Names That Mean Light

Adorable Names That Mean Light for Baby Girls and Boys

Here we have compiled a list of names that mean light.

It’s crucial to pick a name for your child that suits him and will help him succeed in life. So choosing a name that means “light” can be a wise decision.

The meaning of the word “light” is lovely and diverse. Sometimes parents give their newborns names with the meaning “light” to signify warmth, welcome, wisdom, and comfort. Light is a well-liked symbol because it can represent so many good things in life, like sunshine, brightness, dawn, optimism, hope, and happiness.

Boy Names That Mean Light

As baby names describe the characteristics that your baby boy possesses, his name need to shine as brilliantly as he does. Why not give him one of these lovely baby names with the meaning “light” .

1.Aberash – It is a distinctive name that in Amharic means “casting off light” or “shining.”

2. Bhaskara -The Sanskrit words bhasa and kara, which translate to “light” and “creator,” respectively, are combined to form this name. It is also a different name for the sun and Shiva, the mighty Hindu deity.

3. Lucifer-Its meaning is “bringing light.” It derives from the Latin words ferre, which means “to bring,” and lux, which means “light.”

4.Meir-This lovely boy’s name in Hebrew means “bringing light.”

5.Mitsuaki-Its origins are a Japanese term that means “bright and luminous.”

6.Prabhakara – Prabhakara is derived from the Sanskrit terms prabha and kara, which respectively translate to “light” and “creator.” This term was also connected to the sun in the early Hindu writings.

7.Raiden -This name, which meaning lightning or energy, is one of a kind. This is derived from the Japanese words rai and den, which respectively indicate thunder and lightning.

8.Toshiaki-It is a Japanese name made up of the terms toshi, which means gifted or attractive, and aki, which means light or bright.

9. Uriah – The name has the same meaning as “bright” in Hebrew. Uriyah means “light,” “flame,” and “YAHWEH is my light.”

10. Yota -The Japanese words yo, which means “bright,” “sun,” or “masculine,” and ta, which means “thick” or “large,” are the origins of this name.

11. ZainIt -is a Hindi name that translates to “Godly light.”

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Girl Names That Mean Light

Just like light, a baby girl is symbolic of sunshine, joy and positivity for your house. Thus, when it comes to choosing a name for your little ball of light, why not go for something that means light itself? Here’s a list of names to help you in your search.

1.Afroze – The unusual name Afroze is typically seen in Africa. Its meaning is “illuminating” or “enlightening.”

2. Aura– Latin America is where this uncommon name originates. The name Aura, which means “glowing light,” is lovely and profound for a baby girl.

3 .Chiara -The meaning of this lovely Italian name is “bright” or “clear”.

4.Ellen -The Greek origins of this name translate to “sun,” “beam,” “shining,” and “bright.”

5.Lucia -The meaning of this lovely Latin name is “light.” Luciana is another spelling of this name.

6.Nera – These days, the Hebrew name Nera is popular. It is a name given to girls born in Israel during Hanukkah and meaning “candle” or “light.”

7.Noor-This name gained fame thanks to Jordanian Queen Noor. Its Arabic roots translate to “light” in English.

8.Roxana -This charming girl’s name, which means “the first emergence of light,” belonged to Alexander the Great’s wife.

9.Uriela -It is a rare and unusual Hebrew baby girl name that meaning “light of God.”

10. Ziv -This name meaning “radiance” or “light of God” is of Hebrew origin.

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Names That Mean Light

Every newly born also deserves a dazzling name that will encourage them to follow their sunlit paths in life and keep shining even when it seems like the world is closing in around them.

 1.  Aelia- This radiant baby name has Roman roots and means “sun.”

 2. Danica- The Slavic name Danica translates to “morning star” (AKA, the sun)

 3. Esther- This is a popular biblical baby name that really has Persian roots and means “star.”

 4.Hester – Hester is a nickname for Esther, which also means “evening star,” and is perhaps best known as the name of  the protagonist in the classic The Scarlet Letter.

 5. Idalia- Greek baby name Idalia means “behold the light.”

  6.Svetlana-This traditional Russian given name translates to “luminous.”

  7.Anatole – It is a traditional Greek name, is defined as “rising sun.”

  8. Egan – A sweet diminutive Irish name that can be used instead of Aidan, Egan meaning “small flames.”.

  9. Namid – This native baby name means “star dancer” in a poetic way.

10. Polaris – Give your child the name Polaris, which translates to “North Star.”

11. Samson -The super-strong hero Samson is associated with the Biblical birth name Samson, which also means “sun.”

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 Names That Mean ‘Light’ To Brighten Your World

Children are associated with light because they bring the world purity, optimism, and untainted beauty. If you’re looking for     naming ideas, light is another great approach to respect nature.

 1.Alina– It is a Greek name that means “light” or “bright.”

  2. Faina—  It is a Russian name that means “ray.” It is also the name of Phaenna, a goddess of charm, beauty, friendliness, and fertility in Greek mythology.

  3. Hannelore – With German roots, Hannelore means “grace.”

  4. Helena – The Greek name Helen/Helena means “the brilliant one” or “bright.” It is also the name of the Zeus’s daughter, who was regarded as the world’s most beautiful woman.

   5. Iliana – “The ray of light” is the meaning of the Spanish name Iliana. It is among the most lovely names that parents may give their daughter.

   6. Sanaa – It is an African name that means “shining light.”

   7.Barack– It means “lightning thunderbolt” in Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili.

    8. Jomei– The Japanese word jomei means to “spread light.” It also translates as “culture pride.”

    9. Lucian – The Latin name Lucian means “bright” The origin of this name is the Old Roman given name Lucianus.

    10. Siraj – It is an Arabic name that means “light” or “lamp.”

    11. Uri – It is a Hebrew name that means “my light.” The father of Bezalel is identified by the name Uri in the Old Testament.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Light

Names That Mean Light

Light is pure and unbiased. So, what about names defining gender roles? Well, in this list we have compiled gender neutral names that mean light, so you don’t have to worry about that!

1. Anwar – An Arabic name for light.

2. Dowan – An English name meaning daybreak, or the first appearance of light.

3. Elon – This is Greek for shining light.

4. Gae – A French name meaning lighthearted.

5. Kenzie – A Scottish name that means light one.

6. Lior – This is Hebrew and means God’s gift of light.

7. Mahina – A Polynesian name for moonlight.

10. Merri – This English name means joyful and lighthearted.

11. Roshan – A Persian name that means bright.

12. Shashi – A Japanese name meaning moonlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What name has the meaning light?

Ciana, Dawn, Elen, Alina, Aonani are some names which mean light.

2. What name means Goddess of light?

  Thea is the name of the Greek Goddess of Light.

3. What names mean bringer of light?

Heylel is a boys’ name which means “light-bringer.”

4. What names mean bright light?

Alenka, Alianore, Ellen, Helen are names that mean bright light.