Names That Mean Gift Of God

Pleasant Baby Names That Mean Gift Of God

Hence, if you are looking for names that mean gift of god, you have arrived at the right place. The article will enlighten you with all the fresh insights and ideas for coming up with pleasant names that mean gift of god. Take a look below!

There’s already so much to do when you are expecting a baby. From setting up a room for them to buying all of their accessories and clothes, welcoming the baby takes a lot of effort, right? The next big job that you need to start working on is hunting for the perfect name for your precious little one.

A baby is an embodiment of pureness and divinity. You might want to name your baby that signifies the same emotion. So, how about names with a beautiful representation of god’s miraculous powers and the sanctity of human life?

Girl Names That Mean The Gift Of God

If you feel your girl child is a gift of god and you wish to honour this thought with a name, we have got your back. Names that resemble positive thoughts and bring out the divinity of the almighty would be a great option for your kid. From the following list, you will find names of different origins but similar meanings and carrying the message that babies are gifts of god. Browse through these and check if any one of these caught your attention!

  • Thea – Christian origin – this means blessings of the god.
  • Doris – From the greek woman of Dorian and origin from greek mythology – this name translates to gift from the ocean.
  • Daryn – from Greek and Gaelic origin – means gift.
  • Amachi – from west African origin – means ‘child is a gift of god’ or ‘a god-gifted baby’.
  • Amadore – of Italian origin – means gift of love.
  • Atiya – of Arabic origin – means gift from god and is generally used for girls.
  • Callidora – of Greek origin – means gift of beauty or beautiful gift.
  • Derine – of German origin – means a gifted ruler and is also considered the feminine version of Derek.
  • Feo – of both Greek and Italian origin – means a wonderful gift from the lord or almighty. It is the abbreviated version of Feodoro.
  • Halla – of Norwegian origin – it is an unusual name which means unexpected gift.

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Boy Names That Mean The Gift Of God

Now let us take a look at some of the boy names that mean gift from god and can be a great match for your kid. Here is the list of names containing boys’ names from different origins and would be a great choice for your little kid. Take a look below!

  • Jaden – of Spanish and American origin – it means thankful.
  • Mathias –  of Greek origin – it means gift of god and is a derivative of Mathew.
  • Ayaansh – of Indian origin – it means someone who is the first ray of light.
  • Niaz – of Persian origin – this name comes from the Farsi language and means gift or present.
  • Seanan – of Irish origin – it means little old wise one and in Hebrew,  it means gift of god.
  • Zani  – of Arabic origin – this name is popular in the Muslim regions and means gift from god.
  • Avishae  – of Indian origin – this means gift of god
  • Cedro  – of Spanish origin – this name means strong gift and has links to an English boy named, Cedric.
  • Darien  – Of American origin – this name generally refers to creation or gift.

Christian Baby Names Meaning “Gift Of God”

Christian Baby Names Meaning “Gift Of God”:

Now that you have already gone through the list of baby names for girls and boys, let us help you gain some knowledge about the Christian names of babies that mean a gift of god. Grab a look below!

  • Selestinon – of French and latin origin – This name is highly favoured by christians and means of the heavens.
  • Celesto  – Of French origin – this name means of the heavens and is also favoured by the christians.
  • Halla  – Of Norwegian origin – generally means an unexpected gift
  • Eudor  – Of Greek origin – this name simply means gift of god.

Some Names Mean “Gift Of God”:

 The following list displays some of the unique names that resemble ‘gift of god’. Grab a look at the following list and you might come across the perfect name for your little one.

  • Fedor  – Of Russian origin – this name means ‘gift of god’.
  • Arcelio  – Of Spanish and Latin origin – this name means small treasure.
  • Jennet  – Of Hebrew origin – this name means god is gracious.
  • Eledoro  – Of Greek and Spanish origin – this name means gift from the sun.
  • Donatello – Of Italian origin – It means beautiful gift.
  • Ted  – Of Greek origin – it means gift of god.
  • Adea  – Of African origin – it means a valuable gift.
  • Talia  – of Hebrew origin – it means rain from heaven.

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Names That Mean Precious Gifts

Names That Mean Precious Gifts

When looking for the name of your baby, you ought to find the best one right? Let us help you look at some of the other unusually beautiful names that mean precious gifts. The following list will solve the purpose for you.

  • Adiah  – of German origin – means valuable gift.
  • Chinyere  – From the Igbo region of Africa – means god save.
  • Eno  – From Nigeria – it means gift.
  • Eleojo  – Of African origin – means gift of god.
  • Hediye  – Of Kenyan region – It means gift in Swahili. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What girl’s name means a precious gift from God?

The girls’ names that means gift from god are Feo, Adiah, Callidora, Atiah, Hediye, Izibekien and many more.

2. What biblical name means gift from God?

Biblical names that mean gift from god are Jonathan, Jeremiah, Davarsh, Corban etc.

3. What name means blessing from God?

Names that means blessing from god are Mathias, Nathaniel, Halla, Hediye, Amachi, Dereca etc and many more.

4. What name means for a special gift?

Names that mean a special gift are Adiah, Donatello and Fedor .

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