Make Your Job Hunting Easy with These 7 Interview Tricks


Social Media Cleansing

While it’s true to be completely honest with yourself can attract more people to be friends with you, posting several rants on your profile and objectionable content can harm your job application. Some of the companies prefer to check on your social media accounts as part of the screening process. Companies conduct an online background check to have a grasp of your personality, if ever they would hire you, to foresee if you can act upon the policy or someone who will objectify their mission.

Body Language Matters

Stay confident and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. To minimize nervous habits, it’s safe to think that you’re talking to a client and you’re an entrepreneur proposing a business. It’s highly important to sell yourself in a smart way, common body language mistakes that you must avoid are as follows:

  • Overused of hand gesture
  • Poor posture
  • Fidgeting
  • Leg wobbling
  • Crossing your arms
  • Smiling too much
  • Continuous touching of your face and hair

Stay Humble

It’s pretty easy to say that you’re humble when in reality you are totally not. No one likes to be around and work with an arrogant person. So, if you really want to get that job you better improve the way you communicate and treat other people from the security personnel, front desk officers and fellow applicants. You never know, after your interview if the recruitment specialist has suddenly conducted a quick run through with the company’s employees and ask for your behavior at the end of the day.

Utilize the STAR Method

The STAR method stands for situation or task, actions, and the result. This method will greatly shape the outcome of your interview with the company’s HR or interviewer. In this age, the recruitment specialist still asks every applicant about a difficult situation or task you have handled, and what are the actions you did, as well as the result of your effort to eradicate the problem. The STAR method greatly pinpoints your strength during a problem solving or crucial scenario at work. Thus, this will show if you have great leadership and project management skills.

Don’t get discouraged

If somehow your dream employer has decided to hire another applicant for the position you are aiming for, don’t get discouraged. People with determination and passion for both career and personal growth are always the ones who get successful among their batch. While seeking for job opportunities, it’s better to enroll to varieties of online courses that will hone your skills and knowledge to get a higher chance nailing the next job you’d like to apply.

Planning to enroll in online courses without capital money at hand is now easy through acquiring a loan from a trusted licensed moneylender Singapore. Whereas, the payment method of this loan is flexible and can be adjusted based on your budget and ability to settle the payment near your area. 

Prepare your stories

Stories we are talking about includes a short introduction about your relevant skills and a list of things you are capable; the tasks you have done in the past that are related to the job position you are applying for. If you have a proper introduction and specific examples on how does your skill and attributes can transpire you to meet the company’s goal once hired, the HR Manager will definitely want you back and work in a long-term with them. Be specific, honest and minimize your nervous habits.

Ask Smart Questions

Always have at least three questions in mind at the end of the interview, the recruitment specialist never fails to ask the applicants if they have followed up questions. Asking smart questions entails that you are interested in the job vacancy you are applying. Questions you may ask the interviewer are as follows:

  1. When can I expect to hear from you?
  2. If ever I get this job, what are the expectations from me on the first ninety days?
  3. What are the possibilities for growth and advancement in employees?
  4. Do you also provide professional development opportunities like workshop, conference or training?

However, even if the recruiter allows you to ask questions, please refrain yourself from asking these questions:

  • What does the company do?
  • If ever I will be hired, when can I take vacation leave?
  • Can I change my schedule based on my mood?

The questions above are unnecessary, first of all, the moment you receive a job interview request from the company, that’s the hint that you must do your research about the company profile, services and etc. On the second question, you must not ask anything related to taking a leave, you are giving them the chance to turn to other applicants that are more than willing to work than to file a VL once hired. While, there’s no need for you to ask the third question above, as this will be discussed during a job offer.

You may not have the entire necessary skills they are looking for the job vacancy, but following these job, interview tricks can get you a long way.


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