Mobile application security-the most modern concept to be paid attention to by the application developers

    Mobile application security
    Mobile application security

    Mobile app security has been widely discussed topic in the world of laptops computers and mobile devices. The main reason behind the concept is that these kinds of devices have become the most important part and parcel of human life and they are utilized in every function and day to day operations of the human beings. 90% of the people spend 60% of their daily time on such kinds of devices and they perform several kinds of tasks daily on such devices. The presence of such applications can provide several kinds of benefits to the people but usually, the thing which provides benefits also comes with threats and similar is the case with a mobile application. The business houses can have access to the important information of the customers so that they can make highly informed decisions which will ultimately help in improving the services. But these kinds of information if those in wrong hands then it can lead to several kinds of threats.

     The concept of mobile application security can be termed as the best possible way of securing the applications from external threats which include malware and other kinds of issues. Because of these kinds of problems, personal and financial information is always at risk which is the main reason there is a diehard need for mobile application security. The concept of mobile application security is very much important because it always helps people to deal with all kinds of riches in security so that personal and financial information is always safe and secure.

     Nowadays consumers are dependent upon several kinds of organizations which is the main reason they have a lot of trust in them. The organizations also incorporate several kinds of practices so that they can make sure that data of consumers is highly safe as well as secure all the time. 

    Following are some of the points which highlight the impact of the mobile application security-Approximately more than 45% of the companies do not have any kind of budget for such systems

     -More than 50% of the companies do not scan the codes at the time of dealing with mobile applications.

     -Approximately more than 30% of the companies never test the applications to make sure if they are safe or not

     -There are several kinds of companies which incorporate tests but they are very few.

     -Most of the companies do not have any kind of budget or program to check the application security in terms of financial and personal information laws of the users.

     Because of these kinds of issues, the unethical hackers get a lot of opportunities and following are the type of threats which the users are exposed through these kinds of systems:

     -The consumer information: Most of the hackers can gain unauthorized access to the login credentials of the customers on several kinds of devices and websites. Sometimes they can also introduce the concept of Trojan which can enter the devices and can cause several kinds of issues as well as compromise the applications and devices. Once these kinds of devices will be affected with the Trojan the hackers can have complete access to several kinds of things for example messages, contacts and several other things. It will also help in determining the IP address of the mobile connection which will provide the people with proper access with the personal files on the mobile devices.

     -The financial information: Because of these kinds of issues the hackers can also have proper access to the debit and credit cards which can further provide them access to several kinds of transactions. The banking trojan related-issues are more common especially in the cases where OTP is not required. The banking project can be very successful implemented by the hackers in the systems of the users which will provide them with complete access to several kinds of features for example SMS and in this way banking functions can be very easily manipulated by the hackers.

     -Intellectual property theft: Most of the hackers also gain access to the Codebase of the applications because of which they can illegally create several kinds of clones of the applications. Most of the successful applications have several kinds of clones which is the main reason people are attracted towards them on the play store. The concept of cloning has also received several kinds of popularity from hackers and nowadays it is a very common practice.

     -This issue of revenue loss: Sometimes several kinds of hackers can also gain access to the premium features of several kinds of applications. These kinds of practices are very common, especially in the gaming and utility-related applications. Ultimately gaining access to the premium content will provide the owners with a lot of revenue loss company will also go to words loss only.

     The brand confidence element: Apart from the loss of most important data of the users in case the hackers gain access to any of the application it will also tarnish the image of the brands. Ultimately this concept will help in affecting the loyalty of the customers and whenever any of the brands is true in terms of efforts then they will not tolerate this thing. If this thing happens then it will permanently shake the confidence of the customers and the company should very well realize that the success of the business always depends upon customer satisfaction. Hence, considering the aspect of the consumer is the king of development should go with the option of considering several kinds of the policy so that they can positively impact the whole business.

     The app developers must come with several kinds of applications which ultimately help in satisfying the users and their needs and also provide a great amount of focus on security-related things so that information of the users is very well protected all the time and there is a high level of efficiency in the whole process.


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