’

Names Meaning Shadow That Are Gender Neutral

Names that mean shadow

When we are choosing a name for a baby we usually tend to choose a masculine or feminine name. But names which are gender neutral can also be a good name and can hold a good meaning. Below is the list of names which are gender neutral for your reference.

  •  Erembour          English, means ‘who rides shadows’
  •  Duana               English origin ,means ‘little dark one’
  •  Goni                 A Hebrew name, means ‘shadow’
  •  Poemu            A Japanese name ,means a shadow or silhouette that protects
  •  Neeshika        Indian name means ‘dark period’
  •  Onyx              Aboriginal name, means ‘dusky gem stone’
  •  Sachet         Indian origin which means ‘pure existence’
  •  Shade        An American originated name ,means ‘in shadow’
  •  Sullivan     Gaelic originated name ,means ‘having dark eyes’
  • Tamesis    English name ,means ‘one who is dark’


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Unisex gothic names

If you are still looking for more unique baby names with a meaning of darkness, then this list of goth names can relieve you from that tension. 


  •  Gossamer       meaning ‘a film of cobwebs’
  •  Inclementia    Latin name, means ‘cruelty’
  •  Lilith              name means ‘a demon’ in Jewish mythology
  •  Pestilentia    means ‘infectious disease’
  •  Solanine       means ‘a type of poison found in nightshade’
  •  Astaroth      means ‘the Grand Duke hell’
  •  Belial           A Hebrew name for the devil
  •  Hades        means ‘the king of underworld’
  •  Lucifer       another name of devil
  •  Necro        name is relating to death


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. 1. What name means eternal darkness?

There is a huge list of names that means eternal darkness. Here are some examples of names that mean eternal darkness- Abanus, Adaj, Blakesly, Charna etc.

2. What does the name means dark moon?

There are number of names that mean dark moon for example- Aitne, Cordelia, Esmeray etc. 

3. What name means Queen of darkness?

If you are talking about precise,then Jemisha is the name which means Queen of Darkness, which derived from Sanskrit.

4.  What name represents black?

There are many names that mean black. But Kali is the most popular name which represents black. It also represents the Hindu goddess of destruction.

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