Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions

Mongolian Names Ideas Suggestions

History says that ancient Mongolian names were inspired by nature, kindness, positiveness, and so on. As we know that Mongolian parents are fond of nature and hence they love to keep their children’s names influenced by nature, especially Mongolian girl names. Most of the time they are inspired by the names with the synonyms of flowers.

You are at the right place where you will find such pleasurable Mongolian baby names. Surprisingly, we could see names like rays of the sun or follow by the moon, jewels or clouds also. The folks in Mongolia gives special attention to things like nice traits so that they follow positive meaning phrase in the matter of being loyal or bringing joy to people.

Mongolian Female Names

Here you will get the most unique Mongolian girl names. The people who like nature influenced names to tend to feel connected with positivity in their kids.

Chimeg – “Ornament”Hitch FemaleJacquard Mongolian
Gan – “The bold one”Palate NamesNamporiumFemaleops
Sarnai- “Rose”Baron MongolianCrooks NamesCave Mongolian
Chaga’an – “White”Alluring NamesNamwindStylish Female
Yisu – “Nine”Expat FemaleMisguided MongolianZest Names
Ila – “Earth”Factory NamesRenown FemaleClick Mongolian
Gerel – “Light”Saint NamesCorner MongolianAlpine Mongolian
Tuya – “Ray of light”Wayfarer MongolianSaint FemaleApplique Names
Bayarmaa – “Mother of joy”Nip FemaleNambeaAbundance Female
Oriana – “Gold”Curvaceous FemaleAirborne MongolianEverest Names
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions

Ancient Mongolian names

Mongolian names have gone through many differences since the past regarding the people in Mongolia who use language. For the learning pronounces its very simple. Pronounce the vowel harshly in Mongolian names. They will appear like English lower case than Capital letter equality. Nobody will understand if you say it another way.

Od – “Star”Skip FemaleLost NamesVoluptuous Female
Narantsetse – “Sunflower”Snazzy MongolianSmoke NamesFemaleocity
Nekhii – “Sheepskin”Vagabond NamesCut NamesFemalejet
Altantsetse – “Golden Flowe”Aristocrat NamesGuided FemaleWrap Names
Bolormaa – “Crystal mother”FemalesterNamifySombre Names
Monkhtsetseg – “Eternal flower”Order NamesBaron FemaleNotch Mongolian
Khongordzo – “Thistle”Breakaway MongolianPart NamesGlorious Mongolian
Uranchimeg – “Artistic decoration”Skip NamesExpat NamesNomad Names
Tsolmon – “Venus”Illusion MongolianPurist NamesWick Mongolian
Evermore NamesBreak NamesCarte MongolianTopic Mongolian
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions

Unique Mongolian baby names.

In the midriff time, there was nothing like a patronymic theme or trends in Mongolia but title names were in few cases used in the specific morphological forms. Let’s check some more here.

Baterdene – “FIrm jewel”Sin FemaleMongolianworksFemalery
Tsetsegmaa – “Flower”Galaxy FemaleBueno FemaleVogue Mongolian
Julian – “Flower”FemaleishLoose MongolianNamara
Ogtbish – “Mongolian word for chrysanthemum flower”Madras FemaleSlay NamesMongoliangenix
Naimanzoo – “Precious flower”Balaclava MongolianBackpack FemaleDivine Female
Odtsetseg – “Starlight”Fiesta MongolianAction FemaleReservation Mongolian
Tsetseg – “Flower”NamegyPass MongolianDandy Female
Batjardal – “Constant happiness”Part FemaleFigure NamesBro Female
Qacha – “Flank”Supply MongolianFemaleioStately Mongolian
Odgerel – “Starlight”Vacay FemaleSwank FemaleWagon Female
Mongolian Names Ideas  Suggestions
Mongolian Names Ideas Suggestions

Mongolian Male Names

Please check the following list too, if you are still on a hunt of uncommon male Mongolian names.  We would like to tell you that names in Mongolia are frequently in the middle of Connotations of bringing fortune to the person.

