Names That Mean Rain

Creative & Cool Names That Mean Rain

Rain. The word is enough to make us feel refreshed, cool and calm.  There are various types of names that mean rain which are nourishing yet intriguing.

Therefore, it becomes important to name your child which has a meaning, can be easily remembered, and can be carried by the kid for the rest of their life.

Name should be convincing and well thought before finalizing so that your child thanks you for it. We are here to help you people choose unique and lovely names that mean rain.

Have a look!

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Girl Names That Mean Rain

Are you struggling to find a suitable name for your little one? From monsoon to winter, as we battle through all the seasons, we always talk about seasons.

Then why not take advantage of this situation and pick a name for your baby girl that has to do with weather like rain? So here is the list full of pretty names you can choose from for your daughter.

  • Reva– Hindi origin, means ‘rain.’
  • Noelani– Hawaiian origin, means “heavenly mist, heavenly dew”.
  • Euria- Basque origin, means “rain”.
  • Megha– Indian origin, “cloud, rain”.
  • Misty– American origin, means “mist, dew”.
  • Terhi- Finnish origin, means “mist”.
  • Puleng– South American origin, means “out in the rain”.
  • Neha– Indian origin, means “love, rain, affectionate”.

Names That Mean Rain Or Storm

Names That Mean Rain OR STORM

Are you someone who finds the storm soothing? Besides, are you looking for baby names that mean storm or rain? Then here are some names for babies that mean rain or storm which you might want to consider before naming your little munchkin.

Have a look below:

  • Dalfon– Hebrew origin, means “raindrop”.
  • Gale– English origin, means “sea storm”.
  • Hadad– Hebrew origin, means ‘thunder’.
  • Stormy– American origin, means ‘a tempest; an impetuous nature’.
  • Tal – Hebrew origin, means ‘rain’ or ‘dew’.
  • Esen– Turkish origin, means ‘wind’.
  • Indira– Sanskrit origin, means ‘possessing drops of rain’.
  • Jora – Hebrew origin, means ‘autumn rain’.

Ancient Greek Names That Mean Rain

Are you influenced by Greek mythology? Well, who wouldn’t be? This culture has made important contributions in literature, medicine, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and so much more.

And till now, Greek culture is known for their sophisticated architecture and sculptures.

So we are here with some Greek name that literally means rain.

  • Aella– Greek origin, means ‘storm wind or whirlwind’.
  • Talia– Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek origin, means “dew of God, rain from the heavens”.
  • Zephyrine– Greek origin, means ‘west wind.’
  • Nephele– Greek origin, means “goddess of clouds”.
  • Zephyr– Greek origin, means ‘west wind.’
  • Palinouros– Greek origin, ‘palin’means ‘back or new’ and ouros means ‘storm or the wind’.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Rain

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Rain

Rain has a powerful impact on an individual’s state of mind.  Rain-inspired names can be a nice choice for your babies, which will always remind you of the drizzling days. So here we have combined and mentioned a list of names that are the best pick for your newborn.

  • Amihan– Japanese origin, means “Northeast monsoon”.
  • Audra– Lithuanian origin, means “storm.”
  • Ekaitza– Basque origin, means “storm.”
  • Foudre– French origin, means “a flash of electricity between clouds”.
  • Guntur– Indonesian origin, means “thunder.”
  • Hanish– Gilgamesh origin, means “One who forewarns a storm”.


Boy Name That Means Rain

A rainy weather instantly changes our mood and perception. So it is not surprising that it inspires to keep a lot of baby boy names.

Have a look at the list of baby boy names that are inspired from rain and also mean rain. We are sure you will love these trendy names.

  • Baran– Turkish origin, means “rain”.
  • Bengy– English origin, means “threatening rain”.
  • Brishen– English origin, means “born during a rain”.
  • Freyr– Norse origin, means “ruler of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine”.
  • Iravat– Indian origin, means “rain clouds”.
  • Lokni- Native American origin, means “rain coming through hole in the roof”.
  • Mehul– Indian origin, means “rain”.
  • Regen– German origin, means “rain”.
  • Zenebe– African origin, means “raining”.

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Names That Mean Falling Rain

The sound of the rainfall makes us calm, doesn’t it? Be it rainstorm or slight drizzle, the pitter patter of the raindrops on the rooftop and ground makes a melodious sound. The rainfall brings rebirth and rejuvenation.

Apart from this, heavy downpours makes us feel romantic and reminds us of all the romantic scenes in the movies. Whether your baby is born during the heavy rainfall or during the light showers, it makes you think that they are descended straight from the cloud. With that being said, here are some perfect names that mean falling rain.

Are you all set to dive in? Then we will begin with the most unique options.

  • ‘Ubaab– Muslim origin, “Waves, heavy rain”.
  • Aasar– Indian origin, means “Heavy rain, Torrential rain”.
  • Adiana– America origin, means “The night’s falling reveals the angel’s beauty”.
  • Zheel– Indian origin, means “Falling of Water”.
  • Wabil– Muslim origin, means “Strong Rain”.
  • Huyana– Native American origin, means “Rain Falling”.
  • Helly– Indian origin, means “Rain Falling”.
  • Hafa– Muslim origin, means “Gentle rain”.
  • Chinuku– Indian origin, “Drop of Rain”.
  • Burza– Polish origin, means “wind or rain storm”.
  • Barsha– Bengali origin, means “Monsoon, Rain”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What name means rain?

Here is the list of names that means rain:

  • Reva
  • Corentine
  • Rainn
  • Iravat
  • Vrishti
  • Mehul
  • Amaya

2.What Greek name means rain?

  • Aella
  • Talia
  • Zephyrine
  • Nephele
  • Zephyr
  • Palinouros

3.What are some watery names?

  • Kai
  • Cordelia
  • Marina
  • Tallulah
  • Talia
  • Hudson
  • Conway
  • Fjord

4.What name means dark rain?

  • Amaya
  • Ahma
  • Nimbus
  • Storm
  • Stormy

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