Top Secret Tip to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam. Spoiler: It Has Something to Do with Exam Dumps


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As an IT professional, you have a million ways to move up with your career. There are simply a lot of new technologies that you can learn and each of them needs a different skill set. There is very little overlap, so you need to specialize. For example, you can do it by getting certifications from a reliable vendor like Microsoft.

Microsoft offers a number of credentials related to different IT domains and it also has something for database developers. The Microsoft 70-461 Exam Dumps badge in SQL Server 2012/2014 is among their options. To earn it, you should pass several exams including 70-461 by code which is the focus of our article. We’ll also tell you about useful preparation methods but now, let’s explore the idea of the mentioned MCSA.

Top Secret Tip to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam. Spoiler: It Has Something to Do with Exam Dumps
Top Secret Tip to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam. Spoiler: It Has Something to Do with Exam Dumps

MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014: What’s in It for You?

SQL Server is a database software that helps businesses store and retrieve data in tandem with other applications. It is popular and effective, and this is the primary reason why companies are always on the lookout for professionals that have the requisite expertise for working with this technology.

To help out businesses choose the right candidates, Examsnap Microsoft launched their certification program that allows IT professionals to earn technical badges and so prove their skills on a particular product. It also shows that you are keeping pace with the latest technologies and are up to date with what’s happening in the IT world.

As an IT professional who has a good amount of experience with SQL and enterprise-level database management and manipulation, getting the credential related to SQL Server is an excellent way to take your career to the next level. It can also get you a pretty significant pay bump since according to, database administrators can earn as much as $73,000 yearly on average and even up to $110,000 .

Getting Your MCSA Certification with Exam 70-461

Obtaining this badge is similar to just about any other accreditation. First of all, you will need to have the foundational IT and database knowledge and skills. This will make it much easier for you togo through the various materials. However, if you don’t have any relevant experience, you can always pursue one or more of Microsoft’s Technology Associate or MTA certifications.

The next thing on the list is to pass the required exams. Apart from 70-461, you should also take70-462and 70-463 tests so you can finally earn that certification and become a Microsoft certified associatewith the focus on the SQL Server 2012/2014.

The great thing about this path is that this is just the beginning, since you can always continue and earn a much higher badge to broaden your knowledge and skills. Thus, after obtaining the MCSA certification in SQL Server 2012/2014 certification you can sit for one more assessment and opt for the MCSE badge in Data Management and Analytics. Of course, such an upgrade is going to benefit you with another pay bump and more perks.

Main Details of 70-461 Exam

Each of exams which you need to pass have their own sub-specialties, and 70-461 focuses on Querying on the SQL Server. If you have some experiencewith databases, then you should have a good idea on how all of this works. Passing this test, you should show your skills in creating database objects, working with data, modifying and troubleshooting it, and optimizing the database for efficient performance.

Sitting for this test will require you to pay $165. The exam comes with 40 to 60 items, and you will have two hours to complete it. The fee is obviously one of the great motivationsthat you need to pass it on your first try. Here is how you can accomplish this feat.

Tips to Pass 70-461 on Your First Try

There are several ways that you can follow to prepare for taking your test 70-461. Although not all of them are going to give you the best chance of passing, there is a top secret method for you to be able to do that.Of course, you can always opt for Microsoft official training and practice tests, but only utilizing different types of materials to help you study all the aspects will give you confidence on the day of the exam. So, the secret tip we want to tell you about is using exam dumps from Exam-labs. Your Best Chance

How will Exam-labs.comhelp you pass 70-461 on the first try, you may ask? Well, it’s just that this is a proven resource that provides you with highly helpful tools. One of the most important options in their arsenal are their extensive library of free exam dumps that include questions from recent exams and their correct answers.

These dumps can then be quickly loaded to the ETE Exam Simulator allowing you to take the test with the time ticking down. Due to this software, you’ll know your pace and can work on your time-management wisely when exam day comes.

Top Secret Tip to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam. Spoiler: It Has Something to Do with Exam Dumps
Top Secret Tip to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam. Spoiler: It Has Something to Do with Exam Dumps

Any Other Offers by Exam-labs?

Apart from downloading free dumps, you also have the chance to get their Premium Bundle that contains a 147-lecture training course and a study guide allowing you to prepare in multiple ways increasing your chances of passing.

With this bundle, you also get a premium file that involves 252 questions and answers. This file is always updated and is verified by IT experts. There is a very good opportunity that most of the items found here will come out in your exam 70-461. If such type of studies does not increase your chances of passing the test on your first try, we don’t know what will.

Wrap Up

Passing an IT certification exam, especially from Microsoft, can be a tough ask. Without the right preparation tools, it could be a bit of a challenge. However, gives you more than just a confidence boost as it can significantly increase your chances of passing 70-461 on your single attempt by providing valid exam dumps. With such a helper, you’ll become a step closer to earning your MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014.

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