Parents like to keep some taboo names in a way to shower love on their babies as they don’t want to take them again followed to the death of the foregoing baby. Also, Read: 150+ Elven Names Ideas & Suggestions

Batbayar – “Strong joy”Divide MongolianFlip MongolianCrave Mongolian
Arban – “A fluent man”MaleomaticMongolianocitySkyway Names
Turgen – “Fast”Factory MaleDefinite MongolianGrub Mongolian
Nugai – “Dog”Siren NamesFlame NamesSpike Names
Yul – “From the fan horizon”Fresh MaleSway NamesSway Mongolian
Gantulga – “Steel hearth”Closet NamesAvid MongolianWick Names
Ulagan- “A worldly man”Alley MongolianCruise NamesDon Male
Sukh – “One with an axe”Dynasty MaleMongolianellaRitzy Male
Tarkhan – “He who is skillful”Unlimited MongolianPaths NamesSumo Names
Temujin – “Iron/ Strong”Tasty MaleEverest MaleAllegiance Mongolian
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions

Mongolian last names

Mongolia has also borrowed names from foreign names like Russia and Tibet. You may find many lists for the Mongolian names while you are searching on the web for the same but no! Please go through proper guide and history if you are choosy yet particular name picker. This is because there could be lots of Chinese names included on the web lists which may confuse you.

Before decades, Mongols followed shamanistic belief which is highly bonded to earth and nature. So the ancient history is undoubtedly inspired by the phenomenon of nature. You will surely find modern as well as meaningful traditional names in our research.

Batzorig – “Strong”Hatchel NamesBarebone MaleForm Male
Munokhoii – “A vicious dog”NamlyticalMongolianopolisMaleistic
Chuulun – “Stone”Stately MaleStreet MongolianExcalibur Names
Qara – “Cloudlet”Plains NamesFaille NamesBang Names
Dzhambul – “Fortress”Bright MaleMalewindClinical Names
Oktai – “Understanding”Minty NamesChef MaleLabel Names
Erden – “Treasure”Nest NamesDive NamesExtraordinary Names
Timur – “Iron”NamxStitch MaleDusk Male
Och – “Sparkle”Draft NamesDude MongolianBear Mongolian
Khan – “King”Baked MaleFlavor MaleVoluptuous Male
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions

Many names are found to be unisex names. Some common names are used to be kept as girl or boy names even.

Unique Mongolian Surnames

People often got shocked that Mongolian baby names sound like offend sometimes. These things can be a matter when a child is born followed by the death of a foregoing baby. The offending name is a parent’s style of keeping to ward off bad spirits who might take another child even.

Let’s check some taboo patronymic Mongolian last names below!

BatbayarSpread MongolianRoyal MongolianStockman Surnames
UuganbayarOrder MongolianJuniper MongolianSurnamopolis
GanboldRange SurnamesOrganic MongolianRoot Surnames
SharavBreeder MongolianMongolianlyMongolianzen
DorjSurnamryReturn SurnamesPosh Male
ZorigtMongoliangenixMongolianvioMidnight Names
NaranbaatanMongolianfluentRanch SurnamesBent Mongolian
PurevjavDeep SurnamesCowboy MongolianSkypass Mongolian
JambaHeritage SurnamesSeed SurnamesOdyssey Male
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions
Mongolian Names Ideas & Suggestions

So behind the names, you will always find male names in Mongolia. Patronymic names are takes as surnames is an ancient way of Mongolians. In the last Olympics, the commentators used to call winners from Mongolia by their father’s name. It would be better if you call by their second name if you do not want to confuse.

GankhuyagiinMongoliansyShepherd MongolianSun Surnames
MonkhbatiinMeadow MongolianFair MongolianFields Surnames
YamgajiinPlots MongolianSoil MongolianSurnamistic
NamjiliinStock SurnamesShade MongolianTerrain Surnames
EnkhbatiinMongolianoontFarmers SurnamesCreate Mongolian
PyambujiinCountry SurnamesGranular MongolianGraze Surnames
GanboldiinMongolianifyLandscape SurnamesMongolianx
SambujiinChop MongolianSurnamcogGrowth Mongolian
MijjiddorjiinTerrain MongolianHay MongolianMongolianish

Thoughtful Mongolian names inspired by Tibetian, Chinese as well as Sanskrit since years. We hope your journey ends with desirable names here. So now you could be surprised by knowing that Mongolians have no surnames or last names. The trail is that they keep their father’s names before the name. Yes! It’s true. Isn’t it strange but sweet? Now, you are all set to get a beautiful Mongolian baby name whether it is a boy or a girl. We hope that our research may help you in your name hunt in the way you are looking for.

Tips: for the best Mongolian uncommon names try to follow the baby’s trait and find a perfect desirable pleasant name.