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Names That Mean Dark For Boys And Girls

If you are looking for boy and girl names that mean dark in order to avoid keeping such names can also dive in.

Darkness is non-existent; it does not exist on its own. It is just an absence of light. So, for people who are looking for boy and girl names that mean dark are reading the right article because here we have made a list of boy, girl and unisex names that mean dark.

Names That Mean Dark

In the words of Plato, “No matter how hard you fight the darkness, every light casts a shadow and the closer you get to the light, the darker that shadow becomes”. This signifies how the light and the dark exist in us in a balance and to find a name that means darkness is as meaningful as a name that means light.

1.Nyx– This name is associated with the Greek goddess of night and darkness. She is a cosmogonical figure who is even feared by Jove (the king of gods).

2.Shyam– This name is derived from Sanskrit and it is another name for lord Krishna. This is a masculine name that means black or dark.

3. Kali- This is a feminine name of Hindu origin that means “she is black” or “she is dark”.

4. Erebus– In Greek mythology, Erebus is an incarnation of darkness. It is a sophisticated name.

5. Chernobog– In pagan or Slavic mythology he is the god of darkness and chaos.

6. Adrian– It is a name of Latin origin that simply means “dark”.

7. Somnus– It is the Latin name of Hypnos, who is the Greco-Roman god of darkness or sleep.

8. Cole– It is a boy name derived from English origin. It means “a person of swarthy disposition and dark complexion”.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Dark

Is your baby boy like Pluto? The dark and mysterious Greek God that literally no one can resist. If yes, then giving him a name that means darkness would be a wise choice.

1. Kek– It is a short and cool name of Egyptian origin that means “God of darkness”.

2. Rajni– A name that is after a sacred river in ancient India. It is a boy’s name that means “dark one” or “night”.

3. Adrik– A special and rare name that signifies “a dark person”

4. Dewan- It is a masculine Sikh name of Indian origin that simply means “dark”.

5. Kyran- A boy name that is used worldwide because of its many origins that are Arabic, Indian, British, Christian and Irish. It means “dusky” or “dark”.

 6.Nishant– A masculine name that can be fragmented into two words to derive its meaning “Nisha” + “ant”. This name is of Indian origin and it means “peaceful” or “ending of darkness”.

7. Shyamvir– This name is of Sikh origin and it means “the dark warrior”.

8. Anirudh– It is a baby boy name of Telugu origin which means “dark complexion”. It is the name of lord Vishnu’s grandson.

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Baby Girl Names That Mean Dark

Darkness has a deep meaning and to associate your baby girl with such deep names is a sophisticated choice because I am sure by embracing your baby girl you are bound to see the bright.

1. Adriana- This name is used by Shakespeare in his famous play “Comedy of Errors”. It is a traditional name that means “dark”.

2. Lilith- This name is of the female dark and demonic figure in Jewish folklore. It means “night monster”.

3. Lila- Variant of Lilavati, this name means “dark beauty”.

4. Nisha– It is a popular Hindu female name that simply means “night”.

5. Morana– This female name is derived from Slavic mythology and it is the name of the “deity of darkness’.

6. Darcel– It is a rare French name that means “dark”.

7. Shorbori– Also spelled as Sharvari, it is a Bengali girl name that means “night”, “twilight” or “dark lady”.

Names That Mean Dark Beauty


“She walks in beauty, like the night; of cloudless climes and starry skies; and all that’s best of dark and bright; meet in her aspect and in her eyes”. Lord Byron was definitely describing a night or dark beauty while penning down these prolific words. If you are looking for names that resonate a dark beauty then here is a list.

1 . Jemisha– It is a Christian girl name that is very dope and unique. It means “queen of the darkness” or “monarch of the night”

2. Duane- It is a Christian name of Indian origin that is very rare. It is a masculine name that means “little dark one”, “Wagoner”, and “form of Wayne”.

3. Esmeray– It is a mesmerizing Turkish name that means “dark moon” and what can be a better symbolism of dark beauty than a moon? It is an elegant name.

4. Layla– Also spelled as “Lila” is an Arabic female name that is common in India and it means “dark beauty”.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Dark

Looking for names that are neither masculine nor feminine and mean dark? Well, let me tell you, your choice of names is really dope and so are the suggestions listed below.

 1. Gethin- Originating from Welsh origin this is a unisex name that means “darkness” or “swarthy”.

2. Darcy- This is a gender-neutral name that means “scion of the dark” or “one who is dark haired”.

3. Dougal- It means “dark or black stranger” or “dweller beside a dark stream’. This name is Scottish.

4. Kieran- Derived from Gaelic origin, it is a unisex name popular among Christians and it means “little dark one”.

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Names With Dark And Deep Meanings


1. Nigel- This beautiful name is of Tamil and Christian usage and it means “dark night” and “Dark cloud”.

2. Umbra- “deep shade of darkness”

3. Noir- “dark or black”

4. Juhainah– It is a Muslim name that means “profound darkness at the end of the night”.

5. Lamya- “deep dark complexion”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means hope and faith?

Charise is a Greek girl name that means faithful and hopeful.

2. What Greek girl name means hope?

Eplis is a Greek girl name that means hope. It is symbolic of three virtues: faith, charity and hope.

3. What name means angel of hope?

Ramiel, also spelled as Remiel, is known as the angel of hope who has the spirit of healing.

4. What name means flower of hope?

Gladius is a name inspired by the flower Gladiolus that represents solidity, reminiscence and hope due to its lovely appearance.

 To Summarize

Would we ever understand the significance of light, if we did not experience darkness? They both hold profound meanings in life. So, if you are looking for names that mean darkness, have a look.

